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Copper gutters - it is an integral part of the home. Prices for copper gutters vary depending on the manufacturer. The cost of installation of a copper gutter system is directly related to the materials used. Installing copper gutters should be carried specialists, because of poor quality installation will result in the need over time to alter the copper gutter system and to remedy deficiencies. Copper gutter system includes gutter funnel trough, copper gutters, gutter angles, elbows and tees, as well as fasteners copper gutter system. Buy copper gutters possible in various shops, but set the copper gutters ideally suited to the architecture of your building may only make them to order. The group of companies "Windrose" We install copper gutters in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa. Copper gutters can be mounted on brackets calling a tile or directly mounted on the front board. Copper gutters Kiev offered for sale by many companies, but we only deal with copper rainwater systems. Installing copper gutter - a laborious and difficult process. Copper gutters (trough and pipes) have a tendency when temperature drops (especially in winter) to a linear expansion, so when copper drainage device must be provided compensation of linear expansion. Also, to avoid freezing of drainage pipes and gutters gutter system installed heating copper.

Copper gutters, copper water drainage system, drain of copper gutters price.

The most common and practical way to remove the wet precipitation from the roof - a water drainage system. Today, manufacturers offer a wide range of drains: they may be of different materials (metal, PVC, aluminum, copper, etc.). But, just as in the roof, favorites quality and durability are copper gutters.
Gutters made of copper is particularly harmonious look in combination with a copper roof.
Copper - a noble material, natural and flexible. Copper rainwater systems have the longest life span, since copper is the most resistant to mechanical damage and weathering material. The service life of the copper gutter - century. In a plastic gutter lifespan is unlikely to exceed 10-15 years. and copper roof.
Copper water drainage system through this time covered only the noble patina - will turn green as the roof of the royal palaces 18-19 century. Copper Gutters - the only suitable option for the drain at home with a copper roof. Copper gutters and downspouts will look as a unit with the elite roofing material. This drainage system choose not only the owners of houses with roofs made of copper. Copper drainage adds beauty and solidity of any building. Plasticity in combination with strength makes it possible to give a smooth copper gutters any shape, following the contours of the roof.
Copper gutters - clean, because the copper - a natural material. And thanks to its aesthetic qualities, it can become an ornament to the most exquisite and fashionable structure, highlighting it against the background of no less presentable house bright and unusual.
Copper gutters are resistant to frost and deformation, durable and very reliable. Our motto - an integrated approach to manufacturing and installation of gutters. Copper Gutters - it is durable, beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Rain Gutters, drainage system as well as a very important element of any home. Drain the copper produced in our company - a pledge of longevity and durability of the architectural project of any complexity.
Copper gutters in addition to the functional advantages emphasizes the high status of its owner, as a prestigious car.
Since we are manufacturers, we are able to produce copper gutters radius (at any angle), fits perfectly into the facade of the building. Unlike other manufacturers offering radius gutter solder that distorts copper and spoils the appearance, we have manufactured welded copper gutters.
That is why the combination of the correct choice of the necessary material, design drainage (pipe section and configuration) is decisive when planning the installation of drainage system.
We will beat perfect drainage system elements of the roof binder.
Believe me, saving on installation of plastic gutter pleases less time than it frustrates fragility afterwards. In addition, built with modern materials and technology (but subject to age-old traditions), drain, and improves the appearance of any structure.

