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RAS SpeedySeamer 22.07

The RAS SpeedySeamer 22.07 with seven forming stations is a multifunctional and economical machine that can do it all.


It is intended for the production of folds in the production of air ducts. The high-end version of the RAS 22.09 machine gives rebated joints the best possible shape on its nine forming stations.


Both machines are designed to handle steel sheets up to 1.5 mm thick. The profiles can have a height of 20 mm, and the passing speed reaches 16 m/min.


The universal seam rolling machine RAS 22.09 is used for profiling all types of seams on sheet metal workpieces for ventilation systems, chimneys, insulation, roofing and stormwater systems, or in other areas.


Speedy Seamer machines allow you to work simultaneously on both sides, have a high-performance gear motor - powerful without an intermediate gearbox or belt drive, process steel up to 1.5 mm at a speed of max 16 m/min.


The lifting device of the tables ensures their easy reinstallation for each profiling kit. An auxiliary rounding device allows, if necessary, linear rounding of seam workpieces.


Distribution capabilities include processing aluminum or stainless steel sheets. Additional auxiliary stops and a foot switch on the cable allow you to process larger workpieces.


Характеристики Speedy Seamer RAS 22.09


Model 22.09
Number of roller positions 9
Max. thickness workpiece sheet (400 N/mm2), mm 1,5
Max. profile height, mm 20
Profiling speed, m/min 16
Radial guide device  
Linear guide device  
Power consumption, kW 3
LxWxH, mm 2210х640х1025
Масса нетто, кг 420