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There are many offers on the Internet for the sale of stainless steel boilers. Are these really stainless boilers? It is enough to ask the sellers of such boilers with two questions:


What grade is the stainless steel of the inner flask and how thick is it. If the seller cannot or find it difficult to answer this question, there may be doubts about the durability of such a boiler.


Our boilers have a metal thickness of 1.5 mm and a sphere of 2 mm. Metal grade 08Х18Н10Н in accordance with GOST or (AISI 304-USA), (Germany: 1.4301). 


Heating element made of stainless steel AISI 304. All fittings are made of stainless steel. The casing is made of pure aluminum, 1.5 mm thick and 2 mm spheres.


All welds are argon welded. Used additive AISI 321 (with titanium)


AISI 304 food grade stainless steel boiler will last almost forever and will never rot or leak. He only needs to replace the heating element.


AISI 304 stainless steel boiler will never rot.


Truly stainless steel boilers in an aluminum casing.
The stainless steel boiler is easy to maintain,
always clean inside and practically eternal.
 We manufacture and guarantee.

How often is there such a problem that a regular boiler can leak. At the same time, pour hot water on the neighbors in the riser? Yes, all the time.

People calmly go on vacation to rest and do not know that at this moment they are drowning their neighbors. After all, if the boiler rotted and water poured out of it, this will continue until the water is cut off for all floors. Upon arrival, you will receive an invoice for the repair of all flooded apartments and spoiled nerves.

What to do? How to keep yourself and your neighbors safe? You need to buy a boiler that will not rot. You save as this boiler does not need to be replaced every three to five years.

It doesn't matter how beautiful an ordinary boiler is and how many decorations are hung on it: automation, controllers and "computers". The main thing is what it is made of inside. If it has enamelled steel or Chinese stainless steel inside, the question of when it will flow remains open.

After all, the water in our taps is hard enough. This can be seen from the scale in electric kettles. And in fact, a boiler is also an electric kettle, but of a larger volume. Sand is also found, which, under pressure in the network, scratches the walls of the flask.

And our boilers are made of European food grade stainless steel AISI 304, which contains nickel and chrome. Thanks to this, they do not corrode, do not add rust to the water, which pours on the swimmer's head.

And so our boilers will not rot and flow.



Boiler from stainless steel with a volume of 100 liters price:










 AISI 304   No  6000  170
 AISI 304   Fabric  9500  260
 AISI 304   Aluminum  13000  360
 AISI 304   Stainless steel  16000  440
 AISI 304   Copper  35000  960



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A significant number of ready-made boilers in an aluminum casing are always available.

On request, we can manufacture a stainless steel boiler in a copper casing.

The boiler is made of food grade stainless steel AISI 304 (08X18H10) with a thickness of 1.5 mm and a sphere made of AISI 304 (08X18H10) with a thickness of 2 mm. This stainless steel AISI 304 does not rust thanks to nickel and chrome.

Outside, aluminum is 1.5 mm thick and a sphere is 2 mm thick.

Heating element made of stainless steel with a power of 2.5 kW.



Boilers are manufactured with electric heaters from the world's leading manufacturers. Our company specializes in this area in the production of storage boilers and stainless steel storage tanks.

Due to the fact that our company uses high-quality low-carbon stainless steel AISI 304, which is used in food and medical technological processes, for the manufacture of storage water heaters, respectively, various types of water heaters (electric boilers, indirect heating boilers, heat accumulators, etc.) at our enterprise, can be used in various technological processes of industrial and domestic use.

Today, due to all kinds of technological advances of mankind, people are accustomed to the comfort of life and the conveniences in everyday life.

After a hard day at work, coming home, everyone would like to relax, relax in their cozy home - play on the computer, watch a TV series or favorite show wrapped in a blanket, take a hot bath. All these benefits are available to many people today.

However, there are power outages, due to interference on the TV tower, the TV shows poorly, for technical reasons they turn off the gas, but most of all “our” people are accustomed to the frequent lack of hot water. This is a common problem in all regions of Ukraine, and now in the capital.

The solution to this problem today is the purchase and installation of an electric boiler. We offer high quality stainless steel boilers of various sizes, as well as custom-made.

