Copper strip, copper bar, copper rolled.

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Copper strip (copper bar) - a type of solid flat metal that is widely used in many industrial and household management: in engineering and construction, radio and electrical engineering, the production of chemical, medical and food processing equipment. Of the copper strip (Cu bar) made conductive materials, HVAC equipment, and even a musical wind instruments. The high electrical and thermal conductivity allow the use of a copper strip in the ground and cooling systems. Also popular use of copper strip as the material for arrangement of roofs, to decorate the facades of buildings, to create furniture and various decorative elements of interiors and exteriors.
"Wind Rose" offers a brass band (strip) of excellent European quality, which, by its technical characteristics, is fully consistent with the international standards ISO 9002. Copper rental has several advantages:
Highly resistant to moisture and other atmospheric precipitation to temperature changes and adverse environmental events.
The durability of operation - more than 50 years.
Environmentally friendly and safe for human health and the environment.
Beautiful appearance.
Copper strip (copper bar) is a soft, solid and semi-solid, made of several brands: M0, M1, M2, M3, etc. How it is made of pure copper and with impurities. The smallest percentage of alloys in the copper grade M1. That is why it is used to create the copper roofs and decorative facades of buildings. Also special reliability different made of copper M1 protection from lightning. As part of the copper present mark M2 oxygen and phosphorus. Mark M3 is considered technical in copper, as created from recycled materials. Its advantage is that it has cost the lowest. Also M3 brand distinguished by high ductility, high thermal conductivity and excellent anti-corrosion properties.

Brass bands (copper bars) from "Rosa Winds" have several important parameters:

thickness (0.4 to 12.0 mm) and width (20 to 120 mm). Depending on these parameters can be made of copper bands with normal accuracy (H) with high precision (P), with improved accuracy in width (P), with improved accuracy in thickness (C).
"Wind Rose" sells copper strip (copper bar) high quality and at reasonable prices. We supply it in rolls or segments of different lengths. Also our highly wizard provides customers with services for grinding, bending and cutting products on the set sizes. We manufacture parts and structures made of copper bands of project clients. If you do not have a finished project, our experienced engineers will prepare your sketches in full accordance with your needs and wishes.
The finished product, we are always accompanied by complete clearance of the necessary documentation and report on the calculation of labor costs. Kept we rolled copper in appropriate conditions excluding mechanical damage, water ingress or moisture, and away from the active chemicals.
Buy copper strip (copper bar) can contact us through our website, by phone or any other way you want. Our managers will determine which brand of copper strip is most suitable for your purpose, will give detailed information about the product and its conditions of supply and help quickly and correctly issue the order.