SCHRÖDER guillotine shears from our partners Link & Agel Technik Transfer GmbH.



SCHRÖDER HS - Eccentric sheet shears, even as standard, can be used for almost any metal cutting task. Virtually effortless cutting without burrs and distortions is the advantage of these sheet shears.

SCHRÖDER PowerShear Basic

SCHRÖDER PowerShear Basic - Hydraulic sheet shear is the simplest metalworking solution for small businesses. Scissors as standard are great for cutting metal.

SCHRÖDER PowerShear Professional

SCHRÖDER PowerShear Professional - Hydraulic sheet shears are industrial equipment for quickly cutting large quantities of sheets. Rugged construction for precise cutting, ideal for long-term use in workshops and medium to large businesses.

SCHRÖDER PowerShear Universal

SCHRÖDER PowerShear Universal - Hydraulic sheet shear is an excellent metalworking solution for locksmiths and repair shops. The machine with energy-saving drive guarantees precise cutting without burrs and twists.


SCHRÖDER Power Duo Cut NC - The electromechanical sheet shear is assembled based on the design of the PDC model. The ability to adjust the gap between the knives, rich standard equipment and modern design make these shears an advanced model of the PDC machine. For users with high demands, first-class technical equipment and top-end equipment are offered.


SCHRÖDER MHSU - Electromechanical sheet shears are the basic model in the range of shears with an electric motor. Small + compact model as standard, but with various options it can be used for special tasks.


SCHRÖDER PDC - The sheet shear is a reinforced version of the MHSU model with higher performance thanks to a more robust design and a double-sided DUO-CUT drive.