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Group of companies "Windrose" for the past eight years, has been manufacturing various types of chimneys. We produce chimneys for fireplaces, as well as various non-standard products that are necessary for their installation and proper operation. Today, our company produces stainless steel AISI 321, since this product has excellent quality and versatility, has a modern design, as well as an extensive range of accessories. This solution is optimal in the choice of heating system for a small house, and for a large country cottage. Typically, stainless steel chimneys fairly easy to install, and due to its reasonable and affordable price can buy them today, everyone. Due to the fact that every day the construction of the private house only increases, such products as chimneys became popular in almost every city of Ukraine. Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Odessa, - are the largest regions of the implementation of our products. Thus, the continuous improvement of our products, as well as quality control of materials that we use in our production, contributed to the fact that our products have gained popularity among the people that thoroughly suited to the choice on the basis of quality criteria. Chimney Kyiv prefers durable as competent consumer interests heat resistance and acid resistance of the chimney, as is necessary to withstand the high temperatures and exposure to acidic condensate. Chimney of stainless steel is an alternative to a brick chimney, but its installation, as well as masonry requires special knowledge and many years of experience. Therefore, installation of chimney systems should be entrusted to professionals, especially specialists TM "Windrose". The company "Wind Rose" produces and sells stainless steel chimneys, prices will satisfy even those customers who have a small budget. Chimneys price is good and the universal properties - are the distinguishing features of our pipes. They have proven themselves in a bath complexes, fireplaces in private homes, heating boilers for domestic and industrial applications. Our stainless steel chimneys fair price, are made of acid-resistant and heat-resistant alloy steel and titanium AISI 321 (08X18H10T) not less than 1 mm thick. This AISI 321 stainless steel is used in the aviation industry - from her produce exhaust pipes for aircraft, so our chimneys steel price is reasonable and affordable. They are kept very low and very high temperatures, any condensate, as well as have a great resource uptime. Stainless steel chimneys are not afraid of a low price effects of sulfuric acid and nitric acid, creosote and combustion materials. Our chimneys differ simplicity of installation, affordable cost and long service life. In addition, a chimney made of stainless steel does not require an annual cleaning of soot as chimneys made of other materials, because we produce pipes with smooth inner surface of the mirror, which does not accumulate products sgoraniya.Hitom our sales can be called chimneys of steel sandwich the price of which depends on many parameters. Sandwich chimney affordable price - a dual modular design has several advantages: First, the chimney of the two pipes of different diameters (pipe in pipe) perfectly prevents condensation and precipitation on the walls of the combustion products. Secondly, the pipe for the chimney, the price of which in the "Rose of the Winds" is quite competitive, are made of stainless steel, which has high anti-corrosion properties and brings great temperature differences. Third, the sandwich construction is very reliable and durable in operation. The life of these chimneys has dozens of years. Between the inner and the outer tube in a sandwich structure laid special insulating material of environmentally friendly fiber, which does not burn and does not shrink even after several years of intense and continuous operation. We offer excellent quality air ducts, by a combination of modular design and the best material of higher grade AISI 321 - chimneys Sandwich + stainless steel, reasonable prices, long service life without repairs, security and nadezhnost.Nerzhaveyuschy chimney sandwich the price is reasonable, high fire safety and efficient operation on long years. Highly qualified specialists of "Wind Rose" are ready to execute any order, where prices are lower than similar stainless steel chimneys, on the market. We do chimneys both standard and customized, which can be installed and industrial enterprises, and in private homes. We guarantee high-quality production of the chimney, its installation and on-site