Automation of finished products accounting

Opportunities for automation of finished product accounting:


       ♦ Automated tracking of the location of finished products during transportation along production lines in conjunction with the party.

       ♦ Weight control, marking (barcode, RFID, QR code).

       ♦ Ensuring the unity of information on finished products: the number assigned to the package, weight and other information are stored in a database and are used in all further operations.

       ♦ Automatic warning informing the operator of the workstation in case of failures of the technological process of printing marking on production lines.

       ♦ Automatic data processing and openness for synchronization with third-party systems (MES, ERP).

       ♦ Possibility of autonomous work with data entered manually.



Accounting automation works in the following sequence:


       ♦ Finished products move along the packaging lines. Throughout the route, products are tracked by the system. For each package, the weight and time of weighing are recorded. Each package is assigned a batch code and a batch number. All this data is sent to the printer to form the label. When information about successful printing is received from the printer, data on this package is saved in the system. It is possible to enter batch information manually. If the information did not come from an external system and was not set manually, labels on the printer will not be printed.

       ♦ The system marks each weighted and packaged unit of the finished product with the necessary attributes, for example: batch code, package number in a batch, net net, estimated weight with packaging (gross), actual packaging date, actual packaging time, name, logo of the manufacturer, name manufacturer, a sign of storage and transportation conditions, a sign of compliance with Russian standards.

       ♦ If necessary, it is possible to apply a bar code below the text attributes of the marking. The barcode is applied with a resolution of at least 100dpi for the possibility of its subsequent error-free reading by an industrial scanner. Drawing a barcode on the packaging is key when shipping goods to the warehouse. Information from the identification code is read from the packaging by scanners, transmitted to the system and processed. Thus, each packing unit is accounted for, which avoids errors when shipping goods to the finished goods warehouse.



Finished products in warehouses: control and management


Depending on the configuration, the software may have the following list of features:

       ♦ the presence of a wide functionality that provides all the accounting functions and includes both finished products and semi-finished products, as well as stock accounting and all production processes;

       ♦ convenient system interface that allows you to master program management in the shortest possible time;

       ♦ operational organization of inventory of the warehouse through separate registration and division into categories of raw materials, finished goods and semi-finished products;

       ♦ significant acceleration of the inventory process of the finished goods warehouse by bar codes due to communication with the data collection terminal;

       ♦ the reporting component of the software is able to notify about the remains of raw materials in the warehouse and give recommendations on what can be made from them in order to save finances;

       ♦ preparation of any types of activity reports for certain time periods;

       ♦ simultaneous work of several users in the program;

       ♦ registration of any number of employees in the categories of access to software and their job responsibilities;

       ♦ remote access to software, so you can control the organization from any convenient place;

       ♦ interaction with different types of programs;

       ♦ export and import of excel and word.