Argon welding ferrous metals Kiev made the group of companies "Windrose" for high quality welding equipment brands Fronius and ABICOR BINZEL, which allows for a high quality weld. We perform welding of parts made of aluminum, copper, iron, titanium. Welding iron welder requires high kvaplifikatsii and experience. We also undertake welding aluminum, aluminum containers. Welding of copper, aluminum welding produced in our production facility at Big 4a District in Kiev. Welding work is carried out efficiently and in the shortest time. Welding of stainless steel the most demanded type of service.

Group of Companies "Wind Rose" offers services for argon welding. Welding work is performed at a high level by experienced welders.

The newest equipment combined with modern technology maximizes quality and inexpensive to carry out welding work argonom.Argonovaya welding - a type of arc welding in which an inert gas (argon) is fed into the arc. Argon - a gas consisting essentially of air (90%), which is colorless and odorless. No use in a pure form. Welding argon has broad application, and is used to connect joints of titanium, aluminum, stainless steel and other metals. It is also effectively used argon welding cast iron, using the special refractory electrode based on tungsten.
Such welding is unique because with her even the smallest details of the mechanisms are fixed quickly and firmly and securely connect large and having a greater thickness of various kinds of metal structures and parts. Development and application of this method of welding metal - a breakthrough in the field of mechanical engineering and metal processing.
Argon arc welding is used to connect non-ferrous metals and alloy steels. To connect the small thickness materials used argon welding without additives. This type of welding produces excellent quality welds, as accurately as possible keeps the depth of penetration of metal, and this is important when one-sided access to the work piece.
Group of Companies "Wind Rose" offers:
argon welding alloy wheels;
argon welding car parts;
argon welding motorcycle parts;
argon welding air-conditioning;
argon welding gates, fences, pipes, sheet metal;

Produced argon welding Kiev Borschagivka. Orders are accepted from all over Ukraine.
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