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Group of companies "Windrose" produces metal cabinets, stainless steel, copper and bronze, to Kiev and the region, as well as any other region of Ukraine in the order. The company makes metal cabinets from the food stainless steel and stainless steel shelves. We offer customers in Kiev and Kiev region custom metal countertops for kitchens, for bars and pubs. Our countertops are made of stainless steel with a satin surface (brushed stainless steel to order. The products are in demand at furniture industries and companies, as well as directly from discerning the quality countertops customers. We will make your project any products, welding, etc. Countertops They can be used in the kitchens of hi-tech, like bars and restaurants, etc. The table top made of stainless steel in Kiev are in demand not only because of the stylish appearance, but also because it has a high strength and wear resistance compared to other table tops. This kind of surface not afraid of water, high temperatures and physical effects as nickel and chromium provide strength and corrosion resistance of the metal life is often several times higher than that of wood furniture carcass.

The group of companies "Windrose" produces countertop in brushed metal food stainless steel, stainless steel with a mirror coating and other metal custom design. Stainless steel furniture meets all sanitary standards. Therefore, metal furniture is practical and durable.


According to the degree of influence on human life, quality furniture can only be compared with the trend of clothing and luxury cars. Indeed, over time, and those and others are a reflection of its owner, giving it self-confidence and allowing to look optimistically to the future.


Metal furniture from the company "Rose of the Winds" will be the final touch to the interior of your home, office, bar or restaurant. In our comfortable closets can perfectly accommodate as kitchen utensils, and a folder with documents and spectacular countertops adorn the great and spacious kitchen in the style of hi-tech, and a modern bar. Our metal furniture Kiev characterized by a high strength and reliable assembly. It is made of copper, bronze or stainless steel. But, as we all know, these materials do not corrode and are resistant to the negative effects of time. This means that even after many years of metal furniture in Kiev, bought from us will serve you as well as on the first day.
We accept orders for manufacturing of metal furniture Kiev, both typical and individual projects. In our state there are excellent designers who promptly will design metal furniture for your description or focusing on your preference, make a few sketches of versatile, giving you a choice.
Manufacture of our metal furniture is made in Kiev by experienced professionals with considerable experience of work in the modern high-precision equipment, which is a reliable guarantee of high quality products. We are absolutely confident in his professionalism, so all of our metal furniture has a solid warranty. The best confirmation of our qualifications is considerable popularity enjoyed by our metal furniture in Kiev. After all, it can be found both in the kitchens of private homes or apartments, and in a very luxurious establishments.
Prices of our metal furniture Kiev will be very democratic and it is even feasible to retail customers with a low income. Wholesale customers can also count on a nice discount.
 We will be happy to clients from all over Ukraine. Indeed, in our time service it is no longer a problem, especially if you consider the fact that we cooperate with the best carriers of the country, which will take our metal furniture to the address you quickly and without any problems.