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Mini-breweries, mini-breweries, breweries have become a popular type of business. As competition has increased, the end user has higher requirements for the quality of the beer produced. A great beer, you can only make on quality equipment.
We offer equipment for brewing, produced by a proven traditional construction of stainless steel and copper of German production. All materials are certified and suitable for use in the food industry. At our breweries, we provide a guarantee, as well as perform debugging of brewing equipment and post-warranty service for breweries and minibreweries.
Our specialists have many years of experience in picking minibreweries and starting breweries. They were trained and trained in Germany. Therefore, in the manufacture of minibreweries the experience of the best German productions is used. We are in no way inferior to German manufacturers because we manufacture breweries from German metal and European equipment.
If you decide to organize your own brewing business or buy a brewery, a mini-brewery, a mini-brewery, install a brewery, mini-breweries or a mini brewery at your enterprise? TM "Rose of the Winds" produces, supplies, assembles and trains brewing skills. You can brew on our brewing equipment real live beer.
Do you like beer? This good drink was known a long time ago and still remains widespread in many countries of the world. His species are charged quite a lot and each of them is in its own tasty and unique. This drink is liked not only by men, but also by women. It is good to drink in hot weather, because it is very refreshing, in the company of friends, at a party or watching any sports competition. In the world, even organize a competition for drinking beer.
Usually any beer can be bought at any store. Of course, beer from bottles can also be tasty if it stays in the refrigerator before that. But it will be more tasty when you drink it directly after a spill and preparation, as it can be with any other cocktail. To do this, you can visit the brewery and try the draft beer. True lovers of this drink sometimes want to have their own brewery. We will find out where you can buy such a unique point of manufacture and sale of craft beer.
Beer is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Especially it is popular among men. No championship or important event can not do without it. All sports bars and restaurants are full of visitors who watch the championship on the TV and enjoy a favorite drink. Depending on the brand or species, the price is also determined. Are you dreaming of having to buy a brewery where you can sell your beer and make good money? This dream can become a reality, if you know where it can be rented or bought.
A well-known group of companies "Rose of the Winds" will help you to solve this problem. Here you can buy your own brewery at an affordable price. In addition, you can buy everything you need for this equipment, which is delivered with a guarantee of place. You can create your own unique beer recipe, but do not divulge it, it's only your secret. It will help you develop a small business and will be a "highlight" in your institution. It is important to remember that for the production of good beer you need and the corresponding products. Craft beer is a new direction of brewing, which became famous in the last century in the US and remains widely known among buyers until today.




Analog Braumaster

200L. - 3 550 $, 500L. - 5550$

200 liters for cooking

from 18 700$

300 liters for cooking

from 22 980$

500 liters for cooking

from 34 380$

1000 liters for cooking

from 44 050$

2000 liters for cooking

from 56 295$


Orders for the volume of one cooking:


Analog Braumaster

200L. - 3 550 $, 500L. - 5550$


200 L

7 560 $


300 L

9 090 $

500 L

13 230 $


1000 L

17 640 $

2000 L

23 130 $




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What is the difference between the mini brewery "Wind Roses" »™:
♦ We only use food grade stainless steel manufactured in Europe.
♦ High quality of the weld, which is achieved by welding on CNC machines.
♦ Perfect polishing of the inner surfaces of containers.
♦ Installation of turnkey devices.
♦ 100% guarantee that your equipment will work properly and immediately.
♦ Individual payment options according to your wishes.
The Rosa Vetrov group of companies began producing their own brewing equipment. We approach our work responsibly and develop individual projects of any equipment at the customer's request.
A characteristic feature of our company's work is that the customer has the ability to control the technological process, presence in the plant and independently adjust the quality at every stage of the contract.
Benefits of the brewery:
♦ compact dimensions that allow it to be placed in a small room.
♦ ease of installation, commissioning and use.
♦ trouble-free connection to centralized energy and water supply networks.
♦ warranty and post-warranty maintenance of the equipment.
♦ optimal value for money.
The microbrewery in pubs and restaurant complexes is located in a prominent place and is not only a means of producing high-quality beer, but also decorating the plant, its business cards, creates an atmosphere of naturalness, naturalness and natural quality.
Therefore, customers want to see the high quality of each element of their future brewery, a perfect combination of representative materials, the main of which is traditionally stainless steel and copper.
The high-quality operation of the brewing devices inspires visitors to feel the freshness and naturalness of the consumed product.
The breweries we manufacture and assemble include a full range of necessary equipment. You don't need to buy any accessories. We also debug all necessary equipment, warranty and after-sales service.
Our brewing equipment ensures that beer is brewed according to classical technology, from classic natural ingredients (hops, malt, yeast and water).
For the production of brewing devices, the company uses AISI 304 stainless steel of the German ThyssenKrupp AG concern. Internal containers can also be made of acid-resistant stainless steel AISI 316L.
AISI 316 L is a steel grade representing AISI 304 grade improved by adding 2.5% molybdenum. Due to molybdenum, this steel is particularly resistant to corrosion, high temperatures and aggressive environments. All equipment of the brewing complex (electric motors, pumps, etc.) is exclusively of European production.
At your request, we will develop a project for the future brewery, we will assist in the design, we will select all the necessary devices in accordance with your scope of powers.