Equipment for closing longitudinal folds.


Wammes Duct Seamer DS 1.0/1.2 Wammes Duct Seamer DS 1.0/1.2 - The machine is specially designed for profiling a corner lock on each side of a rectangular duct and then closing the seam in one pass. This equipment is very efficient, increases productivity and reduces production costs; In addition, you save energy, and you do not need to purchase additional machines.
RAS DuctZipper

RAS DuctZipper - The machine allows you to produce air ducts faster, easier and more economically. RAS box folding technology reduces three traditional work steps to one.

Where alternative manufacturing methods have been introduced, the first sheet is bent first, then a fold is made on the second sheet, and finally both folds are joined and closed. The RAS DuctZipper does all this in one simple pass! The RAS sheet handling system holds the sheets, moving it along with the box through the machine. Once the fold is ready, the operator lays the sheet crosswise on the sheet guide system, again sliding it back towards the box to the starting position. This is convenient, saves effort, and in many cases allows you to remove the second operator.

Prinzing RFZH Prinzing RFZH - The universal fold-closing machine from Prinzing is available in a number of modifications for various thicknesses of the metal being processed and for the formation of internal, middle and external folds. All models have a strong and reliable steel construction. All drive elements in the closing head are equipped with bearings; the flat guides are made without gaps and can be adjusted. Pressure roller made of hardened steel.
RAS Seam Closing Machine

RAS Seam Closing Machine - The Seam Closing Machine closes 10mm and 13mm wide seams on round pipes. The changeover from external to internal rebate occurs in a few seconds.

When turning the pipe, the useful length of the machine doubles.