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Машина для обработки труб котлов BRB 2

Convenient and compact design, precision and consistency of quality of weld processing.

Rotary plate with two cutters and high-strength coating



  • Reduced tool costs

  • Reduced production costs

  • High efficiency

  • Easily adjustable quick lock system

Мобильное оборудование для обработки торцов труб BRB 4

Ideal equipment for high-precision machining of weld seams on boiler tubes with electric or pneumatic drive.

The package includes:

Compact ratchet clutch that allows you to work in the tightest areas.

Convenient container for storing and carrying the device itself, tools and accessories.

Application possibilities:
The modular design (KIT 1-5), various tool clamps and masts provide the versatility of this device. The case width is 68 mm.

Ручная шлифовальная машина ESG Plus

High-power hand-held grinder for grinding, facing and cutting ESG Plus electrodes.
Convenient and compact design, precision and consistency of welding electrode processing quality.

One machine - all possible electrode processing options:


• Electrode grinding: 4 different angles, 6 different electrode diameters
• Facing the electrode
• Electrode trimming


• Perfect preparation for orbital or manual welding
• High flexibility
• Economical
• Low production costs
• Does not require changeover time

Трубоотрезной переносной станок SCORP 220

Orbitalum Scorp 220 is a universal solution for cutting cast iron, steel, copper, aluminum and plastic pipes with a diameter of 20-220 mm, also for stainless steel pipes. Easy, safe and effortless cutting for construction site use.


- large scope and wide range of sizes;
- a result that does not require additional processing and is suitable for coupling and fitting connections;
- reduction of tool costs.

 Ideal for installation in construction site applications and industrial pipe installations. The machine is mounted on the pipe to be cut and allows the user to cut it easily, safely and effortlessly. The kit includes diamond saw blades for cutting cast iron.


Труборезы роликовые цепные тип MRA

Roller chain pipe cutters ORBITALUM, type MRA - this is an economical cutting using the advanced technology of Georg Fischer, ORBITALUM. Chain roller pipe cutters are designed for stainless steel pipes. Two types of pipe cutters for conventional cutting and for cutting pipes, later used in pipelines with increased requirements in food and pharmaceutical industries


- Cutting the pipe at right angles, without burrs or deformations
- Cold processing process
- Cutting process within a few minutes

The result of "orbital cutting" of pipes:

- Good productivity
- Good quality
- Increased tool life

Трубоотрезные станки серии RA, GF и RA H

Orbitalum machines (Georg Fischer) are designed for accurate and economical cutting and chamfering of steel pipe. The pipe does not require any additional processing.

RA and RA H pipe cutting machines combine a large number of outstanding properties:

- clamping the pipe at several points;
- quick adjustment to different pipe diameters;
- cutting speed adjustment;
- optimized initial penetration of the tool only at the pipe location;
- cutting movement from inside to outside;
- quick tool change.
Result of orbital pipe cutting:

- increased productivity
- improved processing quality
- increased tool life


- Cutting the pipe at right angles, without burrs or deformations
- Cold processing process
- Cutting process in a few seconds
- Chamfering the end of a pipe simultaneously or separately with cutting

Станки для обработки торца трубы REB, BRB

Orbitalum REB portable pipe end finishing machines set a new standard for the preparation of weld seams on metal pipes: QTC tooling system - multi-tool, tool wear protection - Balinit Futura.

Typical stable housing:

- Reliable installation;
- Sturdy, lightweight cast aluminum body;
- The engine and gearbox are protected from shock;
- Integrated silencer.

Drive optimized for performance and ergonomics:

- High torque and compact motor-gearbox combination;
- Ergonomic controls for manual adjustment of speed and tool feed;
- Available with electric or pneumatic drive.

QTC quick clamping system with easy, convenient adjustment:

- Quick tool replacement;
- Guaranteed perpendicularity;
- No burr;
- Rotary insert with two cutters and high-strength coating.

Rotary insert with two cutters and high-strength coating:

- Reduced tool costs;
- Reduced production costs;
- Long service life.

Processed pipe material:

- Lightly alloyed and unalloyed steel;
- High alloy steel.


Торцевая шлифовка труб RPG 1.5 и RPG 1.5 Akku

Grinding machines for processing the ends of pipes and microfittings with a diameter of up to 1.5” RPG 1.5 and RPG 1.5 Akku.
High-precision preparation of pipe ends for orbital welding.

Peculiarities• QTC® (Quick-Tool-Change) tool holding system for quick tool changes
• Quick replacement system for clamping couplings
• Quick pipe fixation system

RPG 1.5
• The device has a removable protective bracket and stand

RPG 4.5
• Angle machine with carrying handle
• Battery motor (removable, rotatable)

Торцевая шлифовка труб RPG 4.5

Pipe end grinder with innovative QTC® quick tool change system. RPG 4.5
High-precision preparation of pipe ends for orbital welding.


Rotary plate with two cutters, having a high-strength coating.


• Low tool cost
• High efficiency
• Low production costs
• Durability

Adjustable quick tool change system


• Quick tool change
• Guaranteed perfect form
• No burrs