Company reports


The production report is a consolidated accounting and management register that allows you to trace the relationship between the operational schedule and the progress of production. It contains data on placed orders, drawn up production specifications, batches, tasks and their executors, as well as on the progress or deviations. The amount of information can be adjusted by the user of the report. Applying individual presentation settings and filters, the user can get only the data that he needs.


Enterprise Reports


The Rosa Vetrov company offers you software for the execution of production reports at various kinds of enterprises, which has the following advantages:

        ♦ user-friendly interface and quick access to archived data allows you to generate summary schedules and reports on production management in the shortest time;

        ♦ facilitates the work of personnel and increases the speed of data processing due to the emphasis on operating familiar concepts for employees with which they worked in paper form.


We offer our customers:

        ♦ development of reports of any complexity for the necessary needs;

        ♦ viewing reports from various devices;

        ♦ the ability to export production reports in such formats as:




               ⇒XML and others.