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Finish sauna, steam bath, or should be done only materials of natural origin. For decoration of the premises does not suit such a material like plastic, despite its undeniable convenience in carrying out finishing works. The best material for finishing in the construction of saunas and baths is the lining, but in this case the suit not every sort of tongue board. Try to understand what to look for when choosing linings for finishing baths.
Despite its apparent complexity, work on finishing the room clapboard performed simply. The main problem is the right quality and the joint boards matched with each other. Everyone knows that such rooms as the baths and saunas, characterized by frequent and noticeable differences in humidity and temperature, so it is very important that the lining was selected and mounted correctly. The material is made from different types of wood: lime, aspen, cedar, alder and each has its own characteristics.
Molded from a linden, alder and cedar for the pair separation is probably the best material. Prolonged exposure to moisture such lining does not deteriorate, has low thermal conductivity and exudes a pleasant scent. Linden just made the doors for baths and saunas. It is also widely used in the manufacture of linings for baths aspen. According to its characteristics aspen lining is somewhat different from other types of wood, it is harder, it has a slightly bitter smell. Buying bunk aspen, pay attention to the presence of knots, they should not be at all, as well as the unacceptable presence of resin, even in small quantities, because it makes it difficult to breath.
Aspen sheet pile board is considered to be the most resistant to external conditions covered, so can also be used outdoors, even if the climatic conditions around the fairly stringent.
If you like the presence in the bath smell of pine needles, then you will like the cedar siding, though it is much more expensive than the lining of lime or alder. You can not buy cedar battens are not heat-treated, as it begins to actively secrete resin from the pores of the wood. Cedar heat treated resin is heated and does not emit much less. It emits a small amount of essential oils that hover dobovlyaet pleasant sensations and brings no harm.
However, to sheathe the entire bath completely natural cedar economically unprofitable - Groovy board of this type of wood has a fairly high cost. Intensity of the entire timber rotting in the washing compartment, so better to use battens pine for his finish - temperatures are lower and the resin will not be released rapidly. Price lining of pine and spruce are much lower than the price of cedar lining.
After finishing the sauna, if necessary, to protect the surface of the plates from direct contact with water, boards may be covered with a special oil.


Molded sauna always in sufficient quantities. Clapboard price depends on the quality (grade), and the type of wood.


Molded for saunas and baths of conifers is characterized by beautiful texture, a pleasant smell, resistance to rot, durable, powerful energy, as well as beneficial effects on the body. Typically, boards of softwood used for plating baths or saunas. The photo presents: Finnish spruce, termososna and usually pine.


сосна блокхауз    Вагонка Ель Финская   Вагонка сосна термообработанная  Вагонка сосна


To equip the first-class sauna, you need first of all to choose the right kind of wood. The walls inside the sauna should have a low thermal capacity, low thermal conductivity and thus have a high resistance to degradation. During the construction and design of saunas and baths, we use Noble woods: red cedar, alder, aspen, basswood, abashi. All the materials we used are selected according to strict quality and Humidity.
Molded sauna hardwood characterized by the absence smolovydeleniya, low thermal conductivity and a pleasant appearance. Because of these qualities bunk hardwood used for wall cladding, production regiments and fences. Deciduous lining for sauna and bath with time a little darker, so before using it subject to special treatment.
Molded alder
Alder black is a raw material for the production of European quality Lining. Molded from black alder - a lining for sauna and bath pinkish hue. The people called it "The Tsar's timber" for its noble shade. Molded alder has no knots, it is a great material to create an original design. In performance reminiscent of lime. The structure of alder lining is thin, uniform. It lends itself well to the special impregnation. Alder - one of the most deformation-resistant species. Growth rings are barely visible. Alder has low thermal conductivity. Since ancient times was used for the construction of saunas, wells, and quays. Very resistant in direct contact with water. Ideal during the construction of the Russian bath where high humidity. Color from pale pink to red.

Вагонка ольха  Вагонка ольха  Вагонка ольха    


Alder has exceptional healing properties and is widely used in the construction of saunas and interior decoration. Medicinal properties of alder explained by the presence of tannins in the tree, which is why it has a healing power:                                                                                               
♦ substances released from the timber when heated, anti-inflammatory, desensitizing and hemostatic effect;
♦ presence of disinfectant and astringent properties;
♦ for colds, rheumatism, gout, recommended alder bath procedures;
The strong medicinal properties of alder are stored in the procurement of raw materials fall and winter (early March). All Lining is made from raw materials produced in the autumn and winter, which emphasizes its therapeutic properties.
Molded linden
Lipa - many remarkable properties of this type of wood has! Lipa is, one might say, perfect material for interior design steam room, which is the highest temperature. Molded lime does not contain tar. It is usually light and shade coffee. There are also varieties of lime Lining "rustic style" - is not a new species, but only made of the core barrel. The cost of the lining below it darker, but the quality is not worse than her.




