Sliding doors - now, perhaps the most popular type of gate. Sliding doors in Kiev have proliferated in the last 10 years. And the greatest demand is for sliding doors with automatic drive. Prices for sliding doors to separate depending on the cost of replacements for sliding gates. Profiled sliding gate used by the Chinese to Europe. Quality sliding gates directly connected with the manufacturer of accessories and the drive. How long will the consumer decides sliding doors making the choice of the company, which will manufacture and mount him sliding doors. Whether peeling paint and stuck decides whether the equipment is also a consumer. We use in our work only quality fittings and accessories for sliding gates. That is why the products of our company has high reliability and is in demand among consumers.


Sliding gates trademark "Windrose" - this convenience and functionality. Gates "Windrose" precede the entrance to your estate. It is safe, reliable, and refinement at the same time, the beauty!
We take into account your wishes, so our products are perfect "fit" into the overall design of the cottage. Gate brand "Windrose" have a high level of durability and reliability.
Installation of sliding doors in Kiev and the region is made as soon as possible and "turnkey". Skilled experts make installation rolls back gate at the European level, using advanced technology, quality rollingovye systems and automation. Our sliding doors are practical and functional. Installed sliding doors from the inside courtyard where space is limited and can be opened either to the right or to the left.

We will consider all your suggestions manufacture and install gates quickly and not expensive.
facing sliding gate is selected for finishing the house. Sheathe the sliding doors can be a sandwich - panels, Decking metal coated in any color and fabric can be forged gates.

The reliability of the design of the sliding gate is provided with two roller carts from the company ROLLING CENTER, which move in a special carrier beam, located at the bottom of the door leaf. Carts are on a strictly calculated distance from each other and provide the necessary balance the gate in any position. Due to the unique cantilever system ROLLING CENTER sliding doors off the ground - there is no lower or upper rail. When you open the sliding gate opening is freed completely. Roller trolley mounted on a strong foundation. Powerful in our understanding of the foundation - a foundation weighing 3 tons, sunk to a depth of soil freezing in our region - 1.5 meters.
We use metal and automation of European manufacturers, which ensures a high level of reliability and consistent quality of all used components.
The basic units of automatic sliding gates:

Gate consists of the following elements:
1. Frame gate: prof. 60h40mm pipe, stretcher 20x20 mm, 40h20mm (painting in any color);
2. Plating: prof. sheet of polymer-coated (polyester, injured) in all 20 different colors to choose from. There are four trim options: full board with a whole by one to two sides, only the width of the opening with one or both sides;
3. Beam ROLLING CENTER additional stiffening ribs (not sag over time);
4. Post the catcher at the bottom and top gating snare + pole (shown in phantom). (Closes the gap between the gate and the fence is a catcher gate location for mounting photocells, antenna, concealed cable routing channel);
5. The board of the lateral rolling (holds the door in a vertical position);
6. Carts roller - 2 pcs., Located inside the beam - move the gate on them;
7. pit, filled with concrete;
8. Mortgage for concreting: welded (channel + fittings);
9. Power to the control unit, radio receiver;
10. The rack. It transmits the torque from the drive to the gate.
For technical advice, arriving at the site specialists and order sliding doors, please call: (044) 383-73-63