Orbital pipe welding.


Orbimatic Orbimat 160 C

Orbimatic power sources Orbimat 160 C and Orbimat 250 C - Compact power sources for orbital welding with computer control. Contains nested libraries of welding protocols. Water cooling is available as an option.

Design Features:

- Total weight about: Orbimat 160С - 32 kg, Orbimat 250С - 47 kg;
- compact design;
- integrated water cooling (Orbimat 160С);
- water cooling ORBICOOL 3002 is available as an option (Orbimat 250C);
- full logging of welding parameters is possible;
- built-in printer;
- clear 9" monitor;
- semi-automatic programming, selectively from setting time or position;
- possibility of programming up to 99 sectors;
- large memory capacity, for about 300 welding programs and 300 welding data protocols (with 4 programmable sectors);
- expansion of the memory block and archiving of welding data protocols on memory cards. In this case, the program flow can be changed, saved or reset an unlimited number of times. Thanks to semi-automatic programming, the unit is very easy to operate. It is enough to enter the pipe diameter and welding speed - the installation itself will calculate the number of revolutions, rotation speed and its position in ° on the indicator. The programming progress can be monitored on the 9" monitor. Orbimat 160 C and Orbimat 250C are also supplied with pre-programmed welding processes from the extensive ORBIMAT program library.

Welding data logging:

The capabilities of recording welding documentation are unique. As standard, the actual value protocol can be printed on the built-in printer. Using the optional standard keyboard, you can also add text input, such as information about welding conditions (gas, electrodes, welder name, job description, etc.). Since the resulting printout of the protocol immediately after each weld may interfere, intermediate storage in the device is possible. Numbered protocols can be printed out later. It is also possible to save data on memory cards, which can be read on a PC with a special reader and archived in the PC without printing. A standard memory card has space for storing 500 welding protocols. All programmable welding parameters can be changed during welding using the device keyboard and saved if necessary.

RPG 1.5 / RPG 4.5 To achieve high quality welds during orbital welding, careful processing of the contacting surfaces is necessary. Considering the standard pipe wall thickness within 3 mm, it is necessary that the ends of the pipes being welded are absolutely rectangular, have no burrs, have a sharp outer edge and are connected to each other without a gap. The convenient RPG series cutters easily meet all these requirements and are ideal for work on the construction site. After cutting the pipe, it is fixed in a clamping fixture (available in all sizes) and the end is ground with a rotating cutter. The RPG series has been developed to meet the requirements for orbital welding contact surfaces. Stepless engine speed control allows you to easily set the cutter rotation speed required for each specific case. The high-precision spindle provides uncompromising control of cutter feed.

Clamping insert RPG 1.5

ORBIMATIC offers clamping inserts for all standard pipe diameters. RPG 1.5 can also be equipped with a clamping insert for working with microfittings.

Technical characteristics of RPG 1.5:

Min. ext. :........................3.0 mm
Max. ext. :........................ 38.1 mm
Motor: 230 V, 50-60 Hz, 1010 W
120 V, 50-60 Hz, 1010 W
Weight:...................................4.4 kg

Technical characteristics of RPG 4.5:

Min. ext. :........................12.7 mm
Max. ext. :........................114.3 mm
Motor: 230 V, 50-60 Hz, 1010 W
120 V, 50-60 Hz, 1010 W
Weight:........................................19.4 kg

Micro welding head for pipes with a diameter of 3 – 12.7 mm. Ideal for semiconductor applications and other welding applications where space is limited. Excellent for welding all micro-fittings on the market!

The ORBIMATIC ORBIWELD 12 micro welding head has an unusually compact structure and various clamping cassettes, which ensures its unique versatility. And water cooling allows you to achieve incredible power-on duration for this overall size.

By supplementing the ORBIWELD 12 welding head with the ORBIMAT C current source, the user will receive a welding machine of the highest class of accuracy, but without any difficulty in handling.

When welding microfittings, a separate clamping cassette is required for each pipe diameter. In addition, a wider clamping cassette with replaceable chuck inserts can be included in the delivery package.

Thanks to the unusually compact dimensions of the clamping cassette, any microfitting can be fixed and centered by the welding flange.