The storage electric boiler assumes the presence of a heating element and a water tank. The boiler must not only heat the water, but also maintain the water temperature at a certain rate.

Boilers are vertical and horizontal. When choosing a boiler, you should take into account the number of water intake points, the number of residents, whether they will take a shower or a bathroom more often. Based on these data, a boiler with the corresponding volume is selected.


Buy a boiler


Hot water has long become one of the most important components of a comfortable life for every modern person. For the accumulation and heating of water, boilers are used - storage water heaters of different volumes. A boiler is a container inside which there is a heating element that heats water.

The storage water heater works according to the following principle: first, the water is heated using the heating element, and then the required water temperature is maintained automatically. Boilers can heat water up to 50-80 ° C. The water heating time depends on the power of the heating element, as well as on the dimensions of the storage tank.

Heating occurs gradually, as a result of which the water heater consumes electricity very economically. A properly sized boiler can provide several points in the house with hot water at once. For example, you can use hot water in the bathroom and in the kitchen at the same time. The electric boiler is thermally insulated to keep the water hot for a long time.
Our company "Vetrov Rose" manufactures boilers of all shapes and sizes. Therefore, if you decide to buy a boiler, a high-quality and reliable water heater that will delight you with warm water and serve for many years, we recommend that you contact our specialists - they will help you calculate the optimal volume of the boiler depending on the hot water consumed by you and your family.

They will develop for you a project of a boiler of the required volume and in full accordance with the dimensions of the place of its installation. Indeed, in order for the boiler to work with the greatest efficiency and effectiveness, many important indicators should be taken into account.

There are several options for heating water in a water heater:
The first option is heating with a gas burner. Such water heaters are called gas water heaters. The designs of various gas heaters are almost the same. In contrast, electric water heaters have their own characteristics.

The second option is the heating with electricity of hot pipes inside the boiler, when hot water begins to circulate in a closed circuit. If you want to solve the problem of hot water supply in your home once and for all, then you need to buy a boiler - a modern electric water heater that will work autonomously and provide the whole family with hot water.

In order to properly and effectively use all the qualities of a boiler, it is necessary to take into account the conditions of its operation. Today, the most popular are two types of electric water heaters - flow and storage.

Instantaneous water heaters do not have their own tank, and water is heated by the action of a powerful heater, when water flows near the heating element. The advantage of this method is the fast heating time of the coolant. This design heats up the cold water entering it in a matter of seconds. After that, hot water enters the water supply network, that is, taps, showers, etc.

The disadvantage is the need to use powerful wiring for the water heater, as well as significantly higher energy costs. Instantaneous water heaters are recommended to be installed in houses where people do not live permanently, for example, in a country house.

Storage water heaters pump water into their own tank, and then heat it with a powerful built-in heating element. The advantages of the design are low power consumption, the disadvantage is that heating a container with water takes quite a long time. Storage water heaters are designed for permanent residences of people. They maintain a high water temperature for the entire time until people use it up..


If we compare gas and electric water heaters, then we can say that gas models are more powerful. But electric ones are easier to maintain and convenient to operate. Installation of electric water heaters is also much simpler than gas ones. Another advantage is that a storage water heater does not require separate wiring, unlike instantaneous water heaters.

The third option is a combined one, in which water heating can take place using a heat exchanger and an electric heating element.

"Rose of the Winds" presents to its customers a wide range of models of water heaters. You can choose any model that suits you in all respects. If you are in doubt about which boiler to buy, then our engineers will be happy to answer all your questions and advise the boiler that best suits your needs. If you do not find a boiler of the required volume among our assortment, then we will make it for you. We work on individual orders and make boilers according to customer drawings.

Boilers from the "Vetrov Rose" company are always high quality at optimal prices, durability and reliability, qualified assistance in the selection of the volume and power of the device, consultations on any questions that have arisen and advice when choosing a scheme and equipment for the installation, as well as professional installation in accordance with the established in the contract terms.


Advantages of ordering a boiler in the company "Vetrov Rose":


we have more than 10 years of successful experience in the Ukrainian and European markets.
 We have an individual approach to each client.
our team consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals who guarantee the excellent quality of the work done.
we are focused on results and customer satisfaction.
We surround the client with excellent service and always adhere to the set deadlines.

