Group of Companies "Wind Rose" offers manufacturing of flanges of different material and a different configuration. Buy a flange including a flat weld, can we.


Фланцы нержавеющие


A number issued by us is diverse and wide flange, in this regard, the company is fully loaded, and produces consistently flanges which are in great demand all over Ukraine.
Production of flanges, development of enterprise, today occupies a leading position in the Ukrainian market, due to the fact that the company's management is based on a few rules of manufacturing products:
The first rule - is a reliable supplier of high quality material used to produce reliable, sturdy flanges.
The second rule - the manufacturing process takes place under the traditional scheme with the use of modern technology. As a result, the company brings to the market of Ukraine all kinds of flanges.
The third rule - a quality control of the manufacturing process and finished products.
What is the flange?
Flange - a ring which is made of different materials, flat shape with a certain number of holes.
With flat flanges plumbing pipes or other destination attached to each other using gaskets that ensures no leakage through the junction.
Fastening of pipes and plumbing fixtures through the flanges butt is applied at installation of communications, with flat welded flange or loose flanges on the welded ring.
Fastening flange several methods, respectively, and they are different types of flanges, for example, at a high pressure in the pipes is preferably used flat flange butt weld.
Group of companies "Windrose" manufactures flanges customized with all the tolerances and designs.
It is also possible to manufacture flanges included: of collar flanges of complete sets of paired and flat flanges.
Types of flanges:
There are several types of welded flat flanges, which produces our company.
Such as steel Collar flanges, which have a distinctive feature, like a skirt at the ring of the collar flange.
This allows, in turn, use this type of flanges in the areas where the pipe joint has a special role, with the butt fastening bolts replaced by a steel collar flange.
As an additional means the integrity of the connection tubes arranged end to end, where the collar flange welding is done. The diameter of the collar flange thickness and width of the skirt has a wide range.
Also, there is available manufacturing flanges which enable the construction of pipes and associated units be mobile.
Flanges are made in Kiev.
Delivery across Ukraine.