Роза ветров:

Probably, it sounded like this in Russia just a few centuries ago from the mouth of the hospitable host an invitation to have a cup of honey drink before a meal. "Medoc", "honey" - so the Slavs called the drink, which we today call the mead. Aboriginal Slavic drink, mead has a rich history and no less unique cooking recipes. "Roll out a barrel of honey", "treat me with honey" - we know these expressions from bylina and legends. And these phrases have a real basis. The fact is that the etymology of the phrase "staked honey" goes back to the actual process of making the drink, when the traditional product of beekeeping by medostav perekbrazhivayas a few years (from 5 to 20) in strong oak barrels buried deep under the ground, and, in the end, acquired with anything incomparable taste, fortress and aroma, as well as healing properties.

He had a drink and a deeply sacred meaning: in the beliefs of our ancestors he associated with the afterlife, the spirits of his ancestors; was often used as a very effective tool for magic, fortune telling. As a ritual drink, which the Slavs shared with the gods (that is, they poured a portion of the drink to the gods at the beginning of the meal), the honey was an indispensable and obligatory drink on the table - whether it was about commemorative trivialities, festive feasts or daily meals. And honey was supposed to be drunk at the beginning of the meal, before any other food. To some extent, the use of honey was associated with the ritual of transition to another world - therefore, quite often the deceased person was called "intoxicated". Our ancestors believed that honey (mead) is a divine drink that gives immortality and wisdom. With the passage of time, the formulation was changed, the methods of preparing honey became different: thus, in parallel with the method of medostav, our ancestors began to try to cook honey. This shortened the preparation time of the mead (the drink was prepared in just a month), but required the introduction of such a procedure as boiling - that is sterilization of the product. By the 16th century, honey-making finally replaced medostav as a method of preparing honey, and after a century and honey itself, it lost its position as one of the most popular (along with kvass) Slavic drinks, unable to compete with wine. Only in the middle of the XIX century honey had a "second wind": the traditions of honey-growing began to revive, actively and everywhere to cook honey, calling it, however, otherwise - mead. Delicious, useful, original, nothing like a drink today is experiencing a second glory: the old recipes are being restored, the technology of cooking mead. Specialists of the company "Rose of the Winds" fully know the recipe for making mead, make high-quality modern equipment for cooking mead and other traditional drinks - for example, kvass. Turning to the company "Rose of the Winds" and ordering equipment for the production of mead and kvass, you can be sure that you will receive a full range of services of qualified specialists who will help you in the shortest possible time to start a honeysucky plant (kvassovarny plant) and make a profit.


Plants for the preparation of mead (copper) TM "Rose of the Winds".


The factories for the preparation of mead (copper) TM "Rose of the Winds" with capacity from 100 liters per day to 50,000 liters per day is a complete set of high-quality equipment for the production of mead - an ancient Slavic drink.


The complete set of the honey plant "turnkey" provides all the options necessary for the technological cycle: containers for cooking, fermentation and fermentation, refrigerating equipment, strapping and other positions.


To open an enterprise for the production of mead will require:


Find and equip a room that meets the sanitary, fire and environmental standards required for the production of beverages.
Acquisition of equipment and technological lines, if it is a question of large volumes, and not about handicraft production.
Process technology and formulation.
Suppliers of raw materials and containers, transport.
Hired labor.
Plan of sales of products.


The list of the production line for the production of mead includes:


Machine for the production of beverages.
Washing keg.
Capacity for fermentation.
A raw material dispenser (automatic or manual).
Filters and water tank after filtration.
Mixer for raw materials.
Pasteurizer and device for carbonation.


On medovarni trademark "Rose of the Winds" you can produce mead in any way, getting dozens of flavor variations. Specialists of the company will help you to choose the technology of honey drink preparation, assortment, provide recipes, teach you how to work on equipment, provide comprehensive technological support, guarantee and post-warranty service.


Specialists of "Windrose" will select the optimal set of equipment for each specific customer, based on its capabilities and prospects for the development of honeymoon production.


Factories for preparation of mead of the brand "Rose of the Winds" is an environmentally friendly waste-free production. This technological equipment for mead and capacity, made of high quality European stainless steel (AISI 304), meeting all the requirements of the food industry.