Group of companies "Windrose" produces metal cabinets, stainless steel, copper and bronze, to Kiev and the region, as well as any other region of Ukraine in the order. The company makes metal cabinets from the food stainless steel and stainless steel shelves. We offer customers in Kiev and Kiev region custom metal countertops for kitchens, for bars and pubs. Our countertops are made of stainless steel with a satin surface (brushed stainless steel to order. The products are in demand at furniture industries and companies, as well as directly from discerning the quality countertops customers. We will make your project any products, welding, etc. Countertops They can be used in the kitchens of hi-tech, like bars and restaurants, etc. The table top made of stainless steel in Kiev are in demand not only because of the stylish appearance, but also because it has a high strength and wear resistance compared to other table tops. This kind of surface not afraid of water, high temperatures and physical effects as nickel and chromium provide strength and corrosion resistance of the metal life is often several times higher than that of wood furniture carcass.

The group of companies "Rosewind" produces metal tabletops from polished food grade stainless steel, stainless steel with a mirror finish and other metal according to the customer's design.


In terms of the degree of influence on human life, high-quality furniture can only be compared with trendy clothes and an elite car. Indeed, over time, both those and others become a kind of reflection of their owner, giving him confidence in his own abilities and allowing him to look with optimism into tomorrow.


Furniture and shelving for jewelry stores and boutiques.


For jewelry stores, we produce stainless steel furniture with a mirror surface. This surface accentuates the sparkle of jewelry. Also harmonizes well with lighting and glass. All welds are perfectly cleaned and polished.



Metal furniture from the "Rose of the Winds" company will be the finishing touch to the interior of your home, office, bar or restaurant. Our comfortable cabinets can perfectly accommodate both kitchen utensils and folders with documents, and spectacular countertops will perfectly decorate both a spacious hi-tech kitchen and a modern bar.


Stainless steel worktops. Stainless steel furniture meets all sanitary standards. Therefore, metal furniture is practical and durable.


«Rosewind» manufactures furniture from several grades of steel - AISI 304 and AISI 430, which are intended for use in the food industry and are characterized by increased resistance to very high and low temperatures, mechanical damage, high anti-corrosion properties and, most importantly, they are electropolished.


Metal thickness from 1 mm to 4. Recommended surface - shlі (satin). It has a pleasant appearance and is practical, since the scratches from the instruments are practically invisible.

Our metal furniture Kiev is characterized by the highest strength and reliable assembly. It is available in copper, bronze or stainless steel. But, as we all know, these materials are not subject to corrosion and are resistant to the negative effects of time. This means that many years later, metal furniture bought from us in Kiev will serve you as well as on the first day.


We accept orders for the manufacture of metal furniture Kiev, both for standard and individual projects. We have great designers in our staff who will design metal furnitureaccording to your description in the shortest possible time or, focusing on your preferences, will make several diverse sketches, giving you the opportunity to choose.


Satin in French means atla's.

The most practical and durable finish is satin finishing. The metal surface becomes smooth, but at the same time resistant to environmental factors.


Even if minor damage forms on it during operation, they are practically invisible. Processing increases the wear resistance of products, makes them more aesthetically attractive.


The manufacture of our metal furniture in Kiev is carried out by experienced specialists with considerable work experience, using modern high-precision equipment, which is a reliable guarantee of high quality products. We are absolutely confident in our professionalism, therefore all our metal furniture has a solid warranty period. The best confirmation of our high qualifications is the considerable popularity that our metal furniture in Kiev enjoys. After all, it can be found both in the kitchens of private houses or apartments, and in very fashionable establishments.


Prices for our metal furniture Kiev are very democratic and will be quite affordable even for retail clients with a low income level. Wholesale customers can count on pleasant discounts.


Stainless steel furniture


«Rosewind» produces professional quality stainless steel furniture that can be used in private kitchens, restaurants, bars and other food blocks for public and private use.


We have been working on the market of Ukraine and Eastern Europe for over 12 years, so we are sure that the stainless steel furniture we have created is furniture «forever».


Stylish, beautiful, strong and durable - it will serve you, your children and grandchildren without losing its great appearance and functionality.


We will be glad to clients from all over Ukraine. Indeed, in our time, delivery is no longer a problem, especially considering the fact that we cooperate with the best carriers in the country, who will deliver our metal furniture to your specified address quickly and without any problems.


Our stainless steel furniture has many advantages:


♦ We make it from high quality steel from the best European manufacturers.

♦ Our furniture complies with all sanitary and hygienic standards for materials in contact with food.

♦ All pieces of furniture have a high resistance to aggressive liquids and detergents, can withstand large temperature drops, are resistant to mechanical stress.

♦ The furniture is highly reliable, safe and has a long service life.

♦ Our experienced specialists will provide you with a comprehensive service: furniture design, production and installation on site. We always deliver work on a turnkey basis.

♦ We are ready to manufacture furniture according to an individual project in full accordance with the wishes of the customer.

♦ Our experienced specialists will provide you with a comprehensive service: furniture design, production and installation on site. We always deliver work on a turnkey basis.

♦ All stages of furniture manufacturing and installation are controlled by leading engineers, which does not allow mistakes and miscalculations.

♦ The cost of our stainless steel furniture is significantly lower than that of competitors, so it is not only high quality but also inexpensive.


The surface of the stainless steel furniture we create can be matte or mirrored (matt or reflective mirror), with fine or coarse grinding. If the surface is made of AISI 430 steel, then we can cover its mirror surface with a protective film. We are ready to create for you a unique and unique set of stainless steel furniture that will delight you for many years.