“KPD-1” machine for pipes:



   Technical data:
The thickness of the sheet: from 0.4 to 1 mm
Pipe diameter: from 60 to 1000 mm
The length of the section of pipe undergoing deformation from 50 to 100 mm
The length of the expanding stroke: from 0 to 18 mm, in steps
Time of processing: ~ 1.5 seconds
Hydraulic motor: from 4 kW
The height of the workpiece: 1000 mm
Dimensions: 650 x 450 x 950 mm


The machine for pipes KPD1 serves for fast, accurate one-way expansion of thin-walled metal tubes (fireplaces, gutters, ventilation pipes and t.).
The resulting coupling that is used to insert the connecting pipes.

The working body consists of 6 elements, so less wrinkles, and provides better roundness couplings in comparison with the products of instruments of 4 parts.




Cams of hard plastic to prevent further corrosion, since in tubes made of stainless steel does not occur navarka ferrite materials. Furthermore, these cams provide a tremendous advantage when dealing with large diameter pipes, giving about 85% weight savings over metal jaws. Kit for expansion cams made of steel, 600 mm in diameter weighing approximately 135 kg!



Cam Kits for expansion, held together by spring-loaded elements can be easily replaced and then expanding them do not need to be reset manually.

Standard operating range from Ø60 up to 300 mm, the devices can be supplied in a special version.

The device is equipped with a convenient pedal a switch, so your hands are free to the employee during the execution of operations.

The ergonomic, rational design prevents excessive fatigue staff

Node is expanding at a comfortable height.

The slab upon which the workpiece can be quickly changed manually to a different size plate (standard stove is designed for round billets with a diameter up to 300 mm).