CNC Plasma Cutting Machine.


CNC plasma cutting machines are widely used in various industrial areas due to their functionality.

The size of the cutting field is 1500x3000 mm. Metal thickness up to 10 mm. The set includes software.

The cost of the machine is
5500 euros including the power supply.



We provide service. We train the overhaul.

We use an automatic height control system, which is non-contact with respect to the workpiece.

CNC plasma cutting machines are widely used in various industrial areas due to their functionality.

This machine is found in the production of metal structures, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, the manufacture of advertising products, etc.

With the help of this equipment, cutting of any metal with filigree precision is carried out, while the operator of the equipment only has to indicate the shape of the workpiece to be cut.

Such equipment should always have several required components:

Firstly, this is a plasma cutter and an air compressor, which must be selected based on your need for the thickness of the metal to be cut, we recommend equipping our machines with CNC machines manufactured by the USA Hypertherm, or with more budget cutters.

The CNC system, the CNC of our machines is intuitively understandable for any novice machine operator, the type of CNC based on the ARM7 chip, The converter of drawings to G codes on our CNC system is CamDuct 2020, ProNest in Russian. The control panel is equipped with a USB connector for reading your programs from a flash drive


CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Features


Parameter name

Parameter value

Dimensions of the max size of metal for cutting

3000mm x 1500mm, or 2000 x 6000

Metal cutting table

Framed table without extractor

Used room temperature

from 0 º to +40 º

Type of used CNC

industrial, based on ARM7 chip


7-inch color LCD

Library of ready-made shapes (shapes) for metal cutting

yes, includes 24 types, sizes can be adjusted

Software for creating control programs (converter of drawings to G-codes)

 amDuct 2020, ProNest

Reading programs from USB (flash drive)

the CNC stand is equipped with a USB connector

Cutting height control system

automatic, non-contact with respect to metal

Plasma Cutting Source

depends on the choice of the Buyer (indicated below)

Maximum metal cutting thickness

depends on the power of the plasma source

Type of transmission of torque from the engine to the portal

rack / pinion

Maximum positioning speed

up to 15000mm / min

Positioning accuracy of the machine

+ / - 0.1mm

Guides used

profile rail

Machine weight  depending on the configuration


1 year


High speed of work

Our CNC plasma cutting machine has a high working speed. That is, in one minute from a sheet of metal 10 mm thick, it is possible to cut a square with a diameter of 900 mm.

When cutting metal, a plasma machine does not leave an edge and you no longer have to re-process the product. Plasma cutting of metal is comparable to laser and at the same time the cost of our plasma cutting machine is much cheaper than laser machines.



Plasma CNC system

The CNC system of the plasma cutting machine of our production is intuitively understandable for any user who is familiar with the control of modern smartphones. You can engage an operator to work on a plasma cutting machine in a matter of hours.

The machine is equipped with a 7-inch color LCD monitor. For the convenience of mastering the machine, a library of ready-made shapes is built into the control program, it includes: squares, circles, ovals, flanges, kerchiefs, etc.

The CNC software of our plasma cutting machine is compatible with all Cam systems (AutoCut, Compass Corel Draw) Any of your drawings can be loaded into the equipment using a USB stick.