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Group of Companies "Wind Rose" offers manufacturing of different kinds of boilers under the order of capacity from 200 liters to 7,000 liters. We can always buy a boiler.



Boilers are produced in versions with elektrotenami leading manufacturers. Our company specializes in the field in the production of boilers and storage tanks, batteries of stainless steel.
Due to the fact that in our plant for the production of DHW using high quality low-carbon stainless steel (AISI 316 or AISI 304, optional), which is used in food and medical processes, respectively, different kinds of water heaters (electric water heaters, boilers, indirect heating, heat accumulators etc.) produced in our company can be used in various technological processes for industrial and domestic use.
Today, due to all sorts of technological achievements of mankind, people have become accustomed to a life of comfort and facilities in everyday life. After a busy day, coming home, everyone would like to unwind and relax in their cozy home - to play on the computer, watch, wrapped a blanket, or a favorite show series, take a hot bath. All of these benefits are now available to many people. However, there are power outages, due to interference in the TV tower TV shows bad, for technical reasons off the gas, but most of all "our" people are accustomed to the frequent lack of hot water. This is a common problem in all regions of Ukraine, and now in the capital. The solution to this problem today - is the purchase and installation of electric boiler. We offer boilers, high quality stainless steel of various sizes, as well as produce customized.
Accumulation electric heater requires a heating element and a water tank. Boiler must not only heat the water, and a water temperature of certain indicators. Boilers are vertical and horizontal. More preferably vertical boilers as horizontal are expensive. Choosing boiler, should take into account the amount of water intake points, number of guests, will often take a shower or bath. From these data, selects the appropriate volume with water boiler.

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Hot water for a long time was one of the most important components of a comfortable life for everyone today. For storage and warming water boilers used - storage water heaters of different sizes. The boiler is a tank which is located inside heater, heating water. Storage water heater operates as follows: first, the water is heated by a heating element, and then the desired water temperature is maintained automatically. Boilers can heat water up to 50-80ºS. The heating time depends on the power of the water heating element, and also on the size of the storage tank. Heating occurs gradually, so that the water heater consumes power very sparingly. The correct volume of boiler can provide hot water several points in the house. For example, it is possible to simultaneously use the hot water in the bathroom and the kitchen. The electric boiler has a thermal insulation, through which the water stays hot for a long time.
Our company "Wind Rose" has long specialized in the manufacture of boilers of all shapes and sizes. So if you decide to buy a boiler, high-quality and reliable water heater, which will delight you with warm water and serve for many years, we recommend that you contact our specialists - they will help to calculate the optimal amount of the boiler depending on the consumption of you and your family of hot water. They are designed for you to project the desired boiler volume and in full accordance with the size of the installation site. After the boiler to work with the greatest impact and efficiency, should take into account many important indicators. For example, the differential pressure of heated water - one of the main problems, which successfully solved by our masters. To prevent these differences in boiler design provides a broad tank.
There are several options for heating water in the heater:
A first embodiment - is heated by the gas burner. These boilers are called gas pumps. Construction of various gas heaters are almost identical to each other. In contrast, electric water heaters have their own characteristics.
Second embodiment - is heated by electricity hot pipes inside the boiler, when hot water starts to circulate in a closed circuit. If you want to once and for all solve the problem of hot water in your home, then you need to buy a boiler - a modern electric water heater, which will operate in standalone mode and provide hot water for the whole family. In order to properly and effectively use all the features of the boiler, it is necessary to take into account the conditions of his work. Today, the most popular two types of electric water heaters - flow and storage.
1. instantaneous water heaters do not have a tank and heating the water occurs through the action of a powerful heater when water flows near the heating element. The advantage of this method - the fastest time of heating the coolant. This design it heats the incoming cold water in a few seconds. Thereafter, hot water enters the water supply network, i.e. in the taps in the shower, etc. The drawback - the need for a powerful wiring for the heater, and thus - the high cost of electricity. Flowing water heaters should be installed in houses where people live permanently, for example, in the country.
2. Water tank pumped water into its own tank and then heated it a powerful built-in heater th. Advantages of the design - low power consumption, lack of - heating water tanks requires a fairly long time. Storage water heaters are designed for permanent human habitation homes. They are supported by a high temperature of the water for as long as the people it is consumed.
If you compare gas and electric water heaters, we can say that the gas models are more powerful. But electrically simpler to operate and convenient to use. Installation of electric water heaters are also much easier to gas. Another advantage - the water heater does not require separate wiring summarize, unlike instantaneous water heaters.
The third option - combined, where the heating water may occur by a heat exchanger and an electric heating element.
"Wind Rose" offers its clients a wide range of models of water heaters. You can select any model that will suit you in all respects. When in doubt, buy a boiler, our engineers are ready to answer all your questions and advise boiler that suits your needs. If among our range you will not find the desired boiler volume, we will do it for you. We work on individual orders and make boilers according to specifications.
Boilers from "Wind Rose" is always the highest quality at the best price, durability and reliability, skilled care in the selection of the scope and power of the device, advice on any arising issues and advice in choosing schemes and hardware installations, as well as professional installation according to the established in contract terms.
