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Group of companies "Windrose" offers machines for sheet metal. If you want to buy a machine known brands or order the machine to order domestic production, then you are just in our company. In the original tools we offer and analogues machines with metal production of Ukraine. We have listohyby listohyby Hand beading buy, beading), zig machines (zig machine, zig Machines, Slitter machine, Slitter hand, buy zig machine Slitter machine price), rollers (rollers, buy rollers, buy rollers, rollers Hand, selling rolls, rollers tryvalkovi, rollers for pipes, manufacturing rollers), sheet scissors (shears Sheet shears Crank sheet, scissors for sheet metal shears for cutting sheet metal) production equipment round air ducts, equipment for production of rectangular air ducts, apparatus for plasma cutting (plasma cutting, plasma cutting metal, plasma cutting, Plasma cutting, plasma cutting plasma cutting chpumashina) welding equipment - device for laser welding of stainless steel. Also we can order the production tools in your drawings. In particular, we have mastered the production unit for razdavki pipes, also called "expander for pipes," razzhimka for pipes. In addition, we produce Scotch sheet metal, hand drive. Any machine on your appreciation (machine-made). bu machines, machine b.u. , Machines buy bu, bu buy the machine.

The group of companies "Wind Rose" - the supplier of the equipment for metal processing, performs complex delivery of the equipment, machines, tools and technologies. Unas you can buy machines for metal and order the production of equipment and mechanization of manual machine.

We offer sales and service:
expander - to expand the device end metal tube, manufactured in manual and mechanical performance. It allows you to expand the pipe yato pozovlyaet mounted chimney duct or pipe to pipe. Lets crush (handing out) pipe diameters from 100 mm to 1000 mm (depending on the set of expanding collets.
listogib - machine for cold bending of metal. The main purpose - making vsevozmozhnh products from sheet material by bending straight.
Zigzag machine - machine for plastic processing of sheet metal. The main purpose - the production of ventilation lementov stainless dmohodov processing shells.
rolls - Machine for rolling sheet metal. The main application - production of pipes of galvanized steel, stainless steel and copper.
Scissors sheet - tools for cutting metal.
Equipment for the production of round ducts (spiral lock seam installation, assembly machines for segmented bends, machines for rolling rubber seals).
Equipment for the production of rectangular ducts (lines for the production of air ducts, Folded rolled machines Flanging machines, tunnel machines assembly faltsezakryvateli, Seam, profiling machines).
Plasma cutting machine - equipment for plasma cutting. They are used in various industries, such as shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, car repair. We offer manual and mechanized plasma cutting system.
Welding equipment - TIG machine for longitudinal welding of thin-walled tubes. Designed for automatic arc welding of longitudinal seams of thin-walled stainless steel pipes up to 1000 mm in diameter 90-500 mm with a thickness of 0.5-1.5 mm metal pipes.
Machines to order - we can order the production of machines for your drawings. Production unit for razdavki pipes, also called "expander for pipes" razzhimka pipe, tube expanders, razdavlivatel, all kinds of bending. In addition, we produce sheet metal decoilers, hand and power. Any machine you want.
Used machines / y - machine tools for sheet metal to customers in limited budget.
GC "Wind Rose" is selling, after-sales service, delivery of additional equipment and accessories.
We supply components for homemade machines of its own production. There is not a technical problem, which could not help to solve our experts. For those who have limited budget, we have a range of b / equipment for sheet metal processing: rolls b / y, guillotine shears, etc.
Processing of sheet metal and metal products requires highly professional equipment. It is important to the quality of all components, an exact match of all application materials resource service.
We created metalworking equipment solves a wide range of tasks and meets all modern standards of quality. In the catalog you will find the company's advanced solutions for the production of any complexity. At the same time we guarantee that all our bending machines and metal - this is the best value for money.