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presents CNC sheet metal working machines


Sheet metal processing is an important process in many industries, including automotive, construction, electronics, and mechanical engineering. Modern CNC (Computer Numerical Control) sheet metal working machines offer many opportunities to improve productivity and product quality. In this article, we'll take a look at the benefits of using CNC sheet metal machining, as well as the latest innovations in the field.


Capabilities of CNC Sheet Metal Machining

CNC machines allow you to automate the processing of sheet metal, which leads to a significant increase in productivity and accuracy. Among the main features of such machines are:

Laser cutting: A fast and accurate metal cutting method with minimal material loss and high repeatability.

Plasma cutting: An efficient method of cutting thick metal sheets that provides clean edges and low material exposure temperatures.

Bending: CNC machines allow precise bending of sheet metal according to specified parameters without distortion or deformation.

Punching: CNC machines provide accurate and fast production of holes and punches of various shapes and sizes.


Benefits of Using CNC Sheet Metal Machining

Increased productivity: Automating the sheet metal processing process reduces production time and reduces the chance of errors.

High precision: CNC machines provide high quality sheet metal processing accuracy and 100% repeatability of the product, since they do not depend on the human factor.


Our range of CNC sheet metal working machines includes the following machine types:


CNC plasma cutting machines - use plasma to cut metal. They provide fast and high-quality cutting of thick metal sheets. Plasma cutting machines are applicable to various kinds of metals, including steel, aluminum and stainless steel.

CNC press machines - used for bending, punching and forming sheet metal. They can be equipped with various tools, including dies and punches, to perform a wide range of operations.


The Roza Vetrov group of companies guarantees the high quality of equipment and offers a full package of services, including sales, installation, training and technical support. Our experts will help you to choose the best equipment according to the needs and budget of your enterprise, as well as offer solutions for the modernization of existing production lines.


Our advantages:


A wide range of CNC sheet metal processing machines from the world's leading manufacturers;

Competent advice and individual approach to each client;

Flexible system of discounts and special offers for corporate clients;

Fast and reliable delivery of equipment to anywhere in the country;

Professional installation and adjustment of machines, as well as staff training;

Technical support and supply of spare parts throughout the life of the equipment.

Group of companies "Roza Vetrov" - manufactures CNC equipment, CNC hydraulic machines, welding machines and supplies sheet-working machines from Europe.


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We can automate production processes according to your project or develop our own.


Let's automate and install numerical software. An experienced team of design engineers will help to realize any even bold idea.


We always follow advanced technologies and participate in European exhibitions. Let's make machines hydraulic, pneumatic and any others. We will convert manual machines into electro-mechanical ones.


We will repair damaged machines. Let's automate and install numerical software.


In today's industrial world, precision, speed and reliability are the key to successful production.


Windrose Group offers a wide range of high quality equipment including CNC machines, CNC hydraulic machines, welding machines and sheet metal working machines from Europe to help your business become more competitive.


CNC equipment


Modern CNC equipment (software controlled) ensures high precision and repeatability of the process.


This reduces production time and minimizes material waste. The Rose of the Winds group of companies offers a wide range of CNC equipment for various industries and production needs.


CNC hydraulic machines


Hydraulic CNC machines are the ideal solution for the production of sheet metal products such as rolling, bending and forming. They provide high performance, precision and durability. Thanks to deliveries from Europe, our company guarantees the quality and reliability of the equipment.


Welding machines


Welding is a critical process in metalworking and our company provides high quality welding machines to ensure the strength and durability of your products.


We offer both traditional and modern welding technologies, including arc welding, semi-automatic welding, TIG welding and more, to meet your production needs.


Sheet metal working machines from Europe


Sheet metal processing equipment is important for many industries such as construction, automotive and equipment manufacturing. The group of companies "Roza Vetrov" supplies sheet-working machines from Europe, which guarantees high quality, accuracy and durability. Our range includes guillotine shears, bending machines, circle cutters and much more.


Service and support


We understand that after sales service and support are of paramount importance to our customers. Windrose Group of Companies offers professional support and maintenance to keep your equipment running smoothly.


