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The CNC hydraulic stainless steel pipe expanding machine allows the pipe end to be enlarged by stretching the metal. Pipe expander, hydraulic chimney expansion machine KPD-1.


KPD machine 1.1. is worth 3500 euro.


The price of the collet is not included in the price of the machine.

станок для разжимки труб

The machine has a capacity of 4 kW

Internal diameter of parts from 57 mm.

Metal thickness up to 2 mm. stainless steel and 3 mm steel.

Control is performed with two pedals (up and down).

The stroke of the cylinder is limited by the limit switches.

It is possible to make a more powerful machine for expanding pipes with a thickness of 3 mm or more.

We supply expanding collets for sealing rubber (for chimneys).

The machine allows you to make a groove for a sealing gum:



Standard working range: from Ø60 to 300 mm, it is possible to supply devices in a special design with the ability to process parts with a diameter of up to 1000 mm.

The device is equipped with a convenient foot switch, so the worker's hands are free during operations.

The ergonomic, rational design prevents excessive operator fatigue.

The flaring unit is at a comfortable height.


To order, we supply clamping collets for sealing rubber (for chimneys or gutters).


Expanding jaws of any configuration can be produced:



CNC pipe expander, hydraulic chimney flaring machine KPD-2.


Эспандер труб дымоходных

Technical data:

Sheet thickness:

from 0.4 to 1 mm

Pipe diameter:

from 60 to 1000 mm

Length of pipe section subject to deformation

from 50 to 100 mm

Flaring stroke length:

from 0 to 30 mm, stepwise

Time of processing:

 ~ 1.5 seconds

Hydraulic motor:

from 4 kW

Height of the workpiece to be installed:

1000 mm


 650 x 450 x 950 mm


The cost

10,000 euros


Delivery time

8-10 weeks


The pipe expanding machine is used for fast, accurate one-sided expansion of thin-walled metal pipes (chimneys, drainpipes, ventilation pipes, etc.).

The resulting sleeve is used to insert the pipe to be connected.

The machine is equipped with Siemens automation and control panel, which allows the operator to control the progress of pipe flaring. Set the range of each stroke, retraction range, total flaring diameter.



Hard plastic cams prevent further corrosion, as stainless steel pipes do not weld on ferritic materials. In addition, these cams offer a tremendous advantage when working with large pipe diameters, with approximately 85% weight savings over metal cams.



Spring loaded flaring cam kits are easy to replace and do not need to be manually reset after flaring.

Standard working range: from Ø60 to 300 mm, it is possible to supply devices in special designs and large diameters.

The device for expanding the diameter of pipes is equipped with a convenient foot switch, so the worker's hands are free during operations.

The ergonomic, rational design prevents excessive operator fatigue.

The flaring unit is at a comfortable height.

The plate on which the workpiece rests can be quickly changed manually to another plate size (the standard plate is designed for tube stocks up to 300 mm in diameter).

The pipe expander allows you to reduce stainless steel chimney pipes and is in demand among domestic companies, since the speed of the operation is higher than that of similar machines in mechanical design.

The KPD-1 is a hydraulic machine, so it practically does not require any maintenance, except for monitoring the level and condition of the hydraulic oil. To operate the stainless steel pipe enlarging machine, the workers are easy to train.

The hardware warranty period is 1 year. In the presence of special collets, the machine is capable of performing operations for squeezing out furrows for seals of silicone and all kinds of other profiles.


German machines HORNUNG MASCHINENBAU for expanding and reducing from our partners Link & Agel Technik Transfer GmbH.




Hornung HW6 - Hand flaring, used to expand the ends of thin-walled metal pipes.

Cost 3700 euros

Using it, it is possible in stationary conditions and at a construction site to supply smoke, ventilation and drainpipes with couplings for plug-in connections.

The HW6 hand expander is designed for expanding the ends of thin-walled metal pipes. Thus, chimneys, ventilation or downspouts, etc.

Can be equipped with butt joint sleeves, permanently or on site.

The particular benefits are as follows:

in the case of flexible pipes made of stainless steel, the standard fittings can be easily expanded later,

the remaining parts of the pipes can be used as suitable parts due to the expansion of the sleeve, the possibility of making fittings of various diameters with your own hands,

pipes can be adapted to be connected to any diameter of the boiler outlet,

Expansion elements of any configuration are manufactured, incl. and oval.

the machine is lightweight. Mobile and can be used on the construction site.

Technical data:

Pipe diameter 60 mm - 500 mm

Pipe wall thickness up to 1.0 mm

Maximum expansion 13.5 mm

Hornung HW6 - Ручная развальцовка







W6 electromechanical hydraulic machine

designed for fast and accurate one-sided expansion of thin-walled metal pipes (chimney, drain, ventilation, etc.)

Cost 17,600 euros

Machine W6 technical characteristics:

Hard plastic collets prevent subsequent corrosion, as welding of iron material is not performed in the case of stainless steel pipes,

plastic collets provide a huge advantage when working with large diameters due to reduced weight (approx. 85%),

the collets are held together by spring elements, so they can be easily replaced and do not need to be manually reinstalled after expansion,

from jaw diameter 300 mm, handles with integrated return springs are available.

Working range is standard: diameter from 60 to 1000 mm, delivery of special versions is possible. Thanks to the rotary release handle, the machine can be operated from three sides.

The expansion unit can be tilted more than 90 degrees to either side and is adjustable in height from 570 mm to 855 mm.

The gas spring support maintains balance at all times. The expansion stroke is adjusted by adjusting the wear-resistant sensor according to the range in millimeter divisions.

This allows the adjustment to be reproduced at any time.

Digital displays and touch panels can be supplied as options.

Various programs are available for touch panels, such as memory programs or step programs.

The material support is equipped with a bayonet connection and can be easily changed manually to a different size. (Standard slabs up to a pipe diameter of 350 mm)

A second, smaller expansion unit covers an area with a diameter of 60 to 120 mm.

It can be installed with a few mechanical work.

The user can choose one of two operating modes:

reoperation or

single operation.

In one-shot operation, the hydraulic pump is shut off after each expansion process, which reduces energy consumption and noise.

The extremely light chassis makes it easy to move the machine by folding the pedals