Stainless steel mobile gas stations.


Mobile gas stations are perfect for organizations with their own equipment. This mobile refueling can be easily transported to the place of operation, and refueling equipment there.



A mobile gas station is a fuel tank that has all the necessary equipment for receiving, storing, and dispensing fuel.

Mobile refueling can have a wide variety of equipment, which depends on the specific requirements of the client. This gas station can be made for several types of fuel, and equipped with fuel-dispensing equipment with remote control.


Benefits of a Mobile Gas Station:


♦ light weight and size, which greatly facilitates transportation
long service life, 15-20 years
♦ minimum time required to prepare for operation

A mobile gas station is a very economical and profitable option. This mini gas station allows you to save a lot of money for the company on the purchase and delivery of fuel.


Where it is advisable to use mobile gas stations


Such bus stations are the only alternative to enterprises located far from centralized power lines. Mobile type fuel dispensers are able to operate from power generators. It is advisable to install mobile gas stations for diesel fuel in industries with a limited territory, not intended for the arrangement of overall structures. Devices of this type are advantageous to use on:

♦ construction sites;
♦ in fleets;
♦ in transport departments of industry and agriculture;
♦ during career work;
♦ in warehouse complexes;
♦ at boat stations;
♦ in garage cooperatives.

Any site where it is necessary to ensure the maneuverability of vehicles and the correct sequence of actions needs a mobile gas station to optimize the workflow and eliminate the risk of downtime due to untimely release of a cluttered area that interferes with the movement of equipment and the process of unloading / loading.


The advantages of mobile gas stations


A stationary gas station is not an option if vehicles and equipment require refueling directly at the facility, when the work schedule depends on the timing. The delivery of fuel and fuels and lubricants, as well as the “distillation” of vehicles to the place of refueling, is a loss of time and potential profit. Equipping your own gas station in some situations is unprofitable. In addition, these are unnecessary expenses that can be avoided when installing a mobile gas station. The advantages of fuel-efficient equipment are many:

♦ full-fledged work on autonomous food;
♦ saving of useful space - no problems with the entry-exit of special equipment, if necessary
♦ mobile gas station is easy to move;
♦ safety of use;
♦ accurate accounting of fuel consumption, which facilitates the work of accounting.