water tank


Water is one of the most important human needs.


It is used not only to quench thirst, but also in many other aspects of our life.


Ago. It is necessary to ensure that there is a supply of water for cooking in advance. Containers can be on supporting legs with a tap in the lower part so that it is convenient to pour into a container for a cooler. And also for technical water. The tank for technical water is equipped with a valve that closes it and is connected to the toilet.


You no longer need to carry water to your floor. And everything will be washed automatically.


In our containers, you can store not only water for household needs, but also drinking water, as it will be stored in optimal conditions for this.



Stainless steel tanks Kiev: durable, comfortable and long. Water tanks stainless.

Stainless steel (people just "stainless steel") - a complex alloyed steels, are highly resistant to corrosion in aggressive environments and high resistance to high and low temperatures. In urban apartments under normal conditions, the water tank in Kiev stainless steel is practically forever.
The basic dopant is chromium. That its percentage in the stainless steel, determines how the metal container to be resistant to rusting. The higher the chromium content, the greater the resistance to corrosion processes.
Advantages of stainless steel:
Products made of stainless steel, have all the positive qualities of this material:
Resistance to high (100 ° C) and low (down to -40 ° C) temperatures. The water tank is made of stainless steel will not break and will not deform after heavy frosts. Water simply thaw without damage to the tank.
High resistance to corrosion processes, durability, strength.
Safety during transport. Unlike other materials for transportation (plastic containers, glass), stainless steel products are not afraid of blows, falls and other "surprises" in transportation.
Resistance to UV contained in the sunlight. Metal containers used for summer shower in the country, almost eternal. Install them once, you will forget about the need to check their condition.
Beautiful and aesthetic appearance. The surface treatment makes the water tank stylish and trendy interior.
Where are metal containers of stainless steel
Complete safety when used for food purposes, resistance to adverse environmental effects, allows the use of metal containers in many areas:
To reserve water supply in the suburban area.
To store any liquids and solids.
In the carriage of fuel, chemicals, oil, liquefied natural gas, petrochemicals, alcohol, powdered substances.
Stainless steel tanks for transportation of oil products and aggressive liquids (acids, alkalis, etc.) Are operated for decades. This is a clear example of the reliability of this material. Under normal circumstances, a country house or city apartment water container made of stainless steel is practically forever.
Turning to the company "Wind Rose", you are guaranteed to get high quality products and expert advice on their service.
Why refer to a group of companies "Windrose"
Our experts will make any high-quality and durable water tank in Kiev. For the manufacture of products using various types of welding: tungsten, the spray of the metal, plasma welding process, pulse and using special fluxes.
To connect sheets (5 mm) used high-precision argon welding. The weld obtained by assembly of the product, undergoes special treatment for recovery of the material in the weld zone.
Our equipment allows us to produce container of any desired size and thickness of your technical documentation or our calculations.
Containers can be made in a standard format or to order. You just need to choose the shape and dimensions of a product, to specify its functionality. Our experts will perform all the quality and professionalism, will give expert advice on any subject.