Kraftformers are machines for drawing, smoothing, flattening and upsetting sheet metal.


Eckold GL 2

Eckold GL 2 - The ironing hammer is suitable for anyone who shapes sheet metal by hand. It is used by antique car restorers, body straighteners, furniture designers, machine and instrument makers and metal artists - as an aid in giving pre-formed sheet metal parts a smooth finish, just the thing for final finishing. Even thin laser welded seams can be smoothed quickly and cleanly using an ironing hammer.

Eckold HF 100 PA

Eckold HF 100 PA - Manual molding machine - a pneumatically driven device operating with pressure limitation to prevent overloading of the tool. Each press of the footswitch starts a working stroke. Lightly pressing the pedal causes a power stroke with low force, while pressing fully releases all the drive force. A convenient pneumatic drive is available as an alternative for the ECKOLD manual molding machine.

Thanks to the machine, both your hands are free to handle the parts and you work comfortably and with pleasure, using the pressure control pedal. A significant advantage when working with large and bulky parts!

Eckold HF 100

Eckold HF 100 - Manual molding machine is a stationary device for work in the workshop. The machine has a working space size of up to 100 mm. In addition to the forming tools, there are also tool attachments for edging, punching and flanging work.

Thanks to the use of a manual ECKOLD molding machine, there is no need for labor-intensive hammering. It is possible to carry out not only drawing, but also planting sheets and profiles with a thickness of up to 1.5 mm (steel) or 2.0 mm (aluminum)!

Eckold HZ51

Eckold HZ51 - Using hand pliers, you can finish and adjust sheet profiles or flange edges by upsetting or drawing. Using hand pliers it is also possible to perform clinching, i.e. joining metal sheets without auxiliary materials.

These mobile pliers are especially suitable for fitting and adjustment work on construction sites. It is possible to carry out not only drawing, but also planting sheets and profiles with a thickness of up to 1.0 mm (steel) or 1.5 mm (aluminum)!

Eckold KF 170 PD

Eckold KF 170 PD - Craftformer, machine with pneumatic drive. It is the smallest device from the ECKOLD family of craftformers. The machine is equipped with a single or continuous stroke and forms steel sheets up to 2mm thick! When working on a single stroke, the KF 170 PD is ideal for correction and fitting work. In addition, it can be used for stamping, cutting and clinching (joining sheets and profiles).

Optimal, fast and comfortable forming with a continuous stroke or precise fitting, adjustment, stamping and clinching with a single stroke - with the KF 170 PD it is no problem: just switch, or in short - simple, clean, good!

Eckold KF 324

Eckold KF 324 - Kraftformer is the most cost-effective machine driven by an electric motor in the Kraftformer series. Pre-installation and pressure adjustment are carried out in the ECKOLD KF 324 craftformer using a handwheel. This machine forms steel sheets up to 2 mm thick!

Its durability is impressive and many qualified craftsmen vouch for it!

Eckold KF 340

Eckold KF 340 - Kraftformer belongs to the middle series of craftformers driven by an electric motor. Optimal operating conditions are ensured by smooth adjustment of the clock speed. Low speed is suitable for upsetting thicker material, stretch leveling, straightening or precision finishing. High speed is suitable for drawing, rounding (bending), smoothing and polishing sheet metal products and increases productivity. Like all ECKOLD craft formers, the variety of tools makes the KF 340 universal. Depending on the part and requirements, the operator adjusts the speed of the ECKOLD KF 340 craftformer in the range from 250 to 550 strokes per minute. The machine works very powerfully and forms steel sheets up to 3 mm thick!

Eckold KF 460

Eckold KF 460 - Kraftformer is the second largest in the ECKOLD family of craftformers. Extreme reliability, durability and the combination of high compression force with highly sensitive adjustment distinguish this machine. The machine is very well suited for processing materials with the thicknesses used in industrial metal structures. The machine's broadly structured, multi-purpose tool program also offers the highest degree of flexibility. With a horizontal working space of 460 mm, the ECKOLD KF 460 craftformer is able to form large parts with a material thickness corresponding to 3.0 mm of steel sheet.

Eckold KF 665

Eckold KF 665 - Kraftformer is the largest machine driven by an electric motor in the Kraftformer series. Due to its solid structure and precision workmanship, it is used in almost all aircraft factories and shipyards both at home and abroad. However, its ease of handling is highly valued, for example, in transport engineering or by restorers of vintage cars. The distinctive features of the machine are sensitive adjustment with high compression force, as well as a high degree of variability due to the variety of tool attachments. With a horizontal working space of 675 mm, the ECKOLD KF 665 craftformer can easily form even very large parts with a material thickness corresponding to 6.0 mm of steel sheet.

Eckold MF 500

Eckold MF 500 - Three in one machine is a new multiformer machine. A universal machine for roller drawing, upsetting and smoothing of sheet metal! Three forming processes: burnishing, roller drawing and upsetting, all implemented in one MF 500. The machine is thought out down to the last detail. All forming operations are assembled on the same C-frame and are then complemented by corresponding modules for smoothing, roller drawing and upsetting. The ECKOLD MF 500 multiformer can be combined with the proven GL2 ironing hammer.

Eckold MF 800

Eckold MF 800 - Multiformer, is a whole workshop for sheet metal processing in one device: an ingenious multifunctional machine for drawing, smoothing, spreading and upsetting sheet metal.

The precision roller drawing machine is ideal for processing and forming small to medium-sized parts such as motorcycle fuel tanks, casings and covers, or door surfaces. The machine is compact and, thanks to the presence of wheels, it can be conveniently rolled to the desired workplace.