Automation of process control systems and production


When does production need automation of technical processes?


         ♦The need for optimization, analysis and synchronization during the release of products.

         ♦Lack of production capacity, flexibility, functionality, information content (reports).

         ♦Frequent equipment breakdowns leading to downtime and production shutdowns.

         ♦The strong influence of the human factor (for example, errors when manually entering information into the system).


If your enterprise already has automation complexes that you want to replace with more advanced ones, we will replace the system with minimal production downtime.


Development of automated process control systems based on Siemens equipment


Rosa Vetrov company specializes in the development and implementation of integrated process control systems based on Siemens equipment.


Siemens manufactures a variety of control tools that are focused on use in various industries. These include programmable industrial computers and controllers of the SIMATIC brand, stabilized power supplies, LOGO logic modules, indicating devices, communication terminals and much more.


We use SIEMENS programmable controllers of the following types:


         ♦LOGO! Line The main purpose of the programmable microcontrollers of this series is logical data analysis. LOGO! Devices will be the best option for creating an automated system for processing information.

         ♦The Simatic S7-300 / 400 line. PLCs of this series are used to solve problems of increased complexity. With the help of additional plug-ins and a large list of built-in functions, such devices can expand or change the functionality of the system.

         ♦Line Simatic S7-1200 / 1500. Universal programmable controllers for automating systems with complex configurations. Devices support the concept of TIA and can transmit information through various communication channels.

In 2011, the high quality of automated process control systems from Siemens was officially confirmed by the highest certification level for OPC UA, which was awarded by the OPC Foundation. Automation products of this brand have successfully passed testing, including checking the level of security and the ability to work in harsh conditions. In addition, they can effectively interact with controls from other manufacturers.


ACS TP development


  The creation of industrial control system includes the following steps:


         ♦Analysis of technical requirements for the system;

         ♦Development of process control algorithms;

         ♦Development of programs for PLC;

         ♦Development of programs for SCADA systems;

         ♦Development of programs for the HMI;

         ♦Debugging programs on stands in simulation mode and conducting FAT tests in the presence of customer’s specialists.

         ♦Design and manufacture of control cabinets;


         ♦Carrying out commissioning.


The development of automation systems for technological processes for each enterprise is completed by testing in simulation mode, which allows them to be tested without loss before implementation. Before launching the ACS TP complex, we will certainly train staff - this reduces the risk of errors in the future.