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Containers made of stainless steel has long been successfully used for the storage of food for fermentation of alcoholic beverages, for many chemical liquids and for anything else. "Wind Rose" is ready for you to develop and manufacture stainless steel containers of any size and shape. We have rich experience in manufacturing and installation of stainless steel tanks for both large enterprises and small private enterprises and household use. Among the proposed reservoirs on our website one will find the most suitable. But if among the ready standardized products you can not find one that fully meets your business needs, we are happy to produce for you any capacity of stainless steel in our production in a very short time and at a reasonable price. Containers made of stainless steel, created by us, are an example of high-quality production, because we make them of superior stainless steel from the best Ukrainian and European manufacturers. Stainless steel that we use for the manufacture of containers, has several important advantages: it can withstand high mechanical loads, has good anti-corrosion properties, does not respond to the impact of the aggressive chemical environments, is not subject to large fluctuations in temperature and atmospheric phenomena, it has a long service life, and most importantly - is a neutral material that does not change the flavor, smell and color liquids, which is very important for the storage and transportation of food. In our offer we have almost all used containers made of stainless steel: for the production of kvass, home-made beer, wine and drinks from fruit, tanks for cooking and storage of beer with a conical bottom (CCT), water storage tanks and chemicals, tanks for baths, cisterns for transporting and storing liquids, etc. On request, we can produce not only the container with a single layer, but with multilayer walls - such containers are often used in food industry, where products need to be heat treated. Multilayer containers are created by "termorubashki" type that allows you to store the desired temperature for a long time. For our food containers made of stainless steel, we create and Accessories: mixing devices for tanks, "shirt" for cooling and heating, cleaning heads, manholes, inspection openings, temperature sensors, and much more. Our highly qualified technicians and engineers will create your customized any capacity of stainless steel in full accordance with your needs, and master installers assemble and install the finished product quickly and kachestvenno.Chelovechestvo long ago learned to collect, store and move water or liquid. Different capacity, ranging from plastic cups and ending with huge oil storage tanks, used by people in the household and industrial purposes. But the best known for their material is stainless steel, which has in comparison with other materials enormous advantages. Unlike glass, plastic, ceramic, black iron, it is appropriate to speak about the main characteristics of nominating these products in the first place. The strength of "stainless steel" capable of withstanding large mechanical load. The inert properties of the steel remain so aggressive fluids. During transport, you can not worry about breaking the structure, and consequently, the losses of water or fluids. Tightness is much higher in a container made of stainless steel ; containers made of other materials are less reliable Intensive use does not affect the "timing" of life as much as other materials The corrosion resistance of the external weather conditions.


Containers made of stainless steel, stainless steel tanks, reservoirs and tanks.

We are always surrounded by water or various kinds of liquid. We are used to store, decant, move fluid in containers that are made of various materials: ceramics, glass, plastic, metal. This can be  bottles, cans, barrels, tanks, rectangular or round containers. For all occasions people came up with tanks for water, oil, milk, juices, etc. etc. But, probably, a separate are structures made of stainless steel. Containers made of such material, are always in demand among buyers. For all its mechanical and physical- chemical parameters products made of "stainless steel" are always superior to several times their "brothers in the shop." Regardless of the geographic region where such products are used, normal buyer  will always  "vote by a ruble" for them.  In Kiev stainless steel tanks has earned its prestigious place among the  home furnishings, not to mention the constant status in all the food and chemical industries where there is a corrosive fluids . These include stainless steel tubs, reservoirs of stainless steel, stainless steel cisterns.
AISI 304 stainless steels have good resistance to common corrosive media, but - not recommended where there is a risk of intergranular corrosion. They are well suited for use in fresh water, urban and rural environment.
In all cases, regular cleaning of the external surfaces is necessary to preserve their original state.
304ths varieties have good resistance to various acids:
phosphoric acid at all concentrations at ambient temperature,
nitric acid up to 65 %, between 20 and 50 ° C,
formic acid and lactic acid at room temperature,
acetic acid content between 20 and 50 ° C.
They are recommended for use in contact with hot or cold food, such as wine, beer, milk ( dairy products ), alcohol, natural fruit juices, syrups, molasses, etc.
Stainless steel - is the best material that is unparalleled
Stainless steel, which is obtained by alloying elements, has enormous advantages as compared with other materials. It makes sense to focus on some of them:
Durable and solid material that can withstand extensive mechanical loads.
Chemically inert properties of steel enable confident "work" in aggressive liquids.
During transport can not worry about breaking the structure and, accordingly, loss of water or fluid. Tightness is much higher in a container made of stainless steel; containers made of other materials are less reliable.Timing of operation is higher than that of other products.
Corrosion resistance - reliable protection from external weather conditions.
You can still bring a lot of positive qualities of stainless steel products, which do not have similar products of domestic or industrial use. Now that the issue is more about the quality that is equivalent to "longevity" products, stainless steel tanks in Kiev are particularly appreciated by ordinary people.
The group of companies "Windrose" manufactures custom stainless steel containers, aluminum containers of any shape and volume to order. The shortest terms and reasonable price.

Containers made of stainless steel

"Wind Rose" makes stainless steel tanks of various volumes for use in the food and chemical industries - from small to large tanks kegs and tanks. We can also offer a complete set of stainless steel equipment for beer making, designed as a small private mini-breweries and industrial breweries and breweries.
Rich assortment of containers from stainless steel offers "Windrose" for the food industry. This capacity for drinking water, fresh milk and dairy products, wine, food alcohol, fruit juices, syrups, yeast, molasses and many other products.
Our containers are made of high-class food steel, which is chemically neutral materials to keep the natural taste and smell of food. If necessary, we create a sealed container to goods contained in them had no contact with the air and does not oxidize.
Production of stainless steel tanks in the "wind rose" comes complex - we are creating not only the capacity but also provide them with all necessary additional equipment in accordance with the executed functions. Our manufacturing capacity immediately after ready for an active and long-term operation.
Buy stainless steel tanks in the "Rose of the Winds" will be beneficial for many reasons:
• We manufacture stainless steel tanks in the highest quality steel, made in Germany, which is all the chemical and physical parameters relevant material for preservation of food products.
• We also create containers for the chemical industry, which have a high resistance to aggressive liquids - various alcohols and acids, withstand high temperature fluctuations and enormous mechanical loads.
• Our high-tech manufacturing to create a reliable, safe and comfortable stainless steel tanks with a long service life.
• We are ready to manufacture stainless steel tanks of any volume and size in line with the wishes of the customer, on an individual project.
• Our experienced specialists provide comprehensive customer service, from design to delivery of object "turnkey". All stages of the process of creating containers, assembly and installation on-site controlled by leading engineers, that does not make mistakes and shortcomings.
• The cost of our stainless steel tanks are much lower than our competitors, so our products are not only high quality but also affordable.
• We are working on the market of products from stainless steel for more than 10 years, so we value your name and guarantee excellent quality, high functionality and reliability of our stainless steel vessels.