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Russian bath or Finnish sauna - it's up to you. Kiev prefers a sauna on firewood for cottages and private estates. Not because it is a tribute to tradition or a skillful design move, but because a wood-burning sauna is first and foremost a very healthy procedure. With that, of course, provided that all advanced technology for the construction of saunas are observed and procedures and rules of hovering are taken into account.

Sauna in Kiev increasingly becomes not only entertainment, but also the main attribute of taking care of one's health. Sauna on firewood is arranged as a separate building or part of the main cottage. As far as the imagination of the designer and the future owner is possible, it is possible to perform the interior and exterior decoration of the sauna. Only the rules that provide for correct supply and circulation of fresh air remain unchanged, otherwise a useful thing can simply be turned into a gas vat.

And if all conditions are met, we will build not just a sauna, but a work of art - a matter of pride for more than one generation. Who can be entrusted with the fulfillment of such a responsible task? First of all, specialists possessing specialized knowledge and rich experience, confirmed by the relevant portfolio. After all, the construction of a sauna in Kiev is an ill luck for a tick in a general project, it's not a passing moment of the rack, but a responsible thing, creating a highlight of your home, coziness for your loved ones for many years.

Therefore, the construction of saunas on firewood should be entrusted to professionals who are serious about the task in hand, and gives a guarantee for each screwed-in screw. Only with this condition will the sauna on the woods rejoice, as dozens of generations of our ancestors from time immemorial.

Buy a sauna from the "Rose of the Winds" is to buy a sauna with many advantages:

We create saunas from the most modern and best materials: traditional wooden saunas (from Finnish spruce, pine, red cedar, alder, aspen, linden, African oak "abashi"), saunas from fashionable ecological thermoswitch and thermoaxis, as well as infrared saunas with computer Management.

Each of our sauna is created on an individual project, so we can place it in your private house, country cottage, at the cottage and even in a high-rise apartment.

Our engineers and masters have more than 10 years of experience in creating saunas, so they know how to choose the right materials and types of heating equipment so that the sauna is beautiful, reliable and safe. At each stage, from project to installation of the sauna on site, the work supervises and checks the leading engineer of our company.

We create and install saunas "on a turn-key basis", we guarantee the highest quality of the executed works and the long-term use of the objects created by us.

Buy a sauna in the "Rose of the Winds" is beneficial, because we create our facilities in full compliance with all construction and sanitary and hygienic standards, and our prices are low and quite competitive.

Buy sauna we get it mean:

aesthetics - we keep national traditions and the latest technology construction of baths and saunas;
Responsibility - we give a guarantee on mounted sauna 5 years;
reliability - use only proven over the years the materials and equipment;
Professionalism - installation saunas Kiev exercise specialists with experience of over 10 years;
ergonomic - perfectly used space;
reasonable - price corresponds to the result.
We build and install saunas and baths, specially designed for the exclusive project of unique materials of exceptional quality. Saunas and steam rooms for the owners of houses in Kiev and Kiev region - one of the priorities of our company. We offer custom build all types of saunas: Finnish, Turkish, Greek. In addition, we are actively developing such a direction as apartment saunas.
сауна на дровах фото сауна на дровах фото   
Our customer can order any width, shape and material of the shelf, door select the desired size and shape. To equip the pair at will customer can choose any liked him equipment (HARVIA, TYLO, HELO, KASTOR, KLAFS et al.), Which is always available from our warehouse in Kiev.
сауна фото сауна на дрофах фото баня фото баня на дровах фото квартирная сауна фото
When designing the sauna will take into account all your wishes and requirements that you are bringing to the wood-fired sauna. They will be developed and offered various options for a paired device premises. In all heaters sauna that we set in the sauna, laid the stones for the sauna, which can be watered with water. Some models of equipment are equipped with a built-in oven steam generator to generate steam and automatically maintain the humidity in the sauna. Steam generator, built-in oven is in manual or automatic water filling.
There are models of furnaces unusual design. Steam constructed on the individual project is the original decorative elements of the walls and ceiling: ceiling unusual form, arches, round corners or walls, glass inserts in the walls of various configurations, inserts on the walls and ceiling, etc. All materials needed for the construction of saunas: abashi, linden, Cedar, termoosina, glass doors and wooden fixtures for saunas and much more is available from stock in Kiev.
Shelves are made as standard and non-standard that may be semi-circular, circular, have a complex shape with all kinds of accents and original podspinniki. The idea can be stated in words, according to your sketches, the designer of your project, from what he saw in magazines or on websites. Perhaps you'll find what you need in our portfolio or directories.
Often, during the construction of saunas, such pairs mounted equipment unusual design (natural stone, with a luminous enclosure, built-in oven lighting, etc.), or with an extension function (for example, have built-in or installed separately powerful steam, combined with oven for one computer control panel).
Steam can be equipped with an automatic flavoring that, given the program submits the desired aroma sauna, automatic sauce of water on the stove. Typically, these guys have the original lighting for example color therapy, light coverage for podspinniki wall, fiber optic lighting, specially designed for operation at high temperatures and humidity. Svetovolkna fiber systems can be installed in the sauna or steam bath anywhere according to need: a ceiling, including directly above the heater for backs under bunks, between the bunk, etc. Also included is a device with a lens in the form of faceted crystal, which is usually placed above the oven for a couple of illumination that looks very impressive. Fixtures in the pair may be in the form of the torch, the cylinder, or to be designed specifically for your steam bath.
If the customer or designer has their own ideas for the interior steam, we are also happy to bring them to the project, as we are able to solve almost any technical challenges. For example, if the room where you plan to build a sauna pass communication to which it is necessary to provide access, for us it is no problem.
If you are in the sauna is uneven, sloping roof or held such "beam", it does not matter, we have nice beat her, and this element will decorate the sauna. Steam bath can be supplemented with original decorative elements of the walls and ceiling, and shelves to perform outside the box.
We know about all the saunas and baths, and always look forward to your call. Any your imagination and the idea feasible. It is necessary to put a particle of warmth.

Buy sauna

Buy sauna from the "wind rose" which means to buy a sauna that has a lot of advantages:
• We create the sauna of the most modern and the best materials: the traditional wooden sauna (from Finnish spruce, pine, red cedar, alder, aspen, basswood, oak African "abashi"), saunas of fashion and environmental termososny termoosiny and infrared saunas with computer control.
• Each of our sauna is created on an individual project, so we can place it in your private home, rustic cottage in the country and even in the high-rise apartment.
• Our engineers and craftsmen have over 10 years of experience in the creation of saunas, so they know how to select the right materials and the types of heating equipment, sauna turned to a beautiful, safe and reliable. At every stage, from design to installation of the sauna on the ground, monitors and checks the work of the leading engineer of our company.
• We create and assemble the sauna "turnkey", we guarantee the highest quality of work and long-term use of created objects.
• Buy a sauna in the "wind rose" profitable, because we create our own facilities in full compliance with all the construction and sanitary standards and our prices are low and very competitive.