Our boilers have two installation methods. They are suspended and floor-standing. Boilers up to 200 liters are usually suspended. With a volume of more than 200 liters, the boiler is usually too heavy for suspended installation, therefore we offer floor-standing models. The suspended structure is very convenient because the boiler can be positioned in any part of the wall and, accordingly, more efficiently use the space.

Therefore, before purchasing a boiler, we advise you to carefully study all the technical characteristics of the proposed models and consult with our specialists in order to choose exactly the boiler that will be most effective in your specific case.

Large boilers (200 liters or more) require structural reinforcement. To prevent water from expanding the container from the inside, it is reinforced with steel cruciform fasteners.

If the volume of the boiler is very large (500 l), then its outer walls are also reinforced with special strong struts. The outer side of the storage tank is necessarily insulated with heat-resistant materials to reduce heat loss.

Boilers can be of two types: horizontal and vertical. Vertical ones are more popular. They fit compactly and take up less space.

Also, in a vertical boiler, water heats up faster, which reduces energy costs. This happens because in a vertical boiler the heating element is located in the lowest part, where cold water sinks.

In horizontal boilers, the heating element is located on the side, so the incoming cold water mixes with the already heated one and the total water temperature decreases.

Which boiler you choose depends on the place intended for its installation. In terms of technical parameters, both types of boilers are practically the same, although vertical ones are slightly cheaper in price.

Our boilers are a very convenient and practical technique that guarantees the usual comfort. Usually boilers are cylindrical in shape, but for you we can deviate from tradition and create a rectangular tank shape, if necessary.

We will not only make an excellent efficient boiler for you, but also install it conveniently and professionally in the intended room. Installation of boilers on site is part of our service.

After all, a properly installed boiler will work without interruption for many years, without the need for finishing touches or repairs.

We manufacture boilers from the best high quality steel made in Germany, which, due to its chemical and physical characteristics, can be used in the food industry.

It meets all the prescribed hygiene standards. The inner tank of our boilers can be steel or stainless, depending on the wishes of the client.

The advantages of boilers with an internal stainless steel tank are special strength, durability and reliability. The stainless steel boiler is a modern, hygienic and durable material that is also easy to maintain.


Advantages of food grade stainless steel AISI 304:


high anti-corrosion properties,
chemical neutrality, which does not give off taste and foreign smell,
long service life,
environmental safety and hygiene of the material,
beautiful appearance.

The inner stainless steel tank is protected from corrosion by an oxide film. But in the manufacture of stainless steel boilers, a welding method is used that destroys the protective film.

To avoid leakage at the weld seams, after the welding process, all seams are treated with a special compound.

We create water heaters for any need. To correctly calculate the volume of the boiler you need, you should take into account many parameters: the number of family members, the required amount of hot water daily, the function of the water consumed (bathing, washing, washing, washing dishes, etc.).

Small ones allow you to wash dishes or wash your face. In recent years, it has become popular to install small boilers in guest bathrooms so as not to waste water from the main tank.

The installation of boilers of different volumes in the same house helps to quickly heat up and maintains the water hot for a long time.

Calculation of the optimal boiler volume has its own difficulties. For example, a boiler with a small tank (50 l) will not be able to provide a family of 4 or more people with the required amount of hot water.

And buying a water heater with a tank that is too large (more than 200 liters) for a family of 3 will be impractical, because heating a large amount of water will require an overconsumption of electricity.

Therefore, in order to accurately calculate what volume of the boiler will be most economically beneficial specifically for your family, you should contact our experienced specialists who will carry out calculations in full accordance with your needs and financial capabilities.


Estimated calculation of hot water consumption


The approximate water consumption for a family should be based on the flow that flows out per unit of time. The volume of water required for various domestic needs must also be taken into account:

taking a shower - 6-8 l / min (50 - 60 l)
washing - 6-7 l / min (8 - 10 l)
washing dishes - 6-8 l / min (30 - 50 l)
 • bathing in the bathroom - 15-20 l / min (120 - 150 l).