In the rapidly developing brewing industry, the solution of the problem of optimizing costs and the degree of accuracy of the technological process is the main condition for the success of the enterprise producing beer. Needless to say, it is very difficult to win the market and find your buyer, if you produce a different result each time you produce the same beer grade from your brewery. Of course, this issue helps to solve the professionalism and skill of the brewer-technologist, thanks to which the original recipe and unique taste of your beer is created. But. on the other hand, the influence of the human factor is always an additional risk when it comes to the accuracy and timeliness of performing the necessary operations.

In order to reproduce the technological process with high accuracy and reliability, it is necessary to timely measure the analytical parameters of wort, beer, water. gaseous CO2, as well as dissolved CO2 (carbonization level). There is the possibility of analyzing samples in the laboratory, which guarantees accuracy, but this procedure takes a lot of time and is complicated by the need to obtain a representative sample. In addition, this method does not provide continuous receipt of data in real time, because of which timely making adjustments is not possible.

Unlike laboratory analysis, built-in systems for analytical control of the process reduce the labor costs of personnel and provide a continuous flow of data in real time, on the basis of which, if necessary, corrective measures are taken. And most importantly - analytical measurements directly in the flow allow preserving the quality characteristics of the produced beer at the outlet.

Experts of the group of companies Roza Vetrov have developed perfect systems for automation of beer production, allowing to control the production process from the brewhouse to the bottling line. The technologies of built-in measuring systems and digital sensor control allow improving the quality of the product obtained, as well as increasing the productivity in the brewing process.

Having addressed to experts of the group of companies Roza Vetrov, you will receive the qualified help in questions of automation of your manufacture. Our engineers will be able to give you exhaustive answers to all questions related to quality control of the production and the resulting product at the outlet.