Containers for chemical products (chemical tank) must first ensure the safety and reliability of the storage and transportation of chemicals.

Our company offers its customers capacity for chemical products of steel. The steel containers have several advantages over plastic. In the first place - is the possibility of their use in extreme temperatures, very low and very high.
Also, stainless steel tanks have a long term use and reliable sealing of chemical products against adverse weather conditions, temperature changes and exposure to air.
We produce stainless steel tanks for their projects and for individual customers' orders. Also, our engineers can create a project of individual tank according to your specifications.
Depending on the need, we can create the capacity for domestic or industrial purpose.
Household vessel typically have small amounts and little additional hardware.
Industrial capacity are large in volume and equipped with a variety of optional equipment. They can also be made of two or more layers of metal.
We complete and create the capacity in line with your wishes and needs.
Our highly qualified specialists and a great industrial base allows to fulfill orders of any complexity and build the capacity of the desired design and type. Welding and joints do experienced craftsmen, which ensures smooth and invisible connection details.
Our company produces containers for chemical products of any volume, horizontal and vertical, with any type of bottom (flat cone). At your request we install the required additional equipment:
airtight hatches;
viewing window;
"Shirt" for heating or cooling;
level gauges product;
measuring tube;
cleaning head.   
Containers made of stainless steel create the optimal and ideal storage conditions for different types of chemicals and relieve you from the problems with the operation and purification equipment.
The cost of containers for chemical products depends on the size and configuration, so is contractual and discussed at each order. But in any case, it will please you to the availability of, and our high quality and reliability will make you our regular customer. For regular customers we have discount system.
We will be happy to work with you.