Do you want to keep your favorite wines in perfect condition? From Roza Vitriv, we offer you stainless steel vinifiers that promise to preserve the quality of your wine for many years.
Our vinifiers ensure durability and reliability thanks to high-quality materials. Thanks to their modern design, they will add charm to your winery and emphasize your aesthetic passion for winemaking.
Preserving the taste of your wines is our priority. Our containers do not interact with the components of the drink, which ensures its intact taste during a long period of storage.
Choose reliability and elegance with vinifiers from "Rose of Winds". Your wines deserve the best.
Thanks to high-quality stainless steel, our vinifiers not only ensure the preservation of your favorite wine, but are also easy to maintain. Their modern design will perfectly fit into any interior and emphasize your winemaking art.
Provide your wines with the best storage conditions with vinifiers from Roza Vitriv. Choose reliability, style and quality - choose us.


Welcome to the world of winemaking from Rose of Winds. We offer stainless steel containers for wine aging and fermentation.


Do you want to keep your favorite drink in perfect condition? Do you dream of an elite refined look in your winery? Then you definitely need our reliable vinifier!

About "Wind Rose"

"Rose of Winds" is not just a trademark, it is a guarantee of quality and elegance in the world of winemaking. Our company has been providing winemakers around the world with the best wine storage products for over 20 years.

Stainless steel wine containers

Our vinifiers

Our vinifiers are characterized by the highest quality and functionality.
They are made of high-quality stainless steel, which guarantees durability and reliability in use. Thanks to the perfect design and dimensions, our vinifiers provide optimal conditions for storing your favorite wine.




Containers for wine made of stainless steel AISI 304 (08Х18Н10) from "Roza Vitriv" ™
Volume in liters Ø mm Cylinder height mm Height of legs mm Total height in mm Thickness in mm  
Cylinder Bottom Price (USD)
100 400 800 400 1200 1 1,2 280
200 500 1000 400 1400 1 1,2 335
300 640 1000 400 1400 1 1,2 445
400 720 1000 400 1400 1 1,2 530
500 720 1250 400 1650 1 1,2 600
600 800 1250 400 1650 1 1,2 745
700 840 1250 400 1650 1 1,2 870
800 930 1250 400 1650 1 1,2 930
1000 930 1500 400 1900 1 1,2 1000
1000 1025 1250 400 1650 1 1,2 1000


Containers are suitable for violent fermentation (primary), for quiet fermentation (secondary), long-term storage (ripening of the product).


Complete set:
The cylindrical part of the container is made of AISI 304 mirror stainless steel (1-1.2 mm thick).
Upper (dust-proof) cover made of AISI 304 stainless steel.
Pneumatic cover - 1 pc.
Sealing silicone chamber for the lid - 1 pc.
Bypass air valve - 1 pc.
Pump with pressure gauge - 1 set.
Faucet with a diameter of Ø1/2" or 1" (depending on the model) made of stainless steel.


The container is completely made of high-quality polished stainless steel AISI 304, which is ideal for use with food products.
The pneumatic cover (floating) is equipped with all the necessary components, such as: a silicone chamber, a pump for pumping with a pressure gauge, a breathing valve (air) that releases carbon dioxide during fermentation. The pneumatic lid is used for quiet fermentation, its characteristic feature is that it floats on the product, which ensures full contact between the lid and the liquid, without creating an air vein. This lid is also used for long-term storage of wine, milk, honey, oil and other products.

Tanks come with a plug as well as a 1/2 inch, 1 inch stainless steel faucet depending on tank size. The hole is located at a distance of 3 cm from the bottom of the barrel, which allows you to drain the liquid without touching the sediment.

The geometrically correct shape of the container with a convenient diameter and height makes it easier to use during operation.
All containers are made of polished (mirror) stainless steel and look beautiful in any interior.

Features of our vinifiers:


High quality stainless steel.

Optimal dimensions for any winery.

An elegant design that will add charm to your wine collection.

Easy installation and maintenance.


Ordering and delivery


It is easy to order a vinifier from "Roza Vitriv" - just contact our manager using the contact information on the website. We guarantee fast order processing and reliable delivery to any corner of the world.



Here are some of the benefits of stainless steel wine storage containers:


Durability: Stainless steel is known for its resistance to corrosion and rust, which makes it an ideal material for food and beverage contact, particularly wine. Such containers will be able to last for many years without loss of quality.

Does not affect the taste: Stainless steel does not react with the components of the wine, so it does not affect its taste or aroma. This allows you to preserve the wine in its original state.

Easy to maintain: Stainless steel containers are easy to clean and maintain. They do not require special means for cleaning and can be simply washed with soapy water.

Temperature maintenance: Stainless steel has properties that help maintain a stable temperature inside the container. This allows you to avoid sudden changes in temperature, which can negatively affect the quality of the wine.

Aesthetic appearance: Stainless steel tanks have a modern and elegant appearance that adds prestige to your winery or cellar.

The possibility of placement in industrial conditions: Some stainless steel containers have large volumes and are designed for the production of large batches of wine. They are well suited for use in wineries and wine farms.

Therefore, stainless steel containers are an excellent choice for storing wine, as they combine a number of advantages that will help preserve its quality and taste for a long time.

Do not delay your decision - choose a vinifier from "Rose of Winds" today and enjoy the exquisite taste of your wine tomorrow!


Strong classic containers of cylindrical shape. Containers are used not only in accordance with their classic purpose - for storage, but also are used by winemakers in the production process: collecting juice, fermentation, decanting, etc.

The floating pneumatic lid ensures hermetic closure of the container regardless of the wine level, thereby guaranteeing an almost unlimited shelf life of the product without oxidation and topping up.


Stainless steel wine containers have advantages over plastic containers, glass and wooden barrels:


Preservation of taste and aroma: Compared to plastic, which can release chemicals, stainless steel ensures the pure taste and aroma of wine. Compared to wood, which can provide additional aromatic notes, stainless steel allows you to preserve the original taste of wine. And unlike glass, it does not affect the taste and aroma of wine according to its characteristics.

Durability and strength: Stainless steel has an advantage over plastic in strength and durability, as it does not tear or damage easily. Compared to wood, which can be subject to decay and damage from moisture, stainless steel is a more reliable option. Compared to glass, it is less prone to breakage and scratches.

Safety and hygiene: Compared to plastic, which can emit harmful substances, stainless steel is a safer material for contact with wine. Compared to wood, which can be a source of bacteria, stainless steel is easier to clean and disinfect. And unlike glass, it does not break or break, which provides safer conditions for wine storage.

Environmentally friendly: Stainless steel can be reused without limitations, compared to plastic, which usually has a limited lifespan. Compared to wood, which can be cut and used only once to produce barrels, stainless steel is environmentally friendly. And unlike glass, it does not require processing and can be reused without loss of quality.