Pprefabricated sheds.


The company Windrose creates and carries out installation and assembly of complete sets of fast and pre-fabricated buildings of metal. At a time when every minute counts, we mastered the technology of creating quality and reliable hangars for various purposes. Our hangars could serve as a storage and warehouses, used in livestock and crop production, they can be placed industrial and sports facilities, offices and shopping centers.
Price quickly erected hangar metal is $ 40 per sq.m.
We create arched hangars, hangar tent and straight type, in full compliance with all the technological processes. For designs using metal business of the highest quality. We provide a full range of services for the development, design, creation and installation of hangars any of the declared types. We reinforce their knowledge of the existence of a building permit and a staff of experienced professionals with engineering education, ready to solve customer problems of any complexity.
Our hangars have many advantages:
Hangars from the prevailing winds - the ratio of excellent quality and reasonable price. At every stage of the creation of the hangar we will conduct quality control, so we can ensure the longevity and reliability of our designs. And our own trucks that will deliver the order, can help you save money on transport.
Our hangars - is a convenient and compact transportation and rapid installation. We create a design with all components of "turnkey". Our experienced master quickly deliver and install your order. Installation of the hangar if you want you can spend on your own - our design is quite easy to understand.
Angara our production thanks to the speed of the installation immediately begin to "work" on your business. And until someone builds a brick and concrete, you already earn money using the hangar as intended.
Low costs to create the hangar and fast commissioning - one of the most important positive qualities of our designs.
Mobility hangars created in the wind rose, allows them to be rapidly disassembled and moved to another location. Rewiring does not affect the beneficial properties or appearance of the structures. In an extreme case - you can always profitable to sell the hangar - its quality will remain the same for many years.
We ourselves produce and assemble their products, so we are sure that we are doing. Our specialists are always ready to advise clients on the selection and installation of the most suitable type hangar. Also, our highly skilled engineers can provide design services for hangars. We always take into account the individual needs of each customer. We used to do their work efficiently, so those customers who have turned to us once, prefer to continue working with us on an ongoing basis. We try to never let customers and do our work on time.
Angara wind roses are used by our customers for many years. Applications have the most diverse - and in agriculture, and small aircraft, and as a car, and even as a living space. Therefore, we can safely say - our hangars proven themselves and have already received a positive assessment of customers.
We will be very glad if you refill your network to our customers and be able to make on their own experience in high quality, excellent service and reasonable prices of our products.

Prefabricated sheds

Prefabricated sheds - it's convenient and compact constructions of metal, which are used in many fields of agriculture and industry, aviation and housing. Their main advantage - the speed of construction and installation, mobility, the ability to carry and set up in the right places, as well as the relatively low price with high functionality. Also, pre-fabricated sheds are easy to transport and low cost on it, ease the foundation, but - reliable construction, high corrosion resistance and durability of use.
Prefabricated sheds, which offers a "wind rose", divided into:
• Arch.
• wall-sided.
• Tent.
Arched hangars different arc arch lattice structure being built frame and frameless method, depending on the customer's wishes. Frame arched hangars, due to robust supporting structure of metallic elements may be used for loading the various additional equipment and engineering communications.
Wall-sided sheds have straight walls and a flat roof, mostly sloping. This is the most feature rich and versatile type of pre-fabricated hangars, which is used in absolutely all spheres of life and human activities. They can be of different sizes and heights, Warm and cold, besides - is the cheapest pre-fabricated hangars.
Tent hangars - a kind of arch hangars, but instead gently arched roof they used hex. Tent hangars are floor and hopper, which differ in the type of flooring. Floor have a smooth or inclined floor and the hopper, moreover, that have compartments may have a floor which is inclined at an angle or cone.
Prefabricated sheds are beneficial and convenient. They save you time and money: you do not spend money and effort on the construction of the foundation and walls of brick or concrete, and to quickly and easily mount the metal hangar. We build prefabricated sheds for 2-3 weeks at a time as the construction of a conventional hangar will last at least 2-3 months. If you move you will never be able to take traditional hangar with and fabricated hangars can be easily disassembled and transferred to a new location without compromising its functionality and appearance. Our experts are ready to help you not only in the installation, but also disassembled by carrying and hangars.
All kinds of pre-fabricated hangars, which are produced in the "wind rose", made in full accordance with the wishes of the customer. We can offer a comprehensive service: design and development project of the hangar - the production of basic and additional parts of the hangar - installation of "turnkey" on the spot. Our engineers will help you choose the hangar, the most suitable for the activities of your company, make it warm or cold poluteplym - depending on the destination. Warming we make any material: polystyrene (EPS), polyurethane foam (PUF), ekoizolom and mineral wool. Maintenance hangar creation from design to commissioning guarantees the high quality of our work and the ability to control the customer.
Prefabricated sheds quickly and efficiently compensated - they start to work in full force with the installation as the traditional capital of the building is still under construction. According to the same technology, we prepare to build for you a useful area of any size, which can be used as a warehouse, grain or vegetable store, barn, industrial refrigerator, factory production workshop, sports or trade fair complex, aircraft hangars or auto repair.
"Wind Rose" guarantees high quality pre-fabricated hangars, object delivery in time and cost for customers.