Ensure uninterrupted life of minds with our inverter systems

Are you looking for a reliable solution to ensure uninterrupted power supply to the main power supply? Our inverter systems will become a reliable and effective choice for your business or household. We are promoting innovative technologies that will ensure the stable life of your possessions, in the most flexible minds.
Why make our systems unique?

Our inverter systems boast high reliability and productivity. The stoves are equipped with modern battery technologies to ensure a complete backup life without delay from burning. This means that you don’t have to worry about the emissions of your fire or emissions into the atmosphere to keep our systems environmentally friendly and efficient.
Advantages of our inverter systems

 Minimum noise level: Our systems operate as silently as possible, which is especially important for large food stores and businesses, and important customer comfort.

 Economical operation: Reduced costs for heating and maintenance allows for a significant reduction in operating costs compared to traditional generators.

 Portability and portability in a vikoristan: Our systems are lightweight and compact, making them easy to move around and use in different places.

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Blackout solution


Ukraine is currently experiencing difficult times due to the war with Russia, which is accompanied by constant attacks on infrastructure and power outages. In an emergency situation, it is important to have a reliable solution to ensure uninterrupted operation.


Inverter and battery to order.


Overall dimensions: 750x400x200mm.

Price: the inverter is $500 and the battery in the case is $2,700.
A battery with a smaller capacity is also offered, namely 6 kWh at a price of $1,350.

Our blackout solutions include innovative backup power systems that guarantee a stable power supply. The system consists of a 6 kW inverter and a 210 amp-hour or 12 kWh (48 volt) battery. The battery is protected against overcharging and fire, as it is housed in a case made of foiled basalt (withstands 1300°C) and heat-resistant stainless steel AISI 321 with a titanium coating.


Features and benefits


High reliability: our systems are designed for long-term and stable operation in emergency situations.
Innovative technologies: the use of modern solutions makes it possible to efficiently supply energy to even large objects.
Safety: the battery is protected against overcharging and fire, thanks to the body of foiled basalt (withstands 1300°C) and heat-resistant AISI 321 stainless steel with titanium coating.
Ease of use: a simple interface and convenient management make it easy to configure and control the system.
Mobility: the battery case is equipped with wheels, which ensures the convenience of movement when needed.


Our systems have a number of important advantages compared to traditional gasoline and diesel generators:


Minimal noise: our inverter systems operate almost silently, making them ideal for use in cafes and restaurants.
Environmental friendliness: compared to generators that use fuel, our systems do not emit harmful emissions into the air.
Fuel economy: the use of battery power does not require fuel costs, which significantly reduces operating costs.
Safety: the lack of use of fuel eliminates the risk of fires and other emergency situations.
Durability: Minimal internal wear and fewer moving parts provide greater durability and reliability compared to generators.


Advantages over plastic solutions, such as EcoFlow


Compared to plastic solutions such as EcoFlow, our systems have significant advantages:


Durability and reliability: the case made of foliated basalt (withstands 1300°C) and heat-resistant stainless steel provides a higher degree of protection and service life, compared to plastic cases.
Higher level of safety: the titanium coating and the special construction of the case reduce the risk of fire and other emergency situations that can occur with plastic products.
Performance under various conditions: Our systems perform stably and reliably during extreme conditions, making them ideal for use in emergency situations.

Additional benefits

Mobility and ease of use: the battery case with wheels makes it easy to move the system to where it is needed.
Customized configurations: the ability to manufacture equipment in a different configuration, for example, more powerful or with a larger battery capacity, that meets your unique needs.