Advantages of the boiler in the order of "Wind Rose":
1. We have successful experience in the market of Ukraine and in Europe more than 10 years.
2. We have an individual approach to each client.
3. Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals who guarantee the excellent quality of the work done.
4. We are focused on results and customer satisfaction.
5. We surround the customer excellent service and always adhere to the established deadlines work.
Our boilers have two ways to install. They come in hanging and floor. Boilers up to 200 liters are likely to have an overhead structure. When the amount of more than 200 liters water boiler is too heavy for a suspension setup, so we produce floor model. Suspension design is very convenient because the bottom part of the boiler can make a supply of cold water, which will prevent the mixing of waters of different temperatures, and the water will warm up well throughout. The floor models to make such a supply is too difficult or impossible. Therefore, prior to the acquisition of the boiler, we recommend carefully examine all the technical characteristics of the proposed models and consult with our experts to choose a boiler that will be most effective in your particular case.
Large boilers (200 or more liters) require structural reinforcement. To prevent water bursting from inside the container, strengthen its cross-shaped steel fixings. If the volume of the boiler is very large (500 l), its outer walls also enhance special durable spacers. Also, the outer side of the storage tank is insulated with heat-resistant materials, be sure - it helps reduce heat loss.
Also boilers can be of two types: horizontal and vertical. Vertical more popular. These compact set and take up little space. Also in the vertical boiler water is heated more quickly, thereby reducing energy costs. This happens because in the vertical boiler heater is located in the lower part, where drops cold water. The horizontal heater boilers located on the side, so the incoming cold water is mixed with the already heated water and the overall temperature is lowered. Which will you choose the boiler - it depends on the space reserved for the installation. Specifications both types of boilers are almost identical, although the vertical slightly cheaper price.
Our boiler - it is very convenient and practical technique that ensures the comfort of the familiar. Typically boilers are cylindrical in shape, but for you we can move away from tradition and create a rectangular tank, if necessary. Not only do we make for you a great efficient boiler, and set it comfortably and professionally designed room. Installation of boilers on-site service is included in our services. After properly installed the boiler will operate without interruption for many years without the need for debugging or repair.
We produce boilers of the best stainless steel, made in Germany, which in their chemical and physical parameters can be used in the food industry. It meets all the prescribed health standards. Inner tank of our boilers can be steel or stainless steel, depending on the customer's wishes. Benefits boilers with an inner tank of stainless steel - a special strength, durability and reliability. Boiler stainless steel - a modern, hygienic and durable material, which, moreover, does not cause trouble when serving.
Stainless steel - a complex alloyed steels with a lot of advantages over other materials:
1. High corrosion resistance.
2. chemically neutral and does not give any foreign smell and taste.
3. strength.
4. long life.
5. The environmental safety and hygiene material.
6. beautiful appearance.
The inner tank is made of stainless steel to protect against corrosion oxide film. However, the manufacture of stainless steel boilers used welding method that destroys the protective film. To avoid leakage into the ground welds, after the welding process all joints treated with a special compound.
We are creating a water heater for any needs. To properly calculate the amount of desired boiler you should take into account many parameters: the number of family members, the required amount of hot water daily water consumption functions (bathing, washing, laundry, washing dishes, etc.). Models boilers large amounts (from 200 hp) provide the opportunity to take a bath or shower. Little allow to wash the dishes or wash. In recent years it has become popular to install small boilers in guest bathrooms, not to use water from the main tank. Installation of boilers of different volumes in the same house helps to quickly warm up and supports hot water for a long time.
The calculation of the optimum volume of the boiler has its difficulties. For example, a boiler with a small tank (50-150 liters) is not particularly functional, because they will not be able to provide a family of 4 or more people the necessary amount of hot water. And with the purchase of the water heater tank is too voluminous (over 200 liters) for a family of 3 people to be impractical because the heat large amounts of water will require expenditure of electricity. Therefore, to accurately calculate how much the boiler will be the most cost effective specifically for your family, you should contact our experienced specialists, who will complete the calculations in accordance with your needs and financial capabilities.
Approximate calculation of hot water consumption
Approximate water consumption for a family should come from a stream that spills per unit time. Also to be taken into account the amount of water required for different household needs:
1. showering - 6-8 l / min (50 - 60 L)
2. washing - 6-7 l / min (8 - 10 liters)
3. dishwashing - 6.8 liters / min (30 - 50 l)
4. swimming in the bath - 15-20 l / min (120 - 150 liters).
We are happy for you to pick up the boiler, the price of which will be affordable and functional capacity fulfill your individual needs. All water heaters (electric, gas and combined), we produce and sell, be sure to have the warranty documentation. Our managers will help you to compare the proposed model boilers present specifications of each model and reviews of those customers who are already using our boilers. We care about the quality of the product and the level of service, so we'll do our best to make every customer was satisfied with the purchase.
"Wind Rose" offers its clients a comprehensive service that we can draft a boiler according to the wishes and needs, we create a boiler, provide all necessary additional equipment and assemble it in place. By investing in the boiler from the "wind rose" you will get an excellent quality product, high reliability and long service life.
We produce and do not resell below the prices did not happen.
We accept orders for wholesale deliveries and retail consider.