Industrial brewery to buy


ïðîìûøëåííûå ïèâîâàðíèIndustrial brewery - it is always a profitable business and an interesting case. Beer made with orientation on the end user, so it depends on the high quality of raw materials and production methods.


Our company provides design and construction of equipment for individual industrial breweries with current technology and standards of production. It:
solododrobilnye installation,
fermentation and lager tanks,
installation for cultivation and storage of pure yeast culture,
filtration equipment,
forfasnye capacity
Compression Systems
refrigeration systems, and more.
We also produce the necessary accessories for a complete brewery.


Specialists and engineers of our company will help you organize your own industrial production of beer with the necessary components:

The cost of the equipment that is bound to be consistent with your financial capabilities.
Productivity of the equipment. The amount of beer that you would like to produce a single production cycle.
Dimensions of equipment are totally dependent on the size of the area on which you want to place the brewery. Dimensions of equipment you need to consider when choosing a room for the brewery.
Technical parameters, that is the raw material flow rate (malt, hops and yeast) as well as water and energy per production cycle.
Warranty service and repair. Our company offers maintenance of equipment during the warranty period, we have created. After the warranty equipment may need maintenance. We propose in this case, contact our highly skilled craftsmen who will always help you to solve your problems.
Additional services. We not only create and deliver the equipment for breweries, but also carry out delivery, installation and start-up and holding up works.
We provide a full service to launch breweries based on our years of experience, the use of new technologies and traditional high-quality execution of work at all levels. This is the guarantee of our and your success.

ïèâçàâîäûOur company manufactures and supplies equipment breweries of different capacities: micro-breweries, mini-breweries and breweries beverage production in large volumes.

No matter what size your own brewery - is an independent, profit-bearing business and creativity: the creation of his beer. Industrial breweries are always working on classic recipes, but you are able to create on its basis a kind and loved by consumers of beer, because you have a lot of advantages in comparison with the large breweries:
Since you are in close proximity to the consumer, you can in the shortest possible time to explore the tastes and to identify the needs of customers.
You have the ability to respond quickly to new trend or changing customer preferences, creating exactly the drink that they want to consume.
You have no additional advertising costs and promotion of a new beer - you know the same day, liked or not your new beer and can either increase the volume of its production, thereby increasing their profits, or quickly removed from the production of the sort that enjoys the least popular with buyers, thus avoiding losses in the business.
Also special equipment is necessary to provide containers for dispensing, storing and transporting beer. In recent years, it became popular to store and transport a beer in kegs - special containers for beer-type drinks, kvass. This packaging is intended for repeated use, so you should think about here for keg washing machines.
The micro- and mini-brewery beer can be stored in special containers designed for this purpose - forfasah where the temperature is kept constant, so necessary for the preservation of taste and aroma of fresh beer.
And the organization of any size brewery should take care of the presence of pure water, because if you brew beer from ordinary tap water is significantly worsen its taste. Therefore, it is worth thinking about how to purchase devices for water purification.
Remember that beer business has always been profitable. We will help you solve all the problems with the production and launch of beer equipment, so you are always on their business made a profit and pleasure.