Open fireplaces are not uncommon now. Especially metal fireplaces (fireplaces made of metal). Why do open corner fireplaces, fireplaces in the center of the room, attract consumers? First of all, an open-type fireplace is attractive because it is the corner brick open-type fireplaces that give us the warmth of an open fire, giving us the opportunity not only to warm ourselves up on frosty winter nights, but also to cook shish kebab or barbecue with friends. In the open fireplaces section, photos you can see fireplaces with an open firebox, which are made to order to suit the design of your room. Stoves and fireplaces are increasingly decorating modern cottages, restaurants and summer cottages. Perhaps because fireplace stoves are one of those values that do not fade with fashion, the demand for them remains. Many people try to make a fireplace with their own hands, or install electric fireplaces, but a real fireplace can only be made and installed by specialized specialists with many years of experience. Corner fireplaces, brick fireplaces can be open on one or both sides. You can, of course, buy a fireplace or fireplace insert in the salon, but it is better to order an exclusive project and design, then you can say that no one else has a fireplace like yours. Laying fireplaces is not an easy task and requires dexterity and high skill. You can download a fireplace drawing or a fireplace project from the Internet, but only a true master can implement the idea. Decorative fireplaces have a similar design to real fireplaces, but unlike them, they are just an imitation of a real fireplace. Barbecue fireplaces or free-standing fireplaces are an island portal with a smoke collector umbrella hanging above it. Fireplace inserts are a factory-made version of a fireplace. Fireplaces in Kyiv, Odessa and Dnepropetrovsk are offered by various companies, but all of Ukraine knows the real masters. The fireplace in the house is precisely a wood-burning fireplace.


It is possible to buy a fireplace, as well as order a fireplace according to your own design, at Wind Rose.


The modern fireplace is a flamboyant design and has little in common with its ancestor - the rough stone hearth. The fireplace has ceased to be just a heating device - now it is a worthy decoration of the house, the dominant feature of the entire space. The fireplace is given the most honorable, central place in the setting.


All presented fireplaces operate on wood. Smoke exhaust systems are hidden either in the flooring or in the wall.


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Robax thermoceramics (Germany) is used, which can withstand up to 800°C.


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Many subtleties and nuances must be taken into account when installing chimney systems. But after putting in the effort, the result compensates for the effort. Judge for yourself:


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A central, free-standing or, as it is called, island fireplace does not have an adjacent wall and can be installed in any area of the room. 6-9 people can comfortably fit around such a hearth.


Each fireplace has a combustion chamber, a smoke collector and a chimney that removes combustion products from the room. The firebox of an island fireplace can be closed or open. In the first case, the fire burns in a sealed chamber, surrounded on all sides by protective screens, for example, made of heat-resistant glass. In the second, it is simply a base made of non-combustible material with a combustion platform, over which the smoke collector hood hangs.


When choosing a fireplace model, many prefer the open variation, because it is this that allows you to admire the flames without interference. These fireplaces, like bonfires burning in the middle of the living space, are exceptionally beautiful.


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Buy a metal fireplace


Fireplaces remain as popular in our fast-paced age of high technology as they were hundreds of years ago. “Wind Rose” invites its clients to choose and buy a fireplace for their home, cottage or cottage. We offer fireplaces of different types, among which you are sure to choose the one that best suits the style of the interior of your home.

Before buying a fireplace, we recommend studying our entire range, because fireplace models vary significantly in design, price and functional characteristics.


Our fireplaces are designed to burn natural wood. Oak and beech firewood are considered the best - these hard woods burn slowly, calmly and smoothly. Birch, alder and aspen logs are also very good for a fireplace. And for a pleasant aroma, dry branches of juniper and apple trees are added to the fireplace.


If you want to buy a fireplace, then pay attention to the advantages of fireplaces from “Wind Rose”:

Our fireplaces are made from high quality materials from the best European manufacturers.

All models of our fireplaces burn wood, which makes them an environmentally friendly and therefore healthy product.

We create fireplaces in full compliance with the norms and necessary standards, which guarantees not only their aesthetic beauty, but also high safety, reliability and long-term trouble-free service.

We offer comprehensive creation of fireplaces: fireplace design – development of drawings – creation of a fireplace – installation and installation on site.

All work is performed by a team of highly qualified experienced craftsmen. At all stages of creating a fireplace, quality control of the work is carried out; the client also has the right to control the work.

The prices for our fireplaces are much more affordable and profitable than in other similar companies. We provide special benefits and discounts to our regular customers, as well as for complex orders for fireplaces.

You can provide a fireplace design yourself or take part in developing a design solution for your fireplace. In any case, we practice an individual approach to each client.


If you decide to buy a fireplace, our designers will definitely find a place for it in your home. They will offer you several options: depending on the purpose of the room, square footage and other parameters, it can be a wall-mounted or built-in, corner or island fireplace. And according to the type of use of the fire source, we make open and closed models. In any case, if you contact the Wind Rose company, we will certainly satisfy your desire to have a beautiful and warm hearth.


Our specialists will be happy to answer any of your questions, recommend a model, describe in detail and characterize the fireplace you are interested in, and also help you place an order.


Entrust your problems to our specialists - and you will be satisfied with the result.


Metal Fireplace



A fireplace has always been considered a classic image of home comfort. If you do not have the opportunity to install a fundamental fireplace made of stone or brick, opt for a metal fireplace. Metal fireplaces today are popular stylish and beautiful elements of modern interiors. They have significant advantages over traditional fireplaces, and their installation is simple and possible even in a city apartment.


Our company has been successfully manufacturing metal fireplaces to order for several years. The distinctive properties of metal fireplaces are their light weight and small finished dimensions, which allows you to effectively install a fireplace in a niche or in a not very large room. A properly equipped exhaust hood and chimney system will allow you to turn your ordinary city apartment into a unique design project.


Designer metal fireplaces will not only add a special atmosphere to your room, but also guarantee quick and high-quality heating. After all, metal fireplaces heat up very quickly and have excellent heat dissipation.


For the manufacture of metal fireplaces, especially strong metals and fire-resistant alloys are used. Temperature conditions and smoke levels are monitored by special sensors. The entire heating and ventilation system is designed and manufactured by our highly qualified engineers. Therefore, we are confident in the safety and reliability of all our products.


We guarantee our clients an individual design that will harmoniously fit into your apartment or house, fast execution and reliable operation of fireplaces. Installation of metal fireplaces is carried out within a clearly defined time frame by the best specialists in their field. A fireplace from our company brings coziness and comfort to your home.