We provide a guarantee for all supplied machines and equipment, and our highly qualified specialists are ready to assist in any situation. With our support and service, you can focus on your business and success.


The group of companies "Vetrov Rose" strives to become your reliable partner in providing high-quality equipment for metalworking and sheet processing. Our company is constantly working to expand the range and improve the quality of products so that you can get the best solutions for your business.


We care about the needs of each client and offer an individual approach to each project. Together with the Rosa Vetrov Group of Companies, you will receive equipment that will help you optimize your production, reduce costs and increase profits.


By choosing us, you choose reliability, quality and impeccable service. Do not miss the opportunity to improve your production line and trust the experience and professionalism of the Roza Vetrov Group of Companies. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services and let us be your long-term partner in the world of metalworking and sheet metalworking.


Future development and innovation:

In the Windrose Group of Companies, we not only offer existing solutions, but also actively work on the development of new technologies and innovations in the field of metalworking and sheet metalworking.
We cooperate with leading European manufacturers and research centers to bring the most advanced and efficient technologies to the market.
Our experts are constantly studying trends and market needs, analyzing customer requests and adapting our equipment to meet new standards and industrial requirements. We are confident that our CNC equipment, hydraulic and welding machines, and sheet metal working machines will continue to evolve in line with industry trends and global standards.

Training and qualifications:

We understand that the successful use of equipment and maximization of its potential depend on qualified specialists. That is why the Roza Vetrov Group of Companies offers training and advanced training for your staff so that they can fully use the capabilities of our equipment.
Our training programs cover all aspects of equipment operation, including safety, setup and operation, and maintenance and repair. We strive to give your staff all the knowledge and skills they need to successfully use our equipment and ensure a long service life.

Environmental responsibility:

At Roza Vetrov Group of Companies, we are aware of our environmental responsibility and strive to make our production and products environmentally sustainable. We are working on optimizing energy consumption, using environmentally friendly materials and technologies, as well as reducing emissions and waste at all stages of production and operation of equipment.

Thanks to these measures, our equipment not only increases the efficiency of your production, but also helps to preserve the environment and reduce the impact on the environment. We care about our planet and want our business to be in harmony with environmental goals and standards.


Financial Solutions:


We understand that investing in equipment can be significant, which is why Rosa Vetrov Group of Companies offers a variety of financial solutions to make your choice easier. We cooperate with credit organizations and leasing companies to offer you flexible payment terms and the possibility of purchasing equipment by installments or leasing.


Let your business grow and develop with a reliable partner - the Rosa Vetrov Group of Companies. Together we can achieve new heights and increase your productivity, ensuring sustainability and long-term success. Our company is not only a supplier of equipment, but also a holistic support for your business from start to finish.


Join the ranks of our satisfied customers and partners and let us reach new horizons in the world of metalworking and sheetworking together. Contact us today to start cooperation and pump your production with the help of advanced technologies and equipment from the Rosa Vetrov Group of Companies.


In addition to a wide range of equipment and quality service, we are proud of our partners and customers who have been with us for many years. Your success is our main motivation and goal. Join our team and together we can achieve great results in the field of metalworking and sheet metalworking.


With us you will find not only quality equipment, but also an excellent collaboration experience that covers all aspects of your business. We are ready to provide you with advice on the selection of equipment, optimization of production processes and training of your staff.


Don't miss your chance to become part of our successful family of clients and partners. With the Rosa Vetrov Group of Companies, you will receive not only high-quality equipment, but also impeccable support and service that will accompany you at every stage of your path to success. Let's grow and develop together.


We supply components for self-made machines of our own production. There is no such technical problem that our specialists could not help to solve. For those on a tight budget, we have a range of used sheet metal working equipment: used rolls, guillotine shears, etc.


The processing of metal sheet and metal products requires highly professional equipment. The quality of all components, the exact correspondence of all materials to the declared service life is very important.


The metalworking equipment we create solves a wide range of tasks and meets all modern quality standards. In the catalog of the company you will find advanced solutions for organizing production of any complexity. At the same time, we guarantee that all our metal cutting and bending machines are the best value for money.