What is good lining of lime? It has an unusually beautiful structure and low weight, it is very easy to install. At the same time, the lining of lime extremely durable and resistant to temperature changes and high humidity. In addition, lime also has healing properties, which is why today more and more in the interior trim saunas (or bath) is used linings of lime. Structure in lime bunk moderately porous, which makes it a great tsennost.Ona beneficial effects on human lungs.
Today, in our country the linden is the most popular in the construction of saunas. Hygroscopicity lime tree in the application of it as a cladding material for saunas and bathhouses is unparalleled, as can quickly heat up and cool down without changing while its geometry and color. For comparison, aspen quickly darkens from one year to 3 years, and African wood, which themselves are quite expensive at the price more and made from dead trees. Lipa continue to live for 10 years and brings with inimitable scent of the forest positive energy charge, contributing to a warm aura in your home or apartment. Carvers like lime for ease of handling and the fine structure of the fiber. Besides lime does not crack and is not pricked by the impact. Lipa has a favorable power, has a thin unforgettable aroma and nice light tone.
If you want to make a finishing house, cottages, loggias, terraces, baths or saunas - stop your choice on the bunk of lime! Wood has always been and will remain an environmentally friendly material, and linings of lime, due to its unique features and user-friendly configuration, besides, much simplify the process of finishing. Molded from a linden tree has a golden or white, has a low coefficient of heat, do not crack. Upon heating, for many years, "honey" flavor, has beneficial effects on the respiratory system.
Molded cedar
Another popular material - the North American cedar. Its beautiful red color gives the design sophistication of the sauna. But even without looking closely at the color of the wood, cedar sauna easily identified by a unique and extremely pleasant aroma. Cedar - a very durable material, resistant to rot and splitting.
Molded for saunas and baths from Cedar has a fragrant aroma, which has beneficial effects on the respiratory and cardiovascular system.



Canadian cedar - a very valuable high quality material. Lining cedar has exceptional beauty texture. Certain breeds of cedar under the influence of hot air become pretty pink hue, which in conjunction with a strong pleasant smell of cedar creates a magical atmosphere in the sauna room. It may be added that cedar siding has antiseptic properties. In the language of "bath attendants," Cedar Lining "crying", and highlights the impact of the resin at a high temperature. Because it is better to use the northern species - they "cry out" less.
Molded abashi   
Bench, benches, backrests, headrests, decorative panels and lampshades in saunas made from light wood abashi growing in West Africa. Due to its porous structure of this tree has a minimum thermal conductivity, so the shelves abashi virtually no heat, and they can sit or lie down without fear of getting burned.




Molded from abashi (dried African oak) - one of the best kinds of lining for sauna and bath. It has a cream or yellowish tint. It has high resistance to moisture, long retains the look, resistant to cracking, no deformation, has no knots. There is a misconception that abashi lining in the bath is not heated. This is not quite true. Molded abashi has high thermal conductivity, which indicates that the touching to the bath timber bunk any human body feels one and the same temperature. But because of the high thermal conductivity lining abashi about 4 seconds takes the temperature of your body and you do not hot, and if you're in the bath prikasnetes any other boards, while making timber body temperature increases by about 30 to 80 seconds.
The group of companies "Wind Rose" offers a wide range of high-quality lining for sauna and bath. Depending on your preferences and the desired design You can choose hardwood bunk, bunk coniferous or use both types of wood.
For example: The walls are trimmed with lime sauna paneling, shelves timbers abachi and decorations and giving a special flavor in the sauna or on the ceiling podspinniki uses elements of dark cedar lining.
For interior decoration used the North European spruce and pine, aspen, abachi, Cedar, Caucasian linden. The outer side wall panels modular cabins can be made of Nordic spruce, pine, cedar, hemloga, aspen and alder. In finishing saunas for decorative purposes different types of wood can be combined. For example, window and wooden frames are made of alder, walls and ceiling are covered with snow-white clapboard aspen and benches, backrests and lampshade made of dark reddish cedar, contrasting with the color of the walls. Or another option. Outside the sauna can be trimmed by two (or more) types of lining. For example, light top - from aspen and dark bottom - alder. At the same time inside the cabin is finished with aspen and backrest, benches and decorative panels made of cedar.