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Open fireplaces Now it is not uncommon. Especially metal fireplaces (fireplaces of metal). What is an open corner fireplace, fireplace in the center of the room, attracting consumers. First of all, open fireplace tempted by the fact that it is angled brick fireplaces open type give us warm open fire, provide an opportunity not only to get warm in winter frosty nights, but also cook with your friends or barbecue skewers. In the fireplace open the photo you can see the fireplace with an open combustion chamber, which are made to order for the design of your room is. Furnaces and fireplaces all decorated bowl modern cottages, restaurants and villas. Maybe because the fireplace stove are the values that do not go with the fashion, the demand for them remains. Many people try to make fire with their own hands, or put the electric fireplaces, but a real fireplace can manufacture and assemble only specialized professionals with years of experience. Corner fireplaces, fireplaces made of brick can be opened with a single and 2 sides. You can certainly buy a fireplace, fireplace inserts in the cabin, but it's better to order exclusive development and design, then you can say that this fire like you have no one else has. Masonry fireplaces is not easy and requires great skill and dexterity. You can download the drawing of the fireplace or chimney draft from the Internet, but can only realize the idea of a true master. Decorative fireplaces are fireplaces like this design, but unlike them - this is just an imitation of the fireplace, Fireplaces, barbecue or free-standing fireplaces are the portal of the island, over which hangs the sweeping umbrella. Hearths for fireplaces are the factory version of the fireplace. Fireplace in Kiev, Odessa and Dnepropetrovsk is offered by different companies, but these masters know all Ukraine. The fireplace in the house - this is a wood-burning fireplace.

Buy a fireplace, as well as a fireplace and order your own design is possible in the "wind rose".

Modern fireplace design has bright and has little in common with its ancestor - rough stone hearth. Fireplace ceased to be just a device for heating - now it's a worthy decoration of the house, the dominant of the whole space. Fireplace stands out the most honorable, the central place in the atmosphere.
All of the work with wood fireplaces. Smoke exhaust systems are hidden or flooring or wall.


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Used termokeramika Robax (Germany), which can withstand up to 800 ° C.


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Many subtleties and nuances to consider when installing chimney systems. But after the effort the result compensates the effort. Judge for yourself:


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Central, stand-alone or as it is called, the island does not have a fireplace wall junction and can be installed in any area of the room. Around the hearth quite comfortably accommodate 6-9 people.
Each fireplace has a combustion chamber and chimney smoke box that displays the room combustion. Furnace island fireplace can be open and closed. In the first case the fire burns in a sealed chamber, surrounded on all sides by protective screens, for example, pyrex glass. In the second - it's just the foundation of non-combustible material with the furnace platform over which hangs the sweeping cap.
Choosing a model fireplace, many prefer the open variation, in fact it allows to smoothly enjoy flames. Such fireplaces, like fires burning in the middle of a residential area, very beautiful.
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Buy Fireplace

Fireplaces are popular in our age of high-speed technologies as well as hundreds of years ago. "Wind Rose" offers its customers to choose and buy a fireplace for your home, cottage or cottages. We offer different types of fireplaces, among which you are sure to pick up the most appropriate style for the interior of your home. It:
· Metal fireplaces.
· Fireplaces, finished slate.
· Fireplaces, decorated with inlaid slate.
Before you buy a fireplace, we recommend to study our entire range of products, because models of fireplaces differ significantly in design, the price and functional characteristics.
Our fireplaces are designed for burning natural wood. The best are considered to oak and beech firewood - these hardwoods burn slowly, quietly and smoothly. It is also very good for the fireplace birch, alder and aspen logs. And for a pleasant aroma in the fireplace add the dry twigs of juniper and apple trees.
Once you're in the fireplace, then look at the pros fireplaces from "Rosa Winds":
· Our fireplaces are made of high quality materials from the best European manufacturers.
· All models of our fireplaces with wood, making them environmentally friendly, and therefore beneficial to health goods.
· We build fireplaces in full compliance with the norms and standards necessary to guarantee not only their aesthetic beauty, but also high safety, reliability and long trouble-free service.
· We offer a complete creation of fireplaces: fireplace design - design drawings - creation of fire - assembly and installation on-site.
· All work is performed by a team of highly skilled craftsmen. At all stages of the fire is carried out quality control work, the client also has the right to control the work.
· The prices of our fireplaces much more accessible and cheaper than other similar companies. We offers special benefits and discounts to our regular customers as well as for complex order for fireplaces.
· You are free to give the project the fireplace or take part in the development of design solutions for your fireplace. In any case - we practice an individual approach to each client.
If you decide to buy a fireplace - our designers always find him a place in your home. They will offer you a few options: Depending on the destination premises, square footage and other options it can be trim and built-in, corner or island fireplace. And the type of use of the source of fire, we do open and closed models. In any case - if you asked the company "Wind Rose", then we will certainly satisfy your desire to have a beautiful and warm fireplace.
Our experts will be happy to answer any of your questions, advise model, describe and characterize in detail you are interested in a fireplace, as well as help to make an order.
Entrust your problems to our masters - and you will be happy with the result.