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Currently, there are several companies engaged in the installation of a copper roof in Kiev. The data companies use a variety of roofing copper production: Ukraine, Russia, Czech Republic and Germany. Most quality according to many experts is the German copper production plants KME.Krysha of copper - a sign of high status in society, so when its installation shall be of high quality as well as the appropriate level of expertise and equipment. The copper roof has a lifetime of over 150 years and therefore copper roofing is almost eternal material. Copper roofing goes through various stages of oxidation - from copper to the oxidized patina. Perhaps in the manufacture of roofing elements to use ready-made copper colors patinated copper oxide and copper production of KME. From the roof can be made of copper roofing elements such as copper block, Copper scales Copper seam roofing, roof elements filings, copper lining, fascia board copper, copper water drainage system.