installation by experienced professionals first-class. Our chimneys fully conform to all international standards and have quality certificates. Any set of components (elbows, reducers, gate valves, tees, fasteners, mesh, audit, umbrellas, communicating nodes, etc.) depending on the model. "Wind Rose" guarantees high quality chimneys price is good, an individual approach to each customer and warranty service after the installation. Chimney: where to start? Chimney - this is the most important issue on the agenda in the construction of the building. It does not arise spontaneously, and it is possible to prepare and make the chimney in Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkov and other cities in what is called "un-human". Installation of the chimney starts with choosing the company that will perform this difficult task. In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to begin with "vent", referring to everything that you hear from sales managers critical. After all, they should just sell the chimney, and you get the result that you really ustroit.V the Internet a lot of advice, and not very useful, on the chimneys. Some say, for example, that the thinner the chimney - the better, because the pipe is warmed up faster and craving to be better. Others will offer to buy the chimney at the lowest price, but will not give a guarantee on the product or say that if burned - zamenim.Samy main criterion - whether it is interested in the needs of the sellers for which the chimney is taken - will be used for wood, coal or pellet, gas, power boiler outlet temperature, condensing boiler or not. If it does not, then this indicates an irresponsible attitude towards you as a customer and to the task in tselom.Pokupaya product with "chimney" inscription without warranty and consultation, for which this chimney can be used, you are left alone with his situation. Moreover, you no one will be able to make a claim then that your chimney burned. Manufacturer only answer you: "it's a chimney for a gas heater or boiler - of course it was impossible to put it into a sauna or a fireplace" chimney Buy.We are looking for cheap is not always cheap in the end. In all there is a happy medium. Value resource sluzhby.Vam solved: the main criterion in this case is the only common smysl.Konechno correctly puzzled installing chimney at the design stage. Provide channels for gilzovki the right size (not the brick, as is usually done potters) so you do not izgolyatsya oval chimney installation, and to lay the normal circular sleeve. Chimney round section and rectangular works best, and of service neprihotliv.Horoshy foreman, focus on results, not on the rollback, the chimney will offer reliable: solid fuel kislotozharostoyky, and for acid-gas boiler. After all, today there is a superintendent - and gone tomorrow, so you need to buy a chimney with a guarantee of at least five let.Ne need to be lazy - it is in the interest of not only the economy, but also safety: check words foreman on the Internet. And ask a simple question: what brand of steel dymohod.A my country in which the steel is made (perhaps in China?). And what is the thickness of the stainless steel chimney? And finally, who will give a guarantee for its normal operation? Proper installation of the chimney. Now, regarding the installation of the chimney. It starts with measurements and ends with checking for traction. And if the measurements are correct, the connection of the chimney will pass without any problems - and this is 60% of the set zadachi.Opytny assembling hassle-mount chimney riser itself, without destroying half of the building and not to mention that it is impossible. Particular attention should be paid to waterproofing a chimney because it affects whether or not dry on the attic floor and attic, and also helps prevent the ingress through the chimney on the roof of combustible chastits.Nu and last, but not least - the right to fix the upper part chimney: stretch stretch marks, or special frame design - the question individually, but in the end the result is important - resistance to any, even in the beginning of hail vetram.Vernemsya - matter how carefully monitored channel gilzovki and examined the roof, junction design of the fuel elements depends on the speed of installation , lack of superfluous elements, quality and efficiency as a result of the dymohoda.Segodnya many prefer home heating with a gas boiler. This is not surprising - the gas is the cheapest fuel. However, the exhaust gas is to be output. To do this, create a gas flues. Gas chimneys intended for removing the products of combustion and