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Chimneys of steel from the trade mark "Wind Rose" are popular among those consumers who appreciate the monumental reliability and durability. Make sure that the chimney steel 2 mm will be not less than the wood-burning stove, it is connected to is not difficult, because in the furnace itself out of the same metal. A heat-resistant coating increases the life of the chimney and its resistance to the effects of condensation. The steel chimney is a good solution for the arrangement of the furnace and the furnace drovyanki heater. But only if the thickness of the steel chimney pipe not less than two millimeters. Chimney steel can be bought in our company by ordering it via email, or directly in the workplace. Steel chimneys for boilers is a novelty in the Ukrainian market, but for a long time which confirmed their reliability in the European market. Steel - chimneys price corresponds to quality and reliability.