Bright Beer Tank


The word "Forfas" is translated as "Bright Beer Tank", abbreviated BBT, and also as "Pressure storage tank". Beer passed the processes of filtration and pasteurization falls into the foreface compartment, more precisely the frontages for the brewery - tanks (tanks), from where it is fed for bottling or kegs.

форфас для пивоварни

Bright Beer Tank mobile is designed to store and sell beer and non-alcoholic products in a retail outlet.

Scope and purpose. It is used to move the product (beer, kvass) to the point of distribution with the possibility of maintaining the set temperature for a long time due to the use of the built-in refrigeration unit.

Operating principle. Forfa is filled with the product through the lower branch pipe with an open valve in the lid.

The filling control is performed visually according to the level in the measuring tube. At the end of filling, the valves are closed and an overpressure is created in the tank.


When the design pressure is exceeded, the safety valve is activated, keeping the pressure within the limits of the set parameters. The pressure control is performed visually on the manometer in the cover. Forfa is transported to the place of distribution of the product (stores, mobile points of sale, shopping centers, etc.) and connected to the power grid.


The built-in refrigerator constantly cools the coolant circulating in the front-end shirt, which, in turn, transfers the cold to the product. The thermal insulation layer under the decorative lining makes it possible to minimize heating from the outside. As a result, the product, filled in forfa, retains the set temperature, which significantly increases the shelf life.



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Basic Bright Beer Tank construction.


Bright Beer Tank is a container equipped with a volumetric cooling jacket with spiral guides, a thermo-insulating layer, and decorative lining. The material used in production is AISI 304 stainless steel (08H18N10 according to GOST classification).


Forfa is mounted on a frame with four wheel bearings. Next to the capacity of the forfa, on the frame, there is a cooling unit connected to the front of the jacket with thermally insulated pipelines. For maintenance in the cover of the foreface, an oval hatch opens into the inside.


Washing is carried out both manually through the hatch, and with the supply of washing solution through the washing head in the lid. Also forfa can be connected to the CIP washing station for sanitizing in automatic mode. Mobile prefabs can be made with any volume in the range from 100 to 1000 liters and the necessary bundling.


Overall dimensions: 1000х850х1800 mm.
Volume: 500 liters.
Material: Chromium-nickel steel AISI-304.
Pressure: in the case 0,05 MPa, in the jacket 0,05 MPa, the safety valve operates 0.1-0,01 MPa.




Ring hatch with removable lid, Tee with permanently installed wash head, Dy 25 swivel bolt, ball valve with pressure gauge, Double-acting air valve for vacuum and overpressure protection, Dy 25 pipe for filling and draining of beer, Level gauge.




Vertical, cylindrical, conical bottoms, with cooling jacket device, working pressure 0,05 MPa, 2,3 m2 area, coolant inlet / outlet nozzles, four wheel bearings, argon welding, MIG and TIG method, all internal welded The seams are polished flush, the outer ones are processed by electric grinding.