ensure the normal operation of heating equipment. The company "Wind Rose" offers its clients a professionally made durable and reliable gas chimneys, or, as they are called, flues. Our specialists will calculate and develop for you the most efficient and safe model of the flue depending on the size of your gas heating kotla.Gazovye boilers are wall and floor. Wall typically have small size and mounted on a wall or septum in the room. The flue for them - it is a separate exhaust pipe is horizontal, opening onto the street through which the discharged gas combustion products. For natural ventilation need a chimney, through which under the influence of natural draft flue exhaust. Floor boilers volume, so they are placed directly on the floor. They provide vertical or horizontal exhaust truby.My produce chimneys for gas boilers from heat-resistant stainless steel. It is known that the products of gas combustion are supposedly neutral substance - carbon dioxide and water vapor. But it contains sulfur impurities. Reacts with water and air, the impurities are oxidized and converted into a weak solution of sulfuric acid in the vapor state. Sulfuric acid corrodes the chimneys of brick or regular steel, and their service life is 2-3 years. The optimal choice for flue gas can offer a "wind rose" - a stainless steel grades AISI 304, AISI 321, AISI 316 - especially acid-resistant stainless steel AISI 316 L with a molybdenum content. It withstands high temperatures many acids, even boiling. Our stainless steel flues are made with a perfectly smooth inner surface of the chimney. On such a surface will never settle soot. Another important factor for the choice of stainless steel flue gas is the "dew point", ie The temperature at which the steam is converted to water. stainless steel chimney does not accumulate condensate, and the condensate does not constitute a "plug". Gas chimneys from "Rosa Winds", made of stainless steel, have excellent performance characteristics: they are easy to install and maintain, they take up little space and saves space, are of good quality and long service life, affordable, we are able to combine flue pipe with different models of boilers, flues we have a modern and sleek aesthetic design. We create flues with round and rectangular cross-section - the customer's choice. Our masters in the calculations take into account the area of useful cross-section of the pipe, which must be greater than the inside of the boiler area. It is important that the diameter of the inlet flue system was included in the smaller diameter constructions it. In some cases, the products interconnected adapters or nozzles. The following is to calculate the height of the chimney, which is dependent on the location relative to the ridge of the house. It is also necessary to calculate the correct length of the flue to make it work efficiently and smoothly. And, of course, very important to identify the most successful arrangement of the flue in the house - from the inside or outside of it will be. Installation of the chimney requires a separate sealing all joints with special heat-resistant sealants. This will prevent leakage of exhaust gas and dust in the room. In addition to the basic equipment flue (chimney), we create all the necessary additional elements: adapter from the gas boiler pipe to the chimney, tees with audit and fittings for condensate removal, wall brackets and clamps, communicating pipes, bends, telescopic tubes and much more. All these complex operations and calculations expertly produced our highly skilled engineers and craftsmen. The "Rosa Winds" a lot of experience in building gas lines, so we are confident in the excellent quality of our products. We comply with all safety requirements and proper installation, allowing you to protect the life and health of our customers, and extends the life of the gas boiler. Basic principles of installation of gas chimney: correct assembly of all elements of the chimney, if the chimney passes through the design of the house, use a special walk-through elements, reliable insulation of all surfaces that come into contact with flammable materials if the chimney runs out, it must be equipped with a heater to to prevent freezing in winter. We offer to buy a chimney in the "wind rose", because our gas flues meet the modern requirements: high reliability, full safety operation, maximum efficiency, ease of installation and operation. The cost of gas ducts is in a harmonious relationship with their high performance. Our chimneys are made by professionals, so in the absence of heat, we can help to heat your home and save you money.


