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 The main advantages of modular boiler system:
- Custom design a modular boiler - making block modular boiler required power for heating and hot water supply of a particular object;
- Optimal selection of boiler equipment - equipment agreed with the customer (the equipment of both domestic and foreign)
- Ensuring autonomy from centralized heat supply networks;
- Possibility of multiple installation and removal of the boiler plant and its transportation;
- A short time for installation and commissioning of modular boiler installation.

The group of companies "Wind rose" offers boiler plants, incl. modular solid fuel boilers. We offer block-modular coal-fired boilers, peat-fired boilers, pellet boilers, wood waste boilers, fuel oil boilers, universal boilers.

The modular boiler plant includes: hot water boilers, pumping equipment, heat exchange equipment, water treatment equipment, shut-off valves, ash collectors, a chimney and a gas duct system, forced draft machines, boiler house automation. The type of boiler house is selected according to the fuel that is optimal for the customer. It is possible to re-equip an existing gas boiler for a different type of fuel, which will provide the necessary cost savings.

Our advantages:

Integrated approach - design, installation, warranty service;
legality - availability of all necessary licenses and permits for design and installation;
payback - a modular solid fuel boiler pays off in two heating seasons;
profitability - the cost of heating on solid fuel is 4 times lower than gas;
environmental friendliness - the presence of a smoke cleaner protects the environment;
independence - own boiler house is autonomous from centralized networks.


Natural gas has risen in price.


Moreover, it has risen in price so much that the unexpectedly coming winter spoils the mood of absolutely everyone who does not live in a hut. Gas crises have long become the norm and no longer surprise anyone. The irresistible rise in the cost of gas heating has a negative effect on the "fatness" of the wallet, threatening to bring the latter to a state of pronounced dystrophy. Sometimes it’s easier to turn off this very heating completely and sit in felt boots than to pay fabulous gas bills. Gradually, gas heating turns into a luxury item. Therefore, many people switch to heating with pellets, wood and coal. Especially in view of the uncertainty and possible shutdowns of gas and uncontrolled rise in price.


Our company offers design, construction and installation of boiler rooms.


We fully undertake the task of designing, coordinating the project, obtaining all permits and installing a boiler house for apartment buildings, social facilities, industrial enterprises and just private cottages. We will perform both commissioning and re-equipment of the existing heating system. In short, we will fully complete the task, so you do not have to worry about anything. As a result, you get savings that are not difficult to calculate. We will help with the selection of personnel for work in a modular boiler house, and with the provision of fuel materials at reduced prices. Since we are a manufacturer of stainless steel chimneys, we will assemble the chimney system and provide a 5-year guarantee.


Our boiler rooms are omnivorous - they work on all types of solid fuels (wood, pellets, furniture production waste, shavings, straw, coal, etc.). Our boiler rooms provide heating and hot water supply.




Transfer to heating with solid fuel (coal, fuel oil, peat, wood waste). This is possible for industrial facilities, office buildings, cottage townships, service stations.



Our experts are able to design a boiler room of any capacity and any complexity, depending on the task. We conduct a preliminary consultation and can orient you on the approximate cost of the finished boiler room, as well as the timing of its installation. You can ask your question over the phone or invite a specialist to go directly to the object. Our specialists are highly qualified and have considerable experience.