Coordinate Punching Press


Boschert Combicut Boschert Combicut. In collaboration with plasma technology company Kjellberg, Boschert has developed a cost-effective plasma punching machine combination. Thanks to the modern advantages of plasma technology, it is now possible to cut fairly thin sheet metal with high precision.
Boschert CombiLaser The Boschert CombiLaser is a CNC punching machine equipped with a laser. This allows you to combine the reliability, productivity and cost-effectiveness of a punching machine with the advantages of a laser, such as high accuracy and the ability to obtain any cut shape.
Boschert COMPACT

Boschert COMPACT - Punching machines are ideal for first-time users who choose CNC technology.

The main advantages of this series are a simple, friendly graphical interface of the controller, high quality at a low price, and small space for placement. The massive C-shaped frame design is well suited for working with non-standard sized sheets of metal.

Boschert COMPACT Rotation Boschert COMPACT Rotation is the next stage in the development of the COMPACT series. The main difference is the presence of a rotating head with a range of 360 degrees, which allows you to install a tool with a diameter of up to 105 mm or a revotul - a system of six tools up to 16 mm in diameter. This function allows you to expand the capabilities of the equipment and saves time that could be spent on reinstalling the tool.
Boschert CU Profi Boschert CU Profi is a CNC punching machine that was developed specifically for profile punching. The machine is equipped with five tool stations and can process profiles with a length of 3 to 6 meters, with a thickness of up to 12mm. The machine provides precise positioning and high productivity.
Boschert CU WK ll Boschert CU WK ll is a punching machine with a CNC system. Equipped with five tool stations and the ability to install 15 tools. The capabilities of the equipment allow you to punch workpieces up to 6 m long and with a width from 20 mm to 200 mm. The loading system consists of three clamps, a high-speed frame and a servo motor - all of which securely hold and position the part. Reproduction accuracy: +/- 0.05 mm. A special unloading system, easy-to-use software, automatic waste removal - all these are the advantages of this equipment.
Boschert ECCO Line (Manual)

Boschert ECCO Line (Manual) Hydraulic punching machine designed for processing sheet metal, various plates and profiles. The main characteristics of this series of machines are precision and simplicity. All machines have a punching force of 28 tons (40 optional) and use the well-known Trumpf tooling system.

The features of the series include a reliable hydraulic system, constant operating pressure, and compact design. The thickness of the processed metal is up to 12 mm.

Boschert MULTIPUNCH Boschert MULTIPUNCH from the class of CNC punching machines, which combines: ergonomics, high-precision sample punching, high-speed automatic device converter. Many customers come to Boschert with requests for a complete sheet processing system without the influence of human factors. The solution to this problem was an automatic instrument drum, consisting of 8 stations, and based on the Trumpf instrument system. These features provide full indexing of up to 64 tools per machine - more than enough for a wide range of applications.
Boschert TRI Boschert TRI - The machines are a continuation of the TWIN series, equipped with three independent punching heads. Thanks to this, 24 tools can be installed in the machine, allowing for even greater versatility.
Boschert TWIN Boschert TWIN - The machines are equipped with two independent punching heads. Twin models have both Rotation and Revotool (special rotating devices), which allow, for example, the separate use of a 360° incremental rotation device in head 1 for contour punching, while the 8-station Revotool tool system in head 2 serves to punching 8 different holes. This innovative technology allows you to achieve maximum productivity during your workflow without changing tools.