AISI 321 stainless steel chimneys for boilers and fireplaces with wood and coal.

The right decision is to buy the right things.

If the car - then Tesla, if the chimney - then TM "Rose of the Winds".
Aircraft exhaust pipes are made of AISI 321 stainless steel,
and we will make a chimney for your non-Chinese fireplace.

Why the correct flue is necessary for heating firewood?

Because when burning firewood big heat is allocated and, as a result, the flue is heated. If to put a flue made of  inappropriate stainless steel,  the flue will burn through. The pipe with the high content of carbon will be made red-hot. Of course  it is possible to argue differently:  you go to a market  and  buy a thinner and cheaper flue, with a discount card.

But in all that concerns fire,  it is reasonable to observe all precautionary measures as much as possible! It is better excessive care, than excessive risk. This is misfortune when baths burn;  it is the tragedy if people perish. But what does it mean?  Not to build a bath? Of course, to build! The correct flue is necessary not as a safety cushion, but as serviceable brakes in the car.

If to put the correct flue, the problem of removal of a smoke will leave forever. For the correct flue its thickness has to be at least 1 mm. AISI 321 stainless steel with the titan. Not to put at all a flue which is attracted by a magnet (ferritic stainless steel) it is impossible to use such thin internal pipe which can be crumpled by a hand. You don't build a house of a cardboard. Therefore don't put in it a flue of a foil! Thickness of the used basalt heater is 35 mm. In the table the internal diameter of a pipe and the price in hryvnias is specified. For example, for a pipe with a diameter of sleeve of 100 mm an external diameter of cover is 170 mm.You can look at appearance of an element, having clicked on the corresponding position in a price list.


1. The flue metal thickness of 1 mm (AISI 3211.4541).
Elements Diameter in mm., The price on the inner diameter in euro.
100 110 120 130 140 150 160 180 200 220 250 280 300
Tube 1 meter 16 17 19 19 23 23 23 26 28 31 35 44 47
Tube 0,5 meter 10 11 11 12 14 14 14 16 17 19 21 27 29
Turn∟90° 15 15 16 16 17 19 20 22 24 25 28 34 37
Turn ∟45° 11 11 11 11 13 14 15 15 17 17 20 24 26
Wye  ∟90° 23 26 29 30 32 33 35 37 40 44 50 62 66
Wye  ∟45° 32 33 35 37 39 41 43 48 53 59 67 80 89
Revision 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 23 26 30 32 40 42
Damper tube 17 19 21 22 24 26 27 30 33 36 41 48 51
2.1. Flue Metal 1 mm (AISI 321 titanium c) insulated in the housing of mirror stainless steel 0.5 mm.
Elements Diameter in mm., The price on the inner diameter in euro.
100 110 120 130 140 150 160 180 200 220 250 280 300
Tube 1 meter 35 39 42 42 46 47 50 53 55 62 66 85 88
Tube 0,5 meter 21 23 25 25 27 28 30 32 33 37 40 51 53
Turn ∟90° 35 36 36 37 40 41 44 48 50 54 59 70 72
Turn ∟45° 23 24 25 26 28 29 30 33 35 37 41 49 52
Wye ∟90° 56 60 64 67 70 72 77 81 87 91 100 120 127
Wye  45° 63 65 68 72 76 81 85 94 101 110 124 147 160
Revision 33 35 39 42 42 46 47 50 52 60 64 73 85
Cone 19 21 23 24 26 28 29 32 34 37 40 47 51
Damper tube 44 48 51 54 57 60 64 69 74 80 87 100 101
2.2. Flue Metal 1 mm (AISI 321 titanium c) insulated in a housing made of galvanized steel 0.5 mm.
Elements Diameter in mm., The price on the inner diameter in euro.
100 110 120 130 140 150 160 180 200 220 250 280 300
Tube 1 meter 27 29 31 32 35 36 38 40 42 46 50 65 67
Tube 0,5 meter 17 17 19 19 21 21 23 24 25 28 30 39 41
Turn ∟90° 31 32 32 33 35 36 38 41 43 46 50 59 61
Turn ∟45° 21 22 23 23 24 26 27 29 30 32 35 41 45
Wye  ∟90° 47 50 54 55 59 61 64 68 71 76 83 99 103
Wye  ∟45° 55 57 60 62 65 69 73 78 84 91 100 118 128
Revision 23 25 27 27 30 32 36 37 40 44 47 59 64
Cone 14 16 17 19 20 22 24 26 28 30 33 38 41
Damper tube 29 32 33 36 38 40 42 46 50 53 58 68 76

