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Currently, there are several companies engaged in the installation of a copper roof in Kiev. The data companies use a variety of roofing copper production: the Czech Republic and Germany. Most quality according to many experts is the German copper production plants KME. The roof is made of copper - a sign of high status in society, so when its installation shall be of high quality as well as the appropriate level of expertise and equipment. The copper roof has a lifetime of over 150 years and, therefore, roofing copper is almost eternal material. Copper roofing goes through various stages of oxidation - from copper to the oxidized patina. Perhaps in the manufacture of roofing elements to use ready-made copper colors patinated copper oxide and copper production of KME. From the roof can be made of copper roofing elements such as copper block, Copper scales Copper seam roofing, roof elements filings, copper lining, fascia board copper, copper water drainage system. The use of copper as a roofing material imposes additional responsibility on the builders as roofing copper rather expensive product. The most widespread among copper roofs, roofing received the following: copper standing seam roof (copper plates) and copper sword, scales.

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To date, the most versatile and reliable is a metal roof, which, compared with its direct competitors, have higher operating performance, is relatively simple to install or prophylactic prokraske more resistant to local field conditions latitudes and mechanical damage.
The most common species of this type of coating is:
♦ Copper roof
♦ Zinc titanium roof
♦ Metal
♦ Aluminum roofs
In fact, the most economical and practical solution is just a copper roof covering. The service life of the copper roof reaches 100-150 years, when properly conducted complex installation and periodic preventive maintenance of joints, it can be increased and a half to two times.
The most successful consumer ratio of key indicators: price, quality, reliability and convenience, it has a metal roof Kiev with the terms of the fundamental architectural and residential ensembles allows harmoniously fit such a cover, as about 30% of the roofs have roof is made of metal.
The site contains photos of our work. They give an opportunity to see the whole complexity of the complexity of our projects. Rate the quality of work and the degree of responsible attitude to fulfill postavlennych tehnicheskich task.

металическая кровля металическая кровля металлическая кровля металическая кровля фото


купол медный медный купол медный козырек козырек из меди

The combination of the right choice of roofing materials and the required specialists for the installation of metal roofing, roofing works, is crucial in planning the construction of the roof of metal.
In addition, built with modern materials and technologies, the right metal roofing roof makes perfect and emphasizes the beauty of any building.

Copper roofing

From time immemorial, the roof of the rich houses, cottages and good-quality public buildings were made of copper. Copper roof, due to the unique chemical and physical properties, has served for a long time, up to 150 years. And the external beauty and nobility of material attached to the roof of the building of a special copper refined look.
Pitched roof made of copper offers its customers the company "Wind Rose". Our roofs are not only durable and high quality performance, but also the beauty and practicality. To create a roof, we use non-ferrous metals - copper - the highest quality.
Our highly skilled engineers will help you to create such a project roof that will most suit your needs and your type of structure, and our masters to quickly produce and assemble it.
Copper - an elite material, because the copper roof is not among the cheapest coatings. But compared to its abolition qualitative characteristics and an extremely long service life, we can say that our prices are acceptable and available for such high-quality material.
Copper roof, made by our professional and qualified staff, reliable and practical, and will serve you for many years, your children and grandchildren.
Copper - the metal is unique, which has many important qualities not possessed by other materials for roofs. It is light and flexible, it does not require painting or additional care, has high anti-corrosion properties, can withstand large temperature difference (-70 to + 150 ° C).
In addition, copper - an environmentally friendly material, safe for the environment and human health.
Over time, the copper roof acquires a beautiful and noble greenish color - patina, non-toxic natural protective layer. If the client wishes, we can artificially "wear" special treatment copper, giving it an aristocratic emerald hue.
If copper roof professionally installed and sealed, it is not limited lifetime of 100 years, it can be increased by 2-3 times.
Skilled craftsmen "wind rose" guarantee the quality and success of the work on the creation of a roof of copper:
The preparatory phase includes the installation of truss system, device underlay system inflow and outflow of air, and the flooring of the sealant layer;
Installation of copper roofing, depending on the type of material - rebated or shingle.
Seamed copper roof - a roof, made without the aid of fastening materials and nails. It is considered the most reliable. For its creation, we use a sheet or web material thickness up to 0.8 mm and a length of the entire roof surface. Between the sheets are connected by a single or double fold.
Shingle copper roof - a roof, which is done by the "checkered" or "tile-scales." This beautiful decorative roof, but for integrity and reliability it needs to have an additional waterproofing.
Copper shingles can be laid only at the roof of a simple configuration at an angle less than 35º. Every detail of the tile is attached to the crate using klyaymerov and stainless screws.
Our masters perform stacking in two layers to the upper plate laying dock bottom two. Copper checkered - the most complex and lengthy process of laying the roof. This method covered by a roof of any shape - round, dome-shaped, tapered, and others.
Each checkered cut out by hand in the form of a trapezoid, square or diamond. At the bottom of each shashechki is "direct" the castle, and at the top - "reverse". Between themselves, they connected, meshing shashechek neighboring castles. With this installation possible leaking water by directing jets "the castle."
The company "Wind Rose" ensures the manufacture and installation of all additional elements for copper roofs. This installation skates, snow retention elements and drainage systems.
On request, our engineers and designers can develop a drainage system, cornices, gutters made of copper. We have been working in the market of roofing services and can guarantee rapid and timely production and installation of copper roof of your building to the best of our teams of experienced professionals.
You will be pleased with the work we have done because we value our customers and their good name.

Copper gutters Kiev knows well.

A properly designed and installed drainage copper gutter allows rapid removal of storm water from the roof and from the foundation, which would prolong the overall life of floors and facing materials several times.
With this task successfully cope copper gutters: simple to use, affordable, reliable and functional. With a sleek design, they fit perfectly into the facade of any building.
If we talk not only about functionality, but also the historical and aesthetic component, it is a copper gutter Kiev made an integral part of most homes XIX-XXveka, thereby giving them a special charm, and thus reaching the original problem - removal of water from the roof and reduce the risk of leaks attic and premises.
Group of companies "Windrose" specializes in the manufacture and assembly and installation work, construction of metal structures and decorative purposes. Offer favorable conditions for cooperation, a wide range of goods sold and democratic pricing policy.
The company is ready to provide the whole range of relevant work to a qualitatively higher level. All products are accompanied by a 5-year factory warranty to the customer.
Turning to our company, you receive the materials, perfectly combined with each other, in terms of both design solutions and technical characteristics.
An integrated approach to the sale of its roofing and installation allow us to provide the best price with consistently high quality. Our consultants have vast practical experience in designing and carrying out roofing Roofing, using the most modern roofing materials.
At any time, they can advise you on many phones present in the "cap" on our website and by e-mail. Our experts will be happy to take over preparation of calculations, the selection of the necessary materials and the installation of your roof "turnkey".
We profess fanatically professional approach to their work and the quality of services and materials. All roofing materials that we offer our customers, are certified to European standards.