Tandyr hood

Modern tandoor - an advanced Asian oven. Today has become popular with most owners of private 
homes. It is increasingly used for cooking meat and fish dishes, frying kebabs and game, baking
delicious bread. The furnace firebox forms a cone shape, in the foundation there is an established
grate and a blowing door. Characteristics and types of umbrella for tandyr

Universal hoods for hoods have the shape of a truncated cone, placed directly above the source
 of harmful combustion with convenient access to the furnace. Ventilation structures are equipped 
with natural and mechanical exhaust. Used for the manufacture of: stainless steel, galvanized metal, 
copper and other materials. The main objectives of the hood for tandyr are:
  - maximum trapping and removal of smoke and gas from the furnace;
  - guarantee of reliable security during operation of the furnace.

There are various types of exhaust umbrellas:


Before choosing the hood for the stove, it is necessary to adhere to certain dimensions - the dimensions
of the ventilation hood must be 20 cm larger than the stove equipment. There are the most popular 
types of hoods: island and wall.

Manufacturing umbrellas for tandyr 

For quality production hoods for the stove, barbecue, barbecue or tandoor need to contact the 
professionals. Despite the apparent simplicity of the exhaust design, installation and manufacture 
require mandatory technical knowledge and experience of the process. Our company will manufacture
an umbrella for a tandoor of various shapes and sizes. We have an individual approach to each client,
we take into account all the desires and preferences of the customer. Only high-quality and reliable
materials are used for the production of ventilation ducts. Experienced craftsmen of the company offer
simple steel models and popular samples of copper for every taste and budget.

If you certainly need an inexpensive and budget option, we can offer sheet metal hoods. These designs
 have excellent aerodynamics, effectively deflect the smoke screen, are quite functional and
 unpretentious, and are easily cleaned due to the smooth surface. 

For more expensive trends - copper hoods for tandoor, this look will be perfectly combined with a variety
 of materials: brick, wood, natural stone.

The cost of a standard round umbrella for stainless steel hood is 6200 UAH