Flues for fireplaces Kiev buys from professionals. Proper fireplace chimney is different metal thickness and steel grade, and it must be acid-resistant and heat-resistant. Such a fireplace chimney must be welded without the help of additives, and the weld should not rust. stainless steel chimney pipe has two bends 45 degrees, the vane and the chimney closure, when assembly takes place in the ventilation duct, and if the installation is on a building facade, a fireplace chimney is characterized by having a tee 45 degrees with revision and condensate drain. The chimney for the fireplace liability issues, decide which are best left to the professionals. The price of stainless steel chimney depends on the euro and Dolar, since Flues are made of stainless steel purchased by us in Germany. We try to meet customers in the formation of prices on the chimney with wood and charcoal. Quality chimney is made only of high-quality non-Chinese metal. Solid fuel boiler will give you a complete independence from the central heating. The effectiveness of the autonomous heating system essentially depends on the correct execution of the whole cycle of works (from the installation of the boiler to the mounting tube, including Flues for solid fuel boilers). The company "Wind Rose" will produce for you any chimney for solid fuel boiler, be it a chimney for a wood-fired boiler or chimney boiler for pyrolysis. - Qualitatively and in the shortest possible time, because we know how to produce safe and high quality Flues. Stainless steel should include titanium - a steel AISI 321. The starting material for the chimney solid fuel boiler in Kiev should have at least 1-2 mm thick. Proper design of the chimney for solid fuel boilers of LLC Group of Companies "Windrose" will provide good traction of your furnace, fireplace, sauna. Quality is the main thrust performance criteria. It is also important to perform a correct installation of the structure, as on the result of the heated device is influenced by external factors: the wind in the street, smoke, temperature, pollution, temperatur.Dymohod difference for solid fuel boiler in Kiev - a chimney with a titanium thickness of 1 mm.

Chimney for solid fuel boilers must have the properties of heat resistance (coal and wood combustion temperature significantly higher natural gas combustion temperature), resistance to corrosion of the metal, as used as fuel wood or coal, which have high acidity.

Chimney for solid fuel boiler must be made of acid-proof stainless steel, titanium inclusion of at least 1 mm thick. It - steel AISI 321 (08X18H10T). This heat-resistant material - a good and inexpensive choice for the installation of the chimney for solid fuel boiler in Kiev. Such Flues for solid fuel boilers have a high degree of resistance to temperature changes, which are the destroyers of the chimney, made by conventional techniques. The reason - the uneven burning solid fuels (wood, coal) gas temperature ranges from 70 to 600 degrees.

Burning peat, coal, wood is characterized by the presence of carbon, which is deposited on the walls of the chimney for solid fuel boiler and chimney for a wood-fired boiler. Therefore, the chimney itself for solid fuel boilers must not contribute to the deposition of combustion products on the internal surfaces. It can be made of asbestos. AISI 321 steel 1 mm-thick is not only optimal, but non-explosive solution, unlike asbestos flue boiler for solid fuels and eliminates soot ignition burn-in brick Flues. Variety chimney for solid fuel boiler (Kyiv) - chimney for the boiler pyrolysis, uses fuel, from which the previously extracted combustible substances, so the next time it is heated by combustion of the gas is released from the fuel ( "pyrolysis" - the principle of combustion of the fuel).

Selection of the chimney for solid fuel - it is the most crucial moment in the construction of your building. Since the correctness of this choice depends on the existence of a period building. You can not treat lightly fire and think: burn - buy another. After all, you build for yourself and not for one year. In order to operate the fireplace, furnace or boiler installed in your apartment, cottage, sauna or bath, was as safe as possible, it is recommended to purchase Flues Sandwich (Kiev). Some owners trying to save money, buy a thin-walled (less than 1mm) Flues sandwich. But such a sandwich Flues, installation of which will be executed even if the best way to burn through active operation for 2-3 years.

Our company offers Flues Sandwich (Kiev), made of stainless steel with a thickness greater than 1 mm (AISI 321 (08X18H10T). These Flues sandwich resistant to nitric acid and sulfuric acid, creosote and carbon dioxide, which are formed in the firebox with wood or charcoal. If you buy a sandwich in our Flues, installation of them can be carried out even in the wooden house - this we guarantee the temperature that can withstand our Flues sandwich exceed 450 ° C!.

If you are the owner of a home fireplace, furnace, boiler, as well as the bath or sauna, you certainly should be interested in the question: "Where to buy Flues Sandwich (Kiev)?". From what Flues Sandwich will be installed depends on your personal safety, as any fuel there is a development of acidic condensate and recovering large amounts of heat.

