фланцы нержавеющиеStainless Steel Flanges are an integral part and the most common in the detachable connection pieces of stainless pipes. We produce stainless steel flanges.

Used stainless steel flanges in a particularly aggressive environment or environments having specific requirements (oil, acids, alkalis, gas, water, steam, etc.). Stainless steel flanges are used in the food, dairy, pharmaceutical industry and in all fields of chemical industry.
Our company produces and sells stainless steel flanges, because he knows a number of advantages prevalence flange fittings - it is simple to design and easy assembly and disassembly.
We produce various types of Stainless Steel Flanges:
· Flat welded flanges. They are made round and square (outer image is made in the form of a square). Square flange made of stainless steel are considered the most cost-effective due to the low consumption of metal, but they apply only to the 4 bolt holes.
· Collar flanges. Using this type of flange 2 makes it possible to reduce the complexity of welding times, as they are welded to the tubes through one seam, and by two flat weld seams.
· Loose flanges. They are used to weld the ring and flanged pipe. This type of flange is most popular in the pipeline for the transportation of corrosive products. Stainless steel flanges of the style - this is the most economical and reliable flanges.
· Neck flanges on the thread. This type of flanges used in sanitary pipes, laid from the gas and water pipes (heating, hot and cold tap water, and others.), As well as to connect with the threaded fittings instrumentation.
Here you can order any type of stainless steel flanges and buy them at the best price for you. All orders we execute on time and with quality assurance.
Our specialists are happy to inform you on any topic of interest and take your order. After all, the main principle of our work is the individual approach to the customer, for which we will make efforts to meet your any standard and non-standard orders.
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