Design and manufacture of control cabinets

Rosa Vetrov company performs a wide range of works from designing automation cabinets to putting control systems into commercial operation:

       ♦ Predesign work;

       ♦ Preparation of project documentation, including sets of cable magazines, electrical circuits, operating instructions, equipment layout plan;

       ♦ Selection of components based on leading manufacturers of electrical equipment;

       ♦ Production of automation cabinets with subsequent testing in accordance with the developed documentation;

       ♦ Delivery of equipment to the customer’s warehouse or directly to the installation site of the automation system.

Regardless of the terms of the contract, our company considers it necessary to optimize and reduce costs at all stages of the project life cycle: drawing up a commercial proposal, designing automation cabinets, assembly, commissioning, warranty service, repair and modernization.

We well understand our Customer when he asks us to minimize the production cycle of ACS TP cabinets in order to buy equipment in a short time and complete the entire range of automation work. A modern approach, the latest design tools and a close-knit team of professionals allow our company to meet these requirements and constantly improve the quality of design work.