We offer a flue sandwich, made of stainless steel AISI 321 with a thickness of 1mm. This material Heat-resistant, not afraid of acids and can withstand temperature conditions of over 450 ° C. Such Flues Sandwich (Kiev) do not burn through quite a long time, and, therefore, the room will not accumulate carbon monoxide, tar or creosote formed during combustion. Flues sandwich assembly which is made of poor quality, also can not be considered safe, like cheap Flues sandwich. The installation process is very important to take into account the operating conditions and technical features of the room. We offer not only the various Flues sandwich assembly and components, but also other products necessary for the arrangement of furnaces and fireplaces in apartments and private houses, in personal saunas and baths. Our Flues Sandwich (Kiev) may have different configurations and are equipped with accessories of your choice, they can be warmed vkozhuhe stainless steel mirror and matt galvanized steel, copper, painted aluminum, aluminum grinding. Here you will also find controls and traction enhancers, spark arrestors and other devices and structural elements of the chimney without Flues which your sandwich will not be able to function normally.


Copper duct perfect solution for luxury buildings.

Modern system of ventilation - is a complex structure made of duct connected via bends, tees and adapters drawbridges. United ventilation system provides fresh air and bringing out the exhaust.

воздуховод медный  воздуховод из меди  медная вентиляция  вентиляция из меди


Especially important is a good ventilation system for rooms in which both present a large number of people, especially if there is smoke.
Our company offers committed in design and powerful performance for ducts made of copper. They solve the problem of ventilation in the hookah and smoking rooms in pubs and restaurants.
Since copper has excellent antibacterial properties, providing infectious safety facilities, the ventilation of the copper can be called a doubly useful.
Our company engaged in the development of ventilation systems highly qualified specialists who guarantee the high quality of the duct. After all, the main function - is to provide the necessary amount of air space, taking into account the important point: the number of the incoming air must conform to the standards that are required for a single person.
For a perfect solution to the question, we take into account all the characteristics of the ventilation duct:
Cross-sectional area affects the amount of swaying air
Sectional shape (round, rectangular) affects the aerodynamic resistance of the air flow and noise;
Copper as a material virtually unaffected corrosion and makes the high humidity of the room;
A special installation.
Our air ducts made of copper perform the role of ventilation and are design room decoration, so do not need to be covered. Stylish and unusual, they will become a bright accent the design of your restaurant or bar. Our masters are designed specifically for you an individual project of ventilation of copper. Installation of the system by professional engineers.
The cost of each duct depends on its characteristics, but in any case it is reasonable and consistent with its high quality, reliability and safety. We are proud to never violate the terms of the Order, and can ensure maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness of our products. You can contact us by phone

Production of copper pipes for air ducts

For the production of copper air ducts used copper sheets of different thicknesses, from five to fifteen millimeters.
Selecting the desired thickness of the sheet from the properties that you want to assign to the future ventilation system, such as its length and size.
But more often in the production course are sheets of 0.5 mm to 1 mm.
Since the pipe duct of copper well-behaved show with very high humidity, then the production of ventilation systems in the bath rooms, swimming pool, etc.. Choose from a variety of materials made in favor of copper.
The ventilation system is easy any space, it is the whole complex system that helps enrich the body with air, and the output from it unnecessary waste of air masses. Since the air is so important to all living things, and therefore to the choice of the ventilation system, and its installation should be taken seriously.
So the installation of the ventilation system must be very precise approach to this issue. Entrust such an important matter should be only a specialist with experience of such work, which is revealed not only in the amount of ventilation made, but also in the quality of their work.
Group of companies "RozaVetrov" to any of your project fits with the responsibility and wishes to each of its customers, can provide competent and qualified person.
Exact calculations of the installation, quality materials production of copper air ducts, appropriate mounting and other nuances that allow to perform a duct with a large operational power and individual design. Ensure the absence of unwanted noise from the air flow.
For any questions, our specialists will be happy to provide an answer to each client to choose an individual approach.
Price duct copper will depend on its size and so forth. Characteristics.
The order will be executed on time, in compliance with all the requirements of the production process, which will qualitatively fulfill the client's wish.
And remember, correctly chosen and installed the ventilation system is not only able to clean the air of your room, but also to preserve the health of people who will be inside.