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Infrared cabin lets you relax in warmth. Infrared Sauna works on the basis of direct heat radiator elements that produce infrared radiation. The heat produced is similar to the thermal energy of the sun. Infrared radiation gives a feeling of relaxation and refreshment. Buy nfrakrasnuyu cockpit - an investment in your health. Heating elements of the infrared cabin produce dry long-wave heat. The heat penetrates deeply through the skin, which gives several positive effects. It stimulates blood circulation, relaxes the muscles, burns calories, relieves stress and relaxes both physically and mentally. Technical data: Infrared cabins Harvia comes with clear installation instructions, which greatly simplifies the installation process. The infrared cabins can be installed in any dry space, for example, in the bedroom. Time and temperature of the infrared cabin are set with the control panel available. Radiant is ready for use within 10 minutes of operation. The light in the cockpit is also included with the control panel. From the cockpit, you can enjoy your favorite music - both models are equipped with a radio / CD-player. Infrared cabins are made of wood, has a pleasant aroma. The modern design of infrared saunas and plenty of glass surfaces. The large heating elements are arranged such that the long-wave heat can reach all parts of your body. Since the infrared sauna may cause intense sweating, the benches and floor should be protected with towels. The benches are removable for cleaning. A huge plus infrared sauna that it is possible to easily and quickly set krvartire. Special foil heating surface allows to hide under the bunk. This feature enables the installation to use the infra-red transmitter in a typical sauna, combined sauna, and thus infrared cabin.


Why infrared sauna?


Infrared sauna - is:
a great circulatory stimulant;
unsurpassed means to restore the elasticity of the skin;
a great opportunity to get rid of harmful substances;
victory over cellulite;
highly effective for weight loss;
effective passive training vessels.
The cost of infrared saunas measuring 1 m by 1.5 m. Is 1350 euros. And it is possible to use as apartment sauna.

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Deep penetrating infrared heat is well-proven in the prevention of:
Cardiovascular diseases;
Upper respiratory tract infection, asthma;
Skin diseases;
Arthritis and rheumatism;
Diseases of the genitourinary system and prostatitis;
Menopausal syndrome;
Regeneration after sports injuries and stress.
To order the infrared sauna please call. (044) 383-73-63
Infrared saunas were invented in Japan and have gained popularity due to its unique beneficial effects on the human body. Infrared saunas are very mobile and can be installed in any room: in the apartment, in the fitness club in the country, in the bathroom, in the beauty salon, in the office. They do not require any special facilities and conditions are connected to a conventional power outlet 220v. Absolutely fireproof.
Infrared saunas have different designs and perfectly complement the interior of the premises in which they are installed. Jobs infrared saunas is based on the ability of infrared radiation to penetrate the human body and its warm inside. Infrared radiation or heat radiation - a type of heat distribution. This is the same warmth that you feel from the fire, the battery of central heating or sun. It has nothing in common, either with ultraviolet or x-ray radiation and is completely safe for humans, so the procedure in an infrared sauna is not limited in time, and you can enjoy its warmth as much as you want, chat with friends in the sauna, read a book or just relax to the sound of music.
The infrared cabins are essential to modern life, they help to relax after a hard day's work, relieve tension and disperse the lactic acid during exercise, for example, athletic hall, quickly throw off extra weight, excrete toxins and wastes. They are available to people of any age, and unlike conventional Finnish sauna repeatedly consume less power. It is not that better than the usual infrared sauna or Finnish. Rather, they complement each other.

Infrared waves.

Open infrared was in 1800 by the English scientist William Herschel. Now the entire range of the infrared radiation is divided into three components: the shorter wavelengths: l = 0,74 - 2,5 mm; medium wave region: l = 2,5 - 50 microns; longwave region: l = 50-2000 microns. Recently, the long-wavelength edge of this range is isolated into a separate, independent range of electromagnetic waves - terahertz (submillimeter) radiation. Infrared radiation also called "thermal" radiation since all bodies, solid and liquid, heated to a certain temperature emit energy in the infrared spectrum. At this wavelength, emitted body depends on the heating temperature: the higher the temperature, the shorter the wavelength and higher radiation intensity. The spectrum of blackbody radiation at relatively low (up to several thousand Kelvin) temperature is generally in this range. Infrared radiation is a big part of the radiation of incandescent lamps, HID lamps, and about 50% of solar radiation. That is, we are always and everywhere in daily life are confronted with infrared light, which proves its safety.
We offer custom-made infrared cabin. Its advantage is that you can use for maximum benefit any space suitable for the installation of the cabin.
The main element of the infrared cabin is a radiator. Manufacturer of standard, the standard cabin are not able to take into account all the individual characteristics and wishes of a particular client. Therefore, to get the maximum effect and enjoyment, we offer to produce an infrared cabin directly beneath you with the required amount and the correct location of emitters and seating, as well as ergonomic sunbeds considering features of your body.
We also offer to produce the finish wood products from Red Cedar. It's ideal for your purposes because its well-known healing properties complement the health benefits your body, positively affecting the upper respiratory tract (due to the fact that the inner area of the cabin small in comparison for example with a sauna it is not much impact on the budget).
In our arsenal a wide range of infra-red radiators from leading European manufacturers in this area from Germany, Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands. All are based on the technical norms and the spectral radiation. The only difference in form factor (ceramic, oksidomagnievye, ceramic).
Also we can produce individual reclining seat to suit your ergonomics. While in a relaxed state for 10-15 minutes (about as much of a health session) much nicer to stay in a comfortable ergonomic chair than on a stool.