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Tanks - is a special repository of cylindrical shape intended for the transport and preservation of liquid and bulk cargo.

Our company manufactures tanks in which you can transport oil, chemical liquids of varying activity (acids, alkalis), cement, and any foods - milk, drinking water and process water, alcohol products, flour.
The volume of tanks built in our company, can be different and performed on request, depending on customer needs.
We build tanks for their own projects and the projects of our customers. If you do not have a finished project for an individual order, our highly skilled engineers and technologists to help you in creating and producing precisely the tanks that you need.
At your request, we will create a tank of any design - with or without a frame. Also, the number of axles may be different, depending on the intended use of the tank. If your tank is in need of additional equipment (temperature sensors, product level, thermal insulation, viewing window, measuring tubes, etc..), The level of our skill will solve your problem of any complexity.
Our engineers and technicians will offer you a different technology of loading and unloading of the tank, which depends on the design, and transported in the cargo tank. The load may be supplied by gravity or through a special hatch tube while contacting with air or not. This is necessary because some substances prescribed to avoid getting air on Wednesday.
All our tanks are made of high-quality metals, taking into account the characteristics and chemical properties of the cargo. We follow all necessary norms of transportation and guarantee safety and reliability of delivery of your goods by our tanks.
We remember that the food and chemicals require different composition and processing tanks and take care that your products get to your destination without losing its quality and specific properties. Our craftsmen with years of experience will make sure that the seams on tanks were perfectly smooth and reliable hatches and openings are hermetically closed and additional equipment works accurately and reliably.
Please contact our specialists for advice and explanations on the phone. We will do our best to make our cooperation has been useful, and we guarantee the execution of works within the specified time at a high quality level.