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Copper in Kiev, has become increasingly popular. First of all, copper sheet and copper tape interested buyers for the production of roof elements. Despite the fact that the global financial crisis is not over, the roof of copper in Kiev continues to enjoy success. The only thing that has changed is that the query "copper cues", customers began to pay more attention to the Czech or German copper copper because copper is the most high-quality in Ukraine. Buy Copper our firm may from a warehouse in Kiev and delivery to the warehouse of the consumer. Copper in Odessa and Dnepropetrovsk sale is not worse than in Kiev. Roofing copper is almost eternal material. While the copper roof is not cheap, it has a very high service life. Copper roofing is used as a material in the form of copper rebate Checkers copper, copper scales. Copper belt width 670 mm and 1000 mm and is suitable for the manufacture of drainage systems and for the production of all elements of copper roofing binder, copper end walls on brick columns fence. Copper sheet is used to make wheeler, caps on chimneys. Wholesale warehouse of copper in Kiev - is the ability to pick up a copper sheet, copper strip ideally suited to your needs.

Copper tape, copper sheet, copper price per kg.

Group of companies "Windrose" sells copper in Kiev. We sell copper tape European production, copper sheet in Kiev at a very good price! Call agree.
Copper thickness 0.5 - 2 mm. The width of the ribbon cutting of 0.6 - 1 meter. In rolls or sheets.

The European roofing copper is 265 UAH per kg. There is always available a significant amount.


The sheet thickness in mm.









Kg weight per square meter.










High quality alloy, ease of manufacture and assembly of elements krovli.Med Kiev warehouse in stock. First of all copper roofing marks M1, 0.55 and a thickness of 0.6 mm. Suitable for the manufacture of any of the elements copper roof: fold copper, copper checkers, copper scales, Binder eaves of the roof and copper gutter system. Copper is made from copper ore, not from scrap. Copper complies with all European requirements.
We calculate for you the number of the project required the roof of copper tape.
Shipping is done to the object in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine.
We also sell osushestvlyaetsya copper sheet in Kiev. Copper sheet can be reveal 1000h2000 mm. The thickness of the copper plate of 0.55, 0.6, 0.8, and 1 mm thick. We also sell copper tape widths of 0.6, 0.67 and 1 meter. What allows to make products without departing (as is the case in the manufacture of paper). We are ready to perform for you manufacture any products of copper (including a welded) to order: copper roof elements, copper gutter systems, chimneys copper, brass fireplaces, decorative design, copper umbrellas, elements of design work (ducts, ventilation and so on. d.). Maybe spend work on the coinage of copper (copper chasing Kiev), aging copper, etc.
Roofing greatest demand among domestic consumers enjoy copper grade M1, M2, thickness 0.55 mm, width 670 mm. By the performance characteristics of copper roofing has very stringent requirements: it must withstand the cyclic thermal stress, be strong in bending, fit snugly to any complex surfaces, ie both have the plasticity and toughness, the ability to withstand mechanical stress. Only in this case the copper roof will last a long time.
Feature copper strip M1 is that the process of patination (natural process of formation of the oxide film on the surface) occurs in two times faster and substantially more uniform. To this end, during the production of copper tape processed by a special set of chemical reagents and held a double heat treatment. Copper production marks M1 certified in accordance with the quality management system ISO 9002. Company group of companies "Windrose" offers to sell significant quantities of copper.
Initially, the color of copper roof - red and gold. During the first year of service will change to the color of the noble matt black. This color has its natural oxide. 2-3 years appear dark green shades. And in 15-20 years completely covered with copper malachite-green patina. Copper has the unique property - are covered by a protective film, which is called patina. Patina copper preclude further contact with the environment, a kind of "enveloping" the material and creating on the surface of an impermeable barrier. "Under the protection of the" patina of copper is not subject to all of the known iron avalanche process "rust" the metal. This unique feature allows you to serve the copper copper roof for so long (over 150 years).

The advantages of copper roofing


The most lightweight roofing system. Weight of 1 sq. m. The sheet thickness of 0.55 mm is 4.911 kg, which significantly reduces the load on Roofing and supporting structures;


Highest frost. It does not change their performance characteristics at temperatures up to -70 ° C;


The highest heat resistance. It does not change their performance characteristics at temperatures up to + 150 ° C;


Corrosion resistant. Resistant to any environmental influences;




Environmentally friendly;


Fire safety;


No maintenance required;


Suitable for any roof slopes;


Convenient and easy installation.