Copper gutters

Drain every home needs. It drains water from the walls, windows, basement and does not allow moisture to destroy the building. If you want to create in your home a high-quality roofing system, there is nothing better and more reliable copper gutters.
"Wind Rose" offers copper gutters best quality. We create copper gutters with all the features of the building and the customer's wishes. It can be round or rectangular in cross-section drainage system with bends at any angle. Depending on the size of the building we can offer small or large copper gutter system, where the diameter of the drain is selected in full compliance with the area of the roof slopes.
Copper gutters have many advantages not found in other materials. It:
 Very long service life. Properly done the drain can serve up to 150 years.
 Resistance of copper to aggressive media and temperature extremes.
 The flexibility of the material allows to radius the gutter at any possible angle, and give them the desired shape.
 No need for cleaning, maintenance and painting copper gutters - they are beautiful in themselves, and eventually covered by the noble patina, getting kind of old expensive material.
 Any portion of the copper drain if necessary can be quickly and easily replace or alter - the material perfectly soldered.
 On request, the drain can be equipped with special heater to avoid icing, icicles and frost formation water in the pipes.
We manufacture gutters made of copper, in full compliance with all standards and regulations. The complete system includes gutter funnel, downspouts, gutter angles, bends, tees, caps and rubber seals gutter connectors, fastening hooks and other fasteners. All items are made for the drainage of the same grade of copper that there was no ambiguity.
We guarantee not only the quality and timely production of copper gutters, and establishing them on the spot. Professional and experienced craftsmen assemble and test the drainage system so that it works perfectly and flawlessly.
Our copper gutters are not only high quality performance, but also beauty. They can decorate any house, give it elegance and style. Our prices for copper gutters are in harmonious relation with the quality of the product and are quite competitive. Invest in a good copper gutters from the "wind rose", you get a great product a long period of use.

Drain metal

Drain the metal - is the protection of the roof, facade, basement and foundation of the building, which for many years will reliably protect it from moisture, adverse weather conditions and environmental influences. Today, along with metal, actively promoted a relatively cheap PVC drains, and, of course, you decide what material to choose for your home gutter. But metal gutters have undoubted numerous advantages:
 A metal drain reliably protect your roof and building for many decades. metal lifetime many times longer than plastic.
 The metal has a high strength and resistance to mechanical damage, it heavily scratched or warped.
 Resistance to thermal strain - one of the main qualities of metal gutters. They do not respond to the strong influence of frost in the winter and in the summer heat, as well as exposure to UV rays. Metal does not lose color and does not fade.
 Water drainage system going is easy and simple - as a designer. All items are prepared in advance and do not require further action. All connections are reliable sealing gaskets, which is not in plastic gutters.
 Metal gutter - a fire safety guarantee, because it does not support combustion.
 Metal drainage system can be installed on any size building and plastic gutters are used only for small buildings.
Among all the above positive quality gutters made of PVC can be called only by their low price. But given that the metal gutter will serve for several decades, the cost of it can not be considered a disadvantage. Rather - a fair fee for high performance, functionality, reliability and safety for a long time.
"Wind Rose" offers manufacturing and installation of metal gutters "turnkey". Correctly manufactured and installed water drainage system guarantees you the comfort and stability. Our experienced engineers and master installers prepare the customized design, manufacture and assemble just such a drainage, which is essential for the protection of your home. You will not pay for unnecessary details, because we consider that each roof - different, so all elements of the drainage system and its mounts are tailored to the individual characteristics of your unique roof.
Metal gutters from "Rosa Winds" are just right for our climate, where winter temperatures reach minus big, and in the summer - a big plus. Therefore, during installation we do not use sealants and similar materials, and the entire system is held together with special connectors and anchoring design amplifiers. Such a system anchorages and a special metal coating are powerful anti-icing runoff and destruction, and a special system of gutters ensures that no overflow of melt and rain water. During heavy loads, for example, rain or snowfall, gutter system firmly hold the brackets and fasteners, which completely eliminates breakage.
We manufacture gutters of solid steel with a minimum thickness of 0.5-0.7 mm, which is on both sides covered with a passivation, primer and polymer protective layers. We can acquire various types drains: round and rectangular in cross section, made of galvanized or stainless steel. Also you can choose any color in the color of the roof gutter or building. Our gutters - is made of stainless steel products, which we buy from the best Ukrainian and European manufacturers. They have modern and aesthetic appearance and are suitable for the realization of any architectural project.