On the handle of the welding head there is an integrated control panel that transmits all the necessary commands to the power source and allows you to eliminate the need for an additional remote control.

Формовочный набор ORBIPURGE
Forming set ORBIPURGE, for pipes with a diameter of 12 – 110 mm

Complete set in a practical transport container with Teflon gas connections and quick-release connections. The ORBIPURGE forming kit contains all the components to quickly and efficiently form the inner surface of a pipe using the orbital welding process. A variety of plugs precisely fit the inside diameter of any pipe, allowing you to create a hermetically sealed molding chamber. The ORBIPURGE kit comes in a durable and convenient shipping container. The standard kit includes 2 molding plugs of each standard diameter, a Teflon gas hose, and a set of quick-release couplings. Forming plugs ideally cover pipes with a diameter of 12 to 110 mm. Larger diameter molding plugs can also be supplied upon request. The ORBIPURGE forming set is ideal for applications where there are special requirements for the purity of the forming gas and is an ideal complement to the residual oxygen meter ORB 1001. The residual oxygen meter ORB 1001 allows you to determine the residual oxygen concentration in the forming gas up to 10 ppm with an accuracy of 2% and thus meets the strict pharmaceutical requirements.
Головки орбитальной сварки ORBIWELD The new ORBIWELD series from Orbimatic is a development of a range of welding heads that stands out for its very high load capacity. This development was necessary because especially in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries, ever-increasing demands are placed on closed welding heads due to the increased diameter of the pipes and the wall thickness of the pipes being welded.
The closed design of the ORBIWELD series, as well as the gas supply system of the heads, ensure a constant flow of inert gas into the weld seam during the welding process and thus an almost perfect seam. The second feature is the presence of a new quick-clamping system for the clamping jaws. This means that lengthy and labor-intensive make-up is no longer necessary! The clamping jaws simply click and release without tools and provide reliable clamping of the parts to be welded without distortion.

ORBIWELD closed welding heads are available in 3 sizes:

- ORBIWELD 65 - for pipes with an outer diameter of 6-65 mm;

- ORBIWELD 115 - for pipes with an outer diameter of 20-115 mm;

- ORBIWELD 170 - for pipes with an outer diameter of 50-170 mm.
The new generation of open welding guns ORBIWELD TP is optionally equipped with a solder wire feed mounted directly on the gun body. This ensures a precise supply of the solder wire, which is also synchronized with the pulsating welding current. With this technique, much better control of the molten metal is possible than with an external wire feeder, where the wire must be moved over long distances.

The smoothly rotating torch head also allows welding fillet welds or short pipe extensions. The TIG torch head is mounted on adjustable slides, which allow precise adjustment of the electrode position, also during the welding process. Also, the solder wire feed nozzle can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically using a control unit.

The new series of welding guns ORBIWELD TP is available in 4 sizes:

- Model TP 250 - for pipes with a diameter of 15-77 mm;

- Model TP 400 - for pipes with a diameter of 30-115 mm;

- Model TP 600 - for pipes with a diameter of 70-170 mm;

- Model TP 1000 - for pipes with a diameter of 100-275 mm.

The clamping mechanism with parallel-moving jaws allows for easy and reliable fixation of the head on the pipe. An easy to operate setting knob allows the clamping range to be set beyond the normal rated range of welding heads.
Головка для вваривания труб тип Р 20 The Orbimatic P20 pipe welding head is a precision tool for mechanized pipe welding using tungsten inert gas (WIG) welding. For pipes with an internal diameter of at least 10 mm and an external diameter of not more than 70 mm.

Welding pipes into heat exchangers using an arc welding head with a tungsten electrode type P 20 with high precision and consistently high quality does not cause any problems. Complete with a power source for orbital welding of the ORBIMAT C series, a modern welding system is assembled. Easy maintenance and maximum functionality guarantee the best welding results.

The directly water-cooled burner with a duty cycle of 60% at 200A allows long-term continuous use under real industrial conditions.

In connection with the welding power source of the ORBIMAT series, it meets the highest quality requirements. Precise positioning in the pipes to be welded occurs using a centering chuck, which is put on the mandrel for fastening.

The wire feeder mounted on the P20 is equipped with a 100 mm standard spool.

Weight with wire feed: 6 kg;

without wire feed: 5 kg.