Bending centers allow you to perform a range of metal bending operations, in particular bending steel and stainless steel.


RAS MiniBend Center

RAS MiniBend Center is the world's first automated bending center for small parts. The development is automatically fed, folded and measured. Replacing the tool, as well as positioning the reamer in the right place, is done automatically. The bending beam has an "up and down" function. MiniBendCenter is a leader in such parameters as “price per part” and “performance”. This is a very flexible equipment, which allows you to efficiently produce even small batches of parts without any problems. An intelligent system for loading workpieces using an industrial robot does not require machine learning or programming.

From us you can buy machines both wholesale and retail. A flexible system of discounts and excellent service corresponding to the status of the brands represented by our company will not leave you indifferent.

RAS Multibend Center RAS Multibend Center continues to set trends in bending technology using dynamic servo drive, extremely fast tool change system, anti-scratch technology and flexible tooling options. Flexibility, productivity, ergonomics - all this encourages metal bending specialists to use the Multibend Center.
RAS Multibend Center RAS 79.31-2. RAS Multibend Center RAS 79.31-2. - Series of rotary bending machines. This machine is ready to work with material 3060 mm long and 2 mm thick for ordinary steel. The height of the tool allows for the production of fairly deep boxes. Dynamic servo drive, extremely fast tool change system, anti-scratch technology and flexible tool options make the Multibend Center unique.
RAS Profile Center RAS Profile Center is a bending center for sheets up to 3200 mm long and 700 mm wide. The bending center's capabilities allow you to work with material up to 2 mm for ordinary steel and 1.5 mm for stainless steel. Profile Center uses rotary bending technology to produce profiles for door frames, elevator parts and various metal cabinets. High accuracy and productivity are not a problem for this equipment.
RAS UpDownCenter RAS UpDownCenter is a semi-automatic bending center for panels and boxes up to 3200 mm long, up to 250 mm high and material thickness up to 3 mm. Up and down bending capability, automatic tool changing system and computer-aided programming system are the main advantages of this equipment.
RAS XL-Center RAS XL-Center - Based on the technology used in XXL-Center, created specifically for roof and architectural profiles. The width of the bending line is 3200 mm, the thickness of the processed material is 1.5 mm for steel. When bending sheets up and down, this machine model reduces manual intervention in the process to a minimum. With programmable grips it is possible to set the bending line at an angle to the reference edge. 300 degrees of free space in front of the bending beams provide maximum process flexibility. 5 servos and a new PC controller.
RAS XXL-Center RAS XXL-Center - The second generation was specially developed for the construction industry to give its owner a confident advantage over competitors. The benefits start with a fast and convenient computer-aided programming system. The operator just has to load the sheet of metal onto the sheet support system and press the pedal. RAS XXL-Center will complete the work without outside help, which